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Corazon-Vkook [Mafia/Forced] by rabisworld02
Corazon-Vkook [Mafia/Forced]by Rabi
When Mobster of world wide known Syndicates got rejected by a beautiful male to sleep with him. He makes him his determination to capture the beauty.. just for himself...
Ladybug x reader fixing her heart by squad30545
Ladybug x reader fixing her heartby squad30545
(Reader) is going through the world with vary little people to call family . For years your mother was struggling with brain cancer and recently she passed away. As you...
Moments by LiaJohnson5
Momentsby Lia Johnson
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Sexually Attracted by stefiluvsya
Sexually Attractedby Stef
What happens when you meet the man of your dreams? What happens when you fall in love with him over the little arguments you have that shows that he cares or that half s...
Don't worry I will protect u. (abused nobita au )(Lukaxnobita ) by deadnorvalley
Don't worry I will protect u. ( deadnorvalley
Nobita got abused by his father after his mother's death and he was disliked by everybody else. Doraemon tries to help him every time a day but...he...says sorry to nobi...
Dhat one dude thats ugly but stay fresh! by TierraHill0
Dhat one dude thats ugly but Tierra Hill
This Story Is About A Phat/Thick Girl Name Kai', She Is Getting Sexually And Verbally Abrused By Her Mom Boyfriend, Mom Is Pregnant And Doesn't Know & Don't Care But She...
mommy's little girl by MarijaneWelch7
mommy's little girlby Marijane Welch
Hazel and sadie have been together for about 1 year now read to find out how their life is by the way hazel is a little and sadie is her mommy dom what happened when sai...
My New Teacher by Bent_OverBckwrds1
My New Teacherby @Percy4life
hi my name is elsa and i have a huge crush on my sexy teacher named jack frost!!! he tells me that i need tutoring and so he comes to my house every monday, wednesday...
This Can't be Real♡ by vikki0121
This Can't be Real♡by vikki0121
a young girl in her mid twenties meets her idol, chad Michael Murray, a young handsome actor, who is really a sweet, sensitive, funny and caring guy. who knew that 5 m...
LGBTQ+ Flags/Meanings Etc by WASDIEFICKIN
LGBTQ+ Flags/Meanings Etcby Kai Midnight.
So I am part of this community, I do have a girl friend and yes I am a female or at least that is the gender I was assigned to a birth. But I go by male terms like He Hi...
Mr.Teacher by lady_oflove
Mr.Teacherby Amira I Landers
Ashley just moved to Dallas, Texas with her parents who happen to be huge doctors there.she's left to sore the city alone. Days pass the she comes across her high school...
The bad Boy calls me kitten by lolaanx1xxx
The bad Boy calls me kittenby lolaanx1xxx
"i always get what I want kitten" very sexually content and strong language
His Hostage by bethanywritings
His Hostageby b e t h a n y
* Twisted Romantic Story * Max, a psychotic killer and lover, is in deep love with Emma. Kidnapping her, he takes her away and will not let her go. Will Emma ever escap...
Du bleibst. Sie leben. by Xaphisa
Du bleibst. Sie Xaphisa
Nachdem Daryl als Gefangener in das Sanctuary gebracht wurde, ließ er sich auf einen Deal mit seinem Entführer ein, welchen Daryl unmöglich abschlagen konnte. Allerdings...
Paradise Lost by AlexisSparks
Paradise Lostby AlexisSparks
A regular year of life except that its not.
Struggles: Sexuality  by Jawkyyy__
Struggles: Sexuality by Jaaeeeee__
These are my opinions on sexuality. Please don't be offended, and please don't copy my work. I'll answer questions, state my opinion on how I see things in life,about se...
Fucking the jock by somefanficshit
Fucking the jockby somefanficshit
Bastian and Ponthus go to the same school but have no relationship to each other at all. With Ponthus being the captain of the football team and Bastian spending all his...
Kidnapped by my ex by jj-candy2019
Kidnapped by my exby jj-candy2019
Lillys pov: all alone in a dark place gone for a year by some guy, scared for my life. Friends and family must me looking for me. Rosie pov: Its been a year since my be...