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That smile he shows just for me by thewhiskerswithin101
That smile he shows just for meby Baby, let’s runaway
I go unnoticed. Seemingly alone in a world full of people. Locked in my own head. But he noticed me. Which is strange. He isn't supposed to notice me. Trigger warning No...
The "Game" by Madi144
The "Game"by Mads
Addison was 8 years old and had an older brother named Conner. They both lived with their mother who was a drug addict and an alcoholic father. One night everything c...
It Happened Last Year by TheSydneyMarie
It Happened Last Yearby Sydney
(Complete) After a terrible encounter at a party, one year later, Hailey Fonte is ready to return to her hometown. With everyone against her because of last year's event...
broken beyond repair by passion1208
broken beyond repairby Mia
Emma Lopez, looks like a typical 16-year-old girl. Except, her problems aren't the typical 16-year-olds problems. She has had to worry about her abusive foster father...
Our Son by _sufferingfan
Our Sonby _sufferingfan
!!! IT'S NOT STARKER !!! !!! IT'S COMPLETE AND REVIEWED !!! Tony Stark and Steve Rogers adopt the amazing and sweet Peter Parker, who has lost all his loved ones. This...
Problems by Kicapti
Problemsby marblesrlost
Alexander Hamilton is tired of feeling broken. He wants to start over, forget his past and have a fresh, new beginning at college. Then he meets John Laurens, who is a d...
The Little Mistakes (boyxboy) by rhiyseypie
The Little Mistakes (boyxboy)by b
Caise Danue-Samuels is a parent's worst nightmare. A problem child who has gotten into one too many fights and his serious attitude problem proves to be too much for his...
The Obedient by lizzie_emerson
The Obedientby Lizzie Emerson
"Suddenly I hear the sound of a door creaking open behind me and footsteps entering the room. I try to jump up, but gasp as ropes pull tight around my waist. WInded...
It all started with a dare ✔️ by xxwintersxx
It all started with a dare ✔️by Me
***HELLA CLICHÉ FREAKING ALERT*** -•- "Kiss Ella." Jake grins. "Excuse me?!" Seriously?! There are other girls in this room, you know.Oh, no. Oh, no...
Don't be mad by princesselmo8
Don't be madby princesselmo8
After Micheal gets raped, his whole life goes downhill. His father gets locked up in jail, he loses his best friend and doesn't know who to turn to or who to trust. NOT...
My story of Sexual Assault  by Gracesuckling27
My story of Sexual Assault by Grace Suckling
This is my story of sexual assault.The names have been changed in the story for the sake of his family 🥺
Survived ~《A true story of a sexualy abused  victim 》 by survival-girl
Survived ~《A true story of a survival-girl
Do as I say ... .. Or else be ready to face the consequences.. No one is gonna believe you.... The abuser warned soniya Soniya a child of merely 6 or 7 year was being...
Stepdaddy by Amarieisme
Stepdaddyby Amarieisme
Ruby is a 16 year old girl whose smart pretty and just wants someone to care for her. Her mother recently remarried to James Gunner a secret mafia lord who rules the ci...
My New Home With Michael Jackson  by Applehead777mj
My New Home With Michael Jackson by mjswifeyandalways
After the bad tour Michael announced that he will not be touring again, he decided to make a family but the love of his life (Siedah Garret ) is not able to have kids so...
When The Fat Girl Gets Skinny ✔ by illegallyblonde__
When The Fat Girl Gets Skinny ✔by Maisy Sage
Losing weight was supposed to magically turn Maya Tanner's life around. It was supposed to bring her the happiness and peace of mind she had lost many years ago, but sta...
An Incomplete Story by Esemeray6
An Incomplete Storyby Ese
Some stories are meant to be incomplete. Every beautiful love story not always have a beautiful ending. An unfinished story of pain, love, fear, hate and a revenge whi...
Broken Innocence by PLLxDM
Broken Innocenceby abby
A story of a brother and sister and an ugly truth. When Justin Russo hurts his sister Alex in ways unimaginable, he finds it difficult to deal with the consequences. A...
You can't cry underwater by Stars_rain_moon_dark
You can't cry underwaterby Stars_rain_moon_dark
Amaya's famous for her swimming, everyone knows her. The girl who got to the nationals at thirteen. But she has secrets that even the media don't know. She has three old...
Sidelines by classicdisposition
Charlie's Mom marries the father of the most popular boys in school and suddenly she's having to adjust to her new life whilst still grieving from the loss of her siste...
Mia by J_Ravenn
Miaby J_Ravenn
"You seemed to have grown some balls, honey," Adam cooed softly touching her face. Mia's ears were ringing from the impact of hitting her head, she felt Adam...