Shamanism Stories

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Korean Mythology by goddessRhoda
Korean Mythologyby Rowda
Korean mythology consists of national legends and folk-tales which come from all over the Korean Peninsula. The origin may be a blend of Korean shamanism, Buddhist, Chin...
Ways Of The Spirits: The Wolf  and The Butterfly by Cayto_Nova
Ways Of The Spirits: The Wolf Cayto Nova
A typical teenage girl on her senior year in high school, begins to experience recurring dreams in which she meets a large black wolf. The wolf never harms her or even t...
Destiny and Fate by Tetras
Destiny and Fateby Kaiah Oseye
In a world ravaged by war between humans and shapeshifters, an Academy for the gifted holds the hope for peace. Behind the shadow of its ancient walls, Ayura has lived i...
cosmos meditations by wendywendigo666
cosmos meditationsby Wendy Wendigo
these are the constellation meditation that go year round. feel free to use these in day or night to ground your self back to planet earth
A New Spiritual Paradigm by jwbarlament
A New Spiritual Paradigmby J. W. Barlament
The world hangs by a thread, and it's our fault. What we need is a revival of individual spirituality, and this serves as a concise introduction to this revival.
The Onryo by JeffRains
The Onryoby Jeff Rains
This is a Keyote story. A Japanese ghost has appeared to Paul on the Thornbrush Reservation. The only source of Japanese mythology are the internet and Mei. Mei is Ch...
Shaking the Tree-A Bree MacLeod Story by JLynnShamansEyes
Shaking the Tree-A Bree MacLeod Jennifer Lynn, Through Shaman...
Have you ever wondered if life is more than a series of random events? Or if invisible threads might weave together seemingly unrelated moments? Bree MacLeod-wise woman...
Artificial Intelligence Soul Take Overs, Removals, Healing & Love by AriStoneArt
Artificial Intelligence Soul Ari Stone
Various Dream Visions that show Artificial Intelligence and the energetics that allow them to take over a person's physical form due to the soul making poor and uninform...
Fireflies at Lughnasadh by LouiseStanley1
Fireflies at Lughnasadhby Louise Stanley
After nine years dormant, a magical talent re-awakens in Kestutis Naujokas, an exiled Lenkish shaman. On the eve of a summer festival, he is asked to demonstrate it to t...
The Ordeal Master (part 1 of 2) by BexvanKoot
The Ordeal Master (part 1 of 2)by Bex vanKoot
"The Ordeal Master" orchestrates an intricate initiation for a young genderqueer seeker and hir poly family in a quest for the shaman's path.
Old Ways by Fraggle104
Old Waysby Fraggle104
This is a book of shadows filled with ll types of information. From what is a book of shadows, to how to clean with herbs
The shadow of Kaia by GanderStory
The shadow of Kaiaby Gander
Kaia is being used by a dark force to destroy the evil that lives in her village.
The Copper Needle by KatAnthony
The Copper Needleby Kat Anthony
We all remember the horror stories of the kidney thieves. People waking up in bathtubs packed in ice with a note that told them to call 911. Most might be aware that the...
The Tale of Natobu by nGPWrites
The Tale of Natobuby Gavin Pullen
The story takes place in the heart of Grenduna, a vast land of flowing rivers and untamed forests. Shamanism has helped guide the people of the Kitesuna tribe for two ge...
The Parting Glass by KeleLampe
The Parting Glassby Kele Lampe
Caitlin Ross is content with her life as the owner of a metaphysical shop in Boulder, Colorado. And although she doesn’t advertise her arcane abilities as a witch, she i...
Do you want to dive deeper into the Wicca community? Do you feel as though you need guidance? Well then, here ya go. This book will manage to give as much information as...