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Collection of short stories, AUs, and random stuff. Mainly about BBB!
My Brothers (Up For Adoption) by Eau_de_Glace
My Brothers (Up For Adoption)by Glace
@boboiboygelap's Septuplet AU on Instagram, where the seven elementals have no powers. I very much adored her AU, and it sparked up some creativity inside of me. I asked...
"We're in this together..." (boboiboy's elementals Septuplets Au) by willow_ivyy
"We're in this together..." ( ¿ Willow ?
When the septuplets entered they're 9th in their high school, a lot of chaos, tragedy, crime and other things started coming to destroy their life. Even though they are...
septuplets by queen_snowballs
septupletsby Rue
Wonder what its like to have many kids well Elsa has already had 4 kids now for the news for jack she is having Septuplets join Jack and Elsa as they live with 11 kids!
Tricky Mistakes by Sarcaris
Tricky Mistakesby 𝓑𝓪𝓫𝔂
Heat is the hardest, especially when you don't have a mate, Jack didn't. Being one of the 'lucky few'. And with an alpha right by, mistakes happen. (Cover made by my bes...
Seven Too Many by cnoth_
Seven Too Manyby Cnoth
Y/n has been in love with one boy for as long as she can remember. Will they make it??
Meet the Septuplets RP  (not open yet. Under construction) by TheSevenMenaces7
Meet the Septuplets RP (not TheSevenMenaces7
Sorry for such a lame title! And cover will be changed later. XP Come meet seven miracle brothers! Their birth was a miracle since having seven identical twins is very r...
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ANISIUS IS THE MAN by djezio01
ANISIUS IS THE MANby Anísio André Carlos Manhiça
Anisius Goryu was a black orphan who was adopted by a Japanese family of a martial arts master and his seven twin granddaughters. Anisius is very intelligent and uses hi...
Our Children {Completed} by cherryade13
Our Children {Completed}by Cherry아데 ☾
Septuplets and a single mother. Not a good combination. All ready drama at every corner, but what happens when the fathers of these girls find out that they have childre...
TSOTF 2: Quest for the String by Samboelrod
TSOTF 2: Quest for the Stringby Samboelrod
In this sequel to The String on the Floor, Dave faces a challenge when an elite group of criminals attempts to steal the string.
Angel kids: framed by heroesloverofbooks
Angel kids: framedby heroesloverofbooks
14 siblings are sent on a seemingly impossible qest to uncover the truth about their father and the secret organisation he and their mother use to work for. This qest wi...
Elements Reborn by Pikaiya03
Elements Rebornby PikaIya
After 11 years of living in the non-magical world, 7 eleven-year-old identical sisters (also known as septuplets) move into a school fit for magical creatures like them...
The troublemaker and the bad boy  by silver_fire35
The troublemaker and the bad boy by silver_fire35
Blake Miller is a septuplet, she is the seventh one and the troublemarker of the seven. She has gray eyes and dirty blonde hair, her sisters all have the same eyes and s...
Broken Pandora by PaytonLauer
Broken Pandoraby Payt L
Being the youngest of a five siblings isn't easy, being the young and being a qint, that even harder. Pandora has lived the last sixteen years in the shadow of her four...
MOHABBATEIN by rynehabueva2012
"Mohabbatein", it means multiple love in Hindi. A smut and mature romantic comedy love story between a 40 year old History professor named Suresh and his seven...
Merrel Christmas by QueenCloudly
Merrel Christmasby Delightful Stories
The Merrel children have lost their parents on a long road trip which meant they'd have to feed themselves which wouldn't always be so easy. They start to become worried...
Anomalous Dynasty by lile_pvta
Anomalous Dynastyby kejra
Book 1 They raise a child so that the rich people - a businessman or a mafia including the government - will make them their very own slave in different wa...
Zoe and Her Brothers by Zoeinnit06
Zoe and Her Brothersby Zoe Tria
Zoe Lau doesn't have much in common with brothers Raphael, Aidan, Yuto, Oade, Thaiyo and Poom except for a birthday. Sibling rivalry often consumes the Septuplets, but t...