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Tortuous Pleasure (Rick/Negan/DarylxReader) by Room505InUse
Tortuous Pleasure (Rick/Negan/ Issac/Zi
So this is a drabble of something I sent to a friend of what I wanted these men to do to me...have fun going through my violent imagination. There's gonna be multiple ch...
Pasuri dhe Pasion by iamsia00
Pasuri dhe Pasionby MCsia
Imagjino dike te pasur qe e enderron ta puthesh,ta kesh prane... Mire tani imagjino te njejtin person pa pasuri,a eshte i njejti pasion? Okej harroje pasurine fare,kur e...
Desperate for Change by JoyMartinez1975
Desperate for Changeby Joy Martinez
Max has grown tired of the constant loneliness and isolation of being a Vampire. All he wants is to feel the warmth of love and be seen by someone as special. Time dro...
Cuphead - The Delicious Last Course: Chef Saltbaker X Reader by RoseTheInkDemonWolf
Cuphead - The Delicious Last Rose Nicolas Wolf
Well well well, this'll connect in some way to my other Cuphead book, but for now I'll keep it simple~! When Y/N arrived at Inkwell Isle 4 or Far off Isle, she was bedaz...
Finding you by Mikaylaislittle
Finding youby Mikaylaislittle
Mikayla is a fat girl who always gets made fun of in school....... her home isn't much better her mom always look down at her and never feed her, she gets food from her...
Queen of All, Wanted by All by SheyenneH
Queen of All, Wanted by Allby Sheyenne H
Saphenous Baratheon is the daughter of King Robert Baratheon and Sinera Caron, his first wife. She's a lady with a big heart, high intelligence, and battle-ready mind an...
(DISCONTINUED) Lemonade Stand (Sans X Reader Lemons) by Lxzaruss
(DISCONTINUED) Lemonade Stand ( Lxzaruss
Please do take note that the Story cover isn't mine and belongs to original rightful owner. Selling Lemons here. A kinda requested one by my friends at TikTok, so why no...
Sexy Summer Party by RebeccaReveals
Sexy Summer Partyby Rebecca Reveals
The first in a series of journal entries of a beautiful young woman's sensual journey in the heady Eighties. Rebecca finds herself seduced by a delightfully attractive c...
Our little Secret (antisepticeyexreader) by frost2016
Our little Secret ( frost derrick
just read it. please. just a pity read? come on. please.
kurosuduresin purinsu by AustinKeeble
kurosuduresin purinsuby Austin Keeble
Otsujin Yamazuki a wealthy college student is confessed to by his best friend who is a crossdresser when suddenly he is blown up off the rooftop. he awakens in a world k...
Queer Friendly Sex Education (informative) by I000t000
Queer Friendly Sex Education ( 0000 0000
This is nonfiction It's specifically targeted towards queer teenagers who don't have any other source and are afraid to google anything or seek out information themselve...
Confusing Love <3 by Lol_im_agaychild
Confusing Love <3by Piko?
Steve "The Hair" Harrington HATES Eddie "The Freak" Munson and avoided him at all costs. That was until Robin and Dustin got a little too curious abo...
One Night Stand 🔞 || Jungkook ||  by Bangtanbabydoll
One Night Stand 🔞 || Jungkook || by Babydoll
⚠ this story contain smuts. You went to a party where you met the hot guy named jungkook, read to know what happened next!
The Mystery and The Mute                                             (COMPLETED) by officciallybree
The Mystery and The officciallybree
What happens when the bad and Mysterious boy of Valley High notices the quietest girl of the school.... will she finally open up to someone or will everything still be t...
Steven Universe Harem X Ben 10 by Ironprime100
Steven Universe Harem X Ben 10by Ironprime100
Ben decides to move to a place called Beach city to venture out more and get a break for awhile. But weilding the ultimatrix also has it's flaws and that being ben alway...
Ronan (ManxMan|Biker) Joker's Taboo MC Series: BOOK ONE by YasmineFernandez9984
Ronan (ManxMan|Biker) Joker's YasmineFernandez9984
Joker's Taboo MC Series: BOOK ONE For all my life I run away from my demons, I gotten use to ignoring them than confronting it. Guess it's a selfish way telling myself i...
Moongoddess Secret Daughter by BriannaOlsson0
Moongoddess Secret Daughterby Brianna Olsson
Lilly is a special werewolf shes been abused by her whole family since her brother died. On her 18th birthday she finally escapes only to be visited by someone special...
Primitive Destiny: The Unknown by sammi1993wilson
Primitive Destiny: The Unknownby sammi1993wilson
#807 in Werewolf as of 10/31/16 Several centuries ago, the seven packs of America lived in harmony. But the arrival of one woman changed it all, hundreds of years later...