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My Cas, My Dean by AshshipsJohnlock
My Cas, My Deanby Keith Griffin
This is a Destiel AU of them in grade 7. It's my first fanfic, so don't judge. Not my art Title created by my friend (should I say his name? You know who you are. ❤️)
She Doesn't Care . (Being Edited) by SarahJay
She Doesn't Care . (Being Edited)by Jay
Follow the story of a girl named McKenzie during her high school experience, re-told years later, when she’s asked to explain her adolescence. McKenzie wasn’t such...
New Beginnings - A  Star Trek Voyager Fanfiction Story by noracatz12
New Beginnings - A Star Trek Nora Franssen
When Voyager is captured by the Borg, Seven of Nine must travel back in time to save them. *I DO NOT OWN THE IMAGE!!!*
Into His Arms by dyajolly
Into His Armsby dyajolly♡
Is accidentally falling into a guy's arms normal for a seventh grader? School had always been messy and now middle school has started! But if my friends start having a c...
The one that could have been by NinaReim
The one that could have beenby NinaReim
Harry is the chosen one, for sure. But didn't Albus Dumbledore told us that actually Neville could have been the chosen one too? We always see Harry's adventures and som...
Life? by JasmineNY
Life?by JasmineNY
Lifes, just life. Ain't it? But sometimes, just sometimes there comes a day when it is impossible. It's life.
A Day in my Life by rabbitloverolivia
A Day in my Lifeby rabbitloverolivia
Hi, my name is Brooklyn. I am just starting 7th grade and I'm really excited. So, I decided to write a story about a day in my life. Well, more like a week in my life Ha...
Chances  by Thechocolatebar
Chances by Thechocolatebar
The characters Cheyenne (yes me ): 14 years old, nice. likes: singing, friends and koen Maya: 13 years old, chill, likes: singing, friends and Bryce Koen: 14 years old...
May God Be With Me by aveelisings
May God Be With Meby aveelisings
As I wrote in my journal, my phone buzzed. It was Trip. "Hey, Aves! What's good in the neighborhood?" I cracked a smile. "Nothin' much, honey bunch."...
My Best Friends Are Triplets! (True Story) by Kittycat2323
My Best Friends Are Triplets! ( Kiko Narshi
I was in the 7th grade, I was really shy and didn't like talking to people. That's when I met Jack who wasn't shy at all. That's when I kept seeing him everywhere! This...
Forever, Hanging by cvelum
Forever, Hangingby atlas
Seven kids are stuck on an island. Who will come home and what will be left of them?
Who Would've Known by EkgTheStarWarsFan
Who Would've Knownby Axolotl_Ella
Who Would've known what was going to happen? It is a story about how I got into all of this. The friendships, the relationships, the heartbreaks, all of it. This story s...
The Seventh Man by TheSeventhFalcon
The Seventh Manby TheSeventhFalcon
A thrilling baseball story with love, romance and a seventh grade varsity ball World Series.
Valerie Pèrez: The New Girl by MintyEmoFox
Valerie Pèrez: The New Girlby wtfminty
Valerie's been to many schools throughout her life and has never really interacted and become friends with the students at those schools, but when her dad finally finds...