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Thrandruil, The king's queen.  by TrinitySailer
Thrandruil, The king's queen. by TrinitySailer
Thandruil x y/ are the queen of the water and Forrest kingdom, what happens when one day your general tells you that Woodland Elf's are riding into your territor...
When Love Bites (published) by idiot1628
When Love Bites (published)by Ibaad
Karan and Kriti met in college and fell for each other. With the open eyes of a child Karan reached out, fingers extended but got nothing in return because the circumsta...
A Cowgirl Stole My Heart by MagconGirl926
A Cowgirl Stole My Heartby MagconGirl926
When a car breaks down on the side of a road it all seems like hell in the hot July sun, but when the boys see the angels on horses coming to help them will the city boy...
SAVING HER by authorbryann
SAVING HERby authorbryann
SAM: What is love? Is it patient? Is it kind? Who the hell knows. I don't. I just know I must save the one person I've ever opened my cold heart up to. I don't care wh...
Enslaved Witch by Kinsleykutie
Enslaved Witchby Marie-Jane Kendrick
When Willow Moore gets kidnapped by the man who pretended to be her friend to lure her into a witch trap she becomes his personal witch slave. Forced to wear a bracelet...
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Mr. Kramar's Love Life Is VERY Confusing by MrKramarLover123
Mr. Kramar's Love Life Is VERY MrKramarLover123
Mr. Kramar a 6th grade teacher has a lot of his plate. Can he handle it? Or will everything go down hill when he meets his true love?
The Last Word by ComingAcross
The Last Wordby ComingAcross
I'm just an average girl with some spectacular dreams. But what if my boyfriend doesn't have the same thing in mind? Who wants to choose between their future, and well...
Josh "the W" Williams by CuteWritterchan
Josh "the W" Williamsby CuteWriter-CHAN!!
This story is about Sally Johnson and Josh "the W" William.
Darkness Turns to Light by Alexa_rideordie_
Darkness Turns to Lightby Alexa Walker
Attraction... So intense and deep that it pulled them together and made them inseparable. Like magnets. Became more strong and got mingled with lust... A sexy billionai...
The Story Of Us*Hunter Rowland* by xxaverydolanxx
The Story Of Us*Hunter Rowland*by Haley Winchester
HaleyAshton, a YouTuber, lives in Cleveland, Ohio and is excited when she gets tickets to see the Rowland brothers. She falls instantaneously in love with Hunter, who sh...
Being Cameron Dallas Little Sister by MacyLeeSeasons
Being Cameron Dallas Little Sisterby MacyLeeSeasons
this story us about Macy Dallas. And her dating life well some what dating life because her older brother the Cameron Dallas has been super over protective since his fam...
Confession for a Confession by JamieAmazon13
Confession for a Confessionby Jamie Amazon
Get entangled in Az's twisted love story as she finds herself inlove with her bestfriend Tyler who is starting a family. Will she confess her feelings for him and become...
Chessy and Saul have grown up together in the same village, and played as childhood friends. Saul's gypsy heritage causes tensions in Chessy's family, and when their fri...
mr. hwang // skz hyunjin smut by cafehyunie
mr. hwang // skz hyunjin smutby skzcafe
she was just a receptionist, he was the boss. the first time he laid eyes on her, he knew he needed her. now she's living the luxury life. heavily inspired by fifty shad...
The Secrets We Keep (Completed) by KNBliss
The Secrets We Keep (Completed)by ✨KN Bliss✨
Jendra's Menphis mission maybe dangerous, but her job was simple enough. Bilang si JC ay kailangan niyang makipaglapit, protektahan at iligtas mula sa lalo pang kapaham...
Hot Flames of Pleasure by sphinxess
Hot Flames of Pleasureby yuan
Being a celebrity is not easy.
Wife For Hades by Amedrianne
Wife For Hadesby Raena Adrianne
When the three famous celestial brothers-Hades, Zeus, and Poseidon-have their divine attributes ripped away, there is almost nothing left with them as they become mere h...
Sexy Mistakes by rose_flower21
Sexy Mistakesby rose_flower21
"I must warn you my thoughts are dangerous and impure"