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Villainess Series 1: Bullying the Male lead by badlover101
Villainess Series 1: Bullying badlover101
Suxin followed the original plot and played the green-tea villainess role well. But why can't this duck just die in peace?! -- "Bai Suxin, why are you so cruel?&quo...
Hololive Connected Universe by Saaikun
Hololive Connected Universeby samuel carranza
Enter the world of the talents of hololive from the depths to the underworld, these talents shall save the world
Wrath Of Man (Original Story) [In Progress] by Yeetmaster8
Wrath Of Man (Original Story) [ Mr Author
Hm? Ah! You stopped by just to say hi? Well, I thank you. Not many people come and greet me too often. I'm bowing in case you're wondering. Now, getting into the detail...
Seraph Knight [Vampire Knight x Seraph of The End] by TextCookie
Seraph Knight [Vampire Knight x TextCookie
Records of the Vampire Hunters Association state that the first time humanity raised their weapons against vampires was 10,000 years ago - about the same time when an a...
My First Love and I (Original Story) [Pending] by Yeetmaster8
My First Love and I (Original Mr Author
Harry Montgomery, raised by the one man who conquered all, who stood at the top once again after his departure before. He was taught the way to survive unlike someone, t...
The Tales of Zaleth by TylerGarver
The Tales of Zalethby Tyler Garver
Earth, Reston, Zaleth, Salem, and many other planets, were all created by the three creators, they are not gods, and they are long gone, each planet with life has humans...
Hatchets (A Ticci Toby story) by TheAuthor600
Hatchets (A Ticci Toby story)by Author
This is my take on the story of Ticci Toby originally written by Kastoway. I'll be drawing inspiration from both the original story and "The Blood red sky" aud...
Never Meant To Be by Novelty01
Never Meant To Beby Novelty01
A college sophomore struggles with the ups and downs of relationships and pregnancy loss while trying to get an education.
ArrowKnight by TalkbackTenfold
ArrowKnightby TalkbackTenfold
Seven years ago Oliver Queen killed Thomas and Martha Wayne in front of their young son. Bruce decides it's finally time he confronts the man who changed his life foreve...
Variant Comics' Diamonds and Blood by variant_comics1222
Variant Comics' Diamonds and Bloodby Variant Comics
Variant Comics' Diamonds and Blood Format: Novel T.H.E.P.A. agent Harlan Brandle and vet Jasmine Olsen go on a mission to find the truth about SERPENT's evil plan known...
Midnight by KLighthearter
Midnightby Kevin Vanatta Haulsee
"I'm not going to die" was the promise Estelle's cousin demanded...before he shot himself. Because of his sacrifice, she had enough food to get her boat to lan...
The Vangaurds by PredxRose
The Vangaurdsby Dark-Light Verse
When an alien invasion emerges from a portal and threaten the humans of Earth to seek out a powerful machine; the director of A.R.I.E.S assembles a group of heros, vigil...
White Huntsman by thegoldenboy58
White Huntsmanby TheGoldenBoy2188 The Coolest...
Jaune always wanted to be a Huntsman, no matter how many times his parents tried to tell him to give up. Now after getting his transcripts through... not so legal means...
ရှင်ဘုရင်ရဲ့ အမျိုးသားကြင်ယာတော် by WintThit-99
ရှင်ဘုရင်ရဲ့ အမျိုးသားကြင်ယာတော်by Nk
လဲ့ပြည်မှာ ရွှန်းရွှန်းဝေနေအောင်ကြားရတတ်တဲ့ကောလဟာလတစ်ခုရှိတယ် အဲ့တာက ရှင်ဘုရင်ရဲ့အထက်မှာ ဘယ်သူရှိတယ်တဲ့လဲ ရှင်ဘုရင်ရဲ့အထက်မှာ ကြင်ယာတော်ရှိတယ် ကြင်ယာတော်က အမျိုးသမီးမဟု...
♥︎ Start life again ♥︎ (Hazbin hotel oc story) [warning: lemon,fluff,violence] by ShallowBeanz
♥︎ Start life again ♥︎ (Hazbin MochiChi
(female readers name insert) This is my ocs story but you get to include your own name so you get to feel a bit part of the experience so there will be (Y/N) when ever a...
Project Cinder by MISTPUNK
Project Cinderby MISTPUNK
A unique alternate take on common fairy tale tropes, a multi-layered meta story, it follows the viewpoint of Cinder, someone who is not supposed to be in a fairy tale.
Most Wanted Grim Reaper (Original Story) [Pending] by Yeetmaster8
Most Wanted Grim Reaper ( Mr Author
A grim reaper has an oath, that oath is to take the lives of sinners each day at a time. If anyone dares to break that simple oath, they would be sent back to hell, suff...
onyx and the new uni-guardian: tales from Midtown by crystal_pro_2024
onyx and the new uni-guardian: crystalline productions 2024
tales from universe 2024 after the great disaster, onyx returns to her home with her new friends to try and return to a life she used to know, learning that she isn't wh...
2018: Musketeer visits the Doctor by TheMrUnknownX
2018: Musketeer visits the Doctorby Baron Viktor von der Ropp-Bre...
An insane adventure that leads the main character into an adventure to question his identity, and adapt the political disguise of a hero , that cannot be perverted.
The Dark Universe:The Guardians vs Draxen by superverse7777
The Dark Universe:The Guardians INFINITE EARTHS
the bells have already rung and they have heard it. out in the dark umongst the stars... ding dong... the god is dead...