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she plays bass by sunbIeached
she plays bassby ‎ ‎
chaos is what killed the dinosaurs, darling misc / spam ...
Trash: Rants  by Sayanide_Helen
Trash: Rants by Helen Evans
Me littearly ranting about people and things that piss me off. Welcome to the trash can kiddos. Enjoy. I'll probably put a different trash can in for each rant. Gotta ad...
My Diary by EileeneShah
My Diaryby Aleena Shah
THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK THIS IS! this is just a place where im gonna share shit. i mean like i sometimes have this urge to rant and i have no where and no one to rant...
The OG Squad ■vs■ The Cunt Squad (This Story Is A Joke) by BangVanTanNessa
The OG Squad ■vs■ The Cunt Squad ( Vanessa
All of these thots have instagram accounts, They're all in a group chat, (large group of friends have feuds and drama lingers. dating, break-ups, depression, backstabbin...
|Pretty Petty I Must Say| by -BitchImPetty-
|Pretty Petty I Must Say|by ❤lots of hate🖕
I write mean thing about people. Cause I have no life
Reasons I hate fan fictions  by EwFanFictions
Reasons I hate fan fictions by EwFanFictions
So I am a normal teenager*cough*13*cough*and I kinda hate fan fictions bc why not HA JK...WELL THAT IS WHY I WROTE THIS BOOK..ENJOY HOES
The Bastard's Ex-wife by OliverQueen804
The Bastard's Ex-wifeby Oliver Queen
Diana Richardson is the Ex wife of Paul Richardson. They were in a good relationship until Paul was caught cheating on Diana with her mother..........(i was joking guys...
"oh you stalker.." " not!"
My life by menacedstar
My lifeby menacedstar
Just stupid rants about my life You are also welcome to share things about you, it's a way of getting out, without people judging and knowing your identity You can talk...
Lemon Tea by CitricRain
Lemon Teaby CitricRain
In which I Spill The Fucking Tea, Bitch
Gold Hoops & Cornrows  by lucycharmz_
Gold Hoops & Cornrows by Lucy❣️
This is just gonna be my little rant book where I can interact with my followers. Get to know y'all and possibly make some friends.
Ferretstripe Talks Shit  by Ferretstripe
Ferretstripe Talks Shit by badup boodup
May you rest in peace as you lose half your brain cells in this book.
My Diary by DavianaRadke
My Diaryby Riley Milkovich
Just my feelings and stuff I guess. Hopefully someone reads! Hah.
rant book  by emmaanowlinn
rant book by   ҉ emma ҉
this rant book is about me complaining, ranting, and just talking shit so please enjoy this :))