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Offenderman's Proxy by darkestofhearts
Offenderman's Proxyby DarkestOfHearts
Jinkx isn't a normal teenager and having enough of her abuse at home she runs away. What happens when she meets a tall stranger that offers her a rose. This st...
My Beautiful Rose by JRich_2832
My Beautiful Roseby Jocelyn
This is a Sexual Offenderman X Reader book, I hope you enjoy it. It's very short, but I'm sure you'll like it anyways... well, I hope so.
Sexual Offenderman X Kitten Lemon Fanfic ♡  by Chopsticks666
Sexual Offenderman X Kitten Chopsticks 아, 씨발
This was made by a friend of mine on google plus. If you have a google plus account go ahead and follow echo drop for me, I give her full credit to this fanfic. https:...
smut//rape by iwuvsolby
smut//rapeby wtf brūh
read the title, it's smut and rape one shots - - ⚠️ warning there will be rape scenes as well as self harm so if u don't like it don't read and don't complain that it's...
Don't Make A Sound (Laughing Jack X Reader) by JRich_2832
Don't Make A Sound (Laughing Jocelyn
After witnessing the horrible murders of your parents at the age of 7, you haven't been the same since. You become a mute, shutting yourself out from the world, not doin...
Tied to a Convict by Black_Wolfbite
Tied to a Convictby FireKitty
Victor, a former convict gets released from parole, he should have been in prison for much longer. Someone high up in the chain pays to have Victor released, but what Vi...
Roses (Offender X Female Reader)  by Queen-Of-Weird
Roses (Offender X Female Reader) by ᗯE බƦƎ ₮ⱧɆ ҒRΣΔҜS
(WARNING!!!! This book is EXTREMELY unfit for any innocent eyes or ears!! I don't recommend, i am telling you to not read it if you don't like anything dirty, assault li...
☆Sequel to Slave To His Passions☆ What would it feel like to have his hands wrapped around her neck? To have her stretch her own hands up to caress his cheek weakly as...
LUST: Entrapment with the Sexual Offenderman by TheSummonerwriter
LUST: Entrapment with the Sexual SuicideMouse
this is just another short story with only one part quick and easy. this one is about nothing other than you know who.
Don't Be Naughty by Flufffluff300
Don't Be Naughtyby
When a 13 year old is sold for 3k as a sex slave, her life changes. Years later, her old master sells her again, and her new master is... different. Story example "...
Kidnapped By A Mafia Leader by WeLoveAGoodKween
Kidnapped By A Mafia Leaderby “Woof”
My name is Delilah Neistroid. -------------------------- I'm 19 years old and I live in the city of Dortonville in Michigan. As I got in my car I looked at the time, 10...
Creepypasta zodiacs: part two  by Thegreyhooded0ne
Creepypasta zodiacs: part two by Grey [A Deviant]
🔪All info is in the tittle 🔪 Since all of you loved the first one so much! Until you guys asked me to make another! Like this one right here! So yeah! I hope that all...
Nothing Like Him (Creepypasta) by Dark_Obsession15
Nothing Like Him (Creepypasta)by Dark_Obsession15
Hadley, the daughter of a certain rapey Slender, has never met said father. But she will at her 17th birthday which is soon. Until that, she has been raised by Slenderma...
Hood princess by bigdicklaii
Hood princessby Big dick laii laii
Daughter of a drug lord sister for 4 drug dealers falls inlove for the first time
The PSYCHO Within Him//PATRICK BATEMAN  by Levisbuttcheecks
The PSYCHO Within Him//PATRICK Leviラ
A love story of two people. Both different perspectives from two parral worlds. The traumatic mindset of the pair Patrick Batemen (Christian Bale) and Karsi García (Zo...
Laughter (Creepypasta Story) by taetaechoi
Laughter (Creepypasta Story)by 🍡D.C Love🍡
Lavender Fuji (Chiba) was a girl with a messed up life, disoriented family, and someone with serious mental illnesses. So who would have thought that she more than every...
OBSSESSED [2019 WATTYS ENTRY] by TheSolitaryPrincess
The story of a CIA agent. A ruthless and merciless assassin. A man who kill first and think later without any regret, who is rock hard like a mountain had his stone hear...
Spg Short Story (Compilations)  by Midnightwriter_4
Spg Short Story (Compilations) by Midnightwriter_4
Ito ay isang istorya na puro kapusukan. Read at your own risk.