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hatred of love meharya ff {completed} by priyankashaurya
hatred of love meharya ff { priyanka ray
Shaurya comes near her and pecks her forehead then both cheeks and then moves towards her lips.......... ********* Shaurya- what and why should I listen to you........i...
Mehrya OS  by Multifandom92_
Mehrya OS by Multifandom92_
#MehRya #MehakKhanna #ShauryaKhanna #ZindagiKiMehak #MehakSharma #SamikshaJaiswal #KaranVohra
Withered Golden Sunflowers by Kashish_J
Withered Golden Sunflowersby Kashish
Shaurya made final touches to his attire and admired himself gazing at his reflection in mirror. He was always dressed to kill so his wedding is definitely no exception...
Entangled in Ruin by Kashish_J
Entangled in Ruinby Kashish
Mehek was walking aimlessly on the footpath. The subtle drizzle was soon threatening to become heavy downpour. Many fellow pedestrians were taking shelter in nearby shop...
The boss  by rinah_99
The boss by rinah_99
An Arrogant, rude , rich man falls inlove with one of his Employees when he least expected it. Rinah also falls inlove with him when she least expected it, she stopped...
Mehrya My Version by Haseena2020
Mehrya My Versionby Haseena2020
A love story revolve around two love birds and their family feud with their daily activities
Ankahee Ansunee Bateein Meri Dil Ki (Untold unheard words of my heart) by Haseena2020
Ankahee Ansunee Bateein Meri Dil Haseena2020
This is my another Mehrya Fan fiction , quite an emotional ones happens after Shaurya and Mehak's marriage track where she found he is responsible for her parent's death...
game of destiny {completed} by priyankashaurya
game of destiny {completed}by priyanka ray
life is full of twists and are two girls mehak and krishna...who crosses their path...but destiny plays with them...mehak loves shaurya whereas krishna l...
The mystery!!- season 1drikshit mehrya aznoor ff{completed}  by priyankashaurya
The mystery!!- season 1drikshit priyanka ray
A truck hits the car!! B-0-0-M!! Divya is seen in pool of blood holding her baby bump!!! Rakahit is seen semi - conscious! A hoodie man points gun towards them!! *...
Disquietude of My Heart by Kashish_J
Disquietude of My Heartby Kashish
Innocents are often trampled during war. Especially when the fight is between Honourable and Greedy. Mehek, a naive woman who being unable to comprehend her fate, landed...
destined to fall in love {completed} by priyankashaurya
destined to fall in love { priyanka ray
these is love story of mehrya...where four people are entangles in one love square...will they be able to forget their past and fall in love once again...will detiny bri...
Tu jo mila.... mehrya $ mayra ff {completed} by priyankashaurya
Tu jo mila.... mehrya $ mayra ff { priyanka ray
how two people with two poles apart completes each other...
Destroyed in love - MehRya SS series by ItsNihaaa
Destroyed in love - MehRya SS ItsNihaaa
A story of love , betrayal, hatred , destruction, fight between good n evil. Mehek Sharma , an innocent human soul who loved Shaurya Khanna to the core , though she kn...
mann mera-mehrya ss {completed} by priyankashaurya
mann mera-mehrya ss {completed}by priyanka ray
mann mera is a story of two adult yet in their teenage....who falls in deep love with each other....but as every love story...have to face problems...same goes with them...
A Devil's Eye  by gaurika07
A Devil's Eye by gaurika07
A wealthy man who has a dark side... that can change his life... what will happen when a girl walks into his life suddenly and changes him for good but when she finds ou...
Absolution of a Fallen Angel by Kashish_J
Absolution of a Fallen Angelby Kashish
Betrayal...Misapprehension....Redemption. We all have read numerous stories of Men betraying & breaking Women and then their difficult yet glorious path to redemption. A...
Badly Arranged  by Multifandom92_
Badly Arranged by Multifandom92_
Heavenly bliss occurs when two beautiful souls collide. It may take time but when the sparks fly, nothing can keep the fire from burning bright. A story about how Mehak...
Circle Of Life by PrashastiTewari
Circle Of Lifeby Prashasti ❤️
Well do you remember your school days?...everyone does but what we miss the most is those innocent friends,with a innocent yet pure smiles...but over the time that frien...
Happy Birthday My Love by smileperfectionist
Happy Birthday My Loveby smileperfectionist
Memorable birthday's that Mehrya spent together through Shaurya's eyes :)