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Erotic Shorts by Cassie_Quinn1
Erotic Shortsby Cassie_Quinn1
A collection of Story Erotic Stories - please like/vote if you enjoyed the story or contact me if you want to talk about it 🏅#1 ChanceMeeting 🏅#1 Shorts 🏅#1 Experienc...
Doctor Appointments // Smut by Miss_Needy
Doctor Appointments // Smutby Miss_Needy
"Now lie down here on the table please. Let's have a look."He places his hands on her breast, squeezing them and softly playing with her nipples. "D-Docto...
Hobbit/The Lord of the Rings Imagines by Kitchenator
Hobbit/The Lord of the Rings Kitchenator
The only rights I hold are of my own character creations, all others belong to there rightful owners and copyright holders, as well any world they are created in.
Jaya Oneshots and Stories by storiesninjago
Jaya Oneshots and Storiesby storiesninjago
Just some short stories about my favorite Ninjago couple, Jay and Nya. This book contains canon oneshots. I have a second book called "The Jaya Chronicles" in...
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Riley & Val| Imagines by Traceylala00
Riley & Val| Imaginesby Traceylala00
Short little things, something to be given ideas. Just cute, small fluffy content of your 2 favorite girls.
Blessed-Cursed Kitties ⚊ Enhypen x Reader by solivagante
Blessed-Cursed Kitties ⚊ Enhypen 𓆩♡𓆪
What would you do if you find a box of seven kittens? [ High Rankings ] #1 Bighit (06/07/22) #1 Belift (05/25/22) #1 I-Land (05/30/22) #1 Heeseung (06/02/22) #1 Yang Jun...
Dragonball X Reader Oneshots/Shorts by creativemindinspo
Dragonball X Reader Oneshots/Shortsby creativemindinspo
{Completed but Open for Requests! 2024 } Reader x Dragon Ball Characters Dive into a collection of short stories featuring beloved Dragon Ball characters in unexpected a...
Soft Hawks X Reader Shorts by loneAnonon
Soft Hawks X Reader Shortsby Anon
A compilation of soft (& kinda angst) Reader shorts/oneshots that are not in any specific order and don't correlate with each other. :) For my soft Hawks simps (Absolute...
Sterek Shorts by Yomaasfavv
Sterek Shortsby Word Wizard
Thank you guys for almost 50k+ reads. I didn't think I'd get this far.
هەڵگرتنیـے بەرپرسیارێتی||𝐊•𝐓√ by Laraa_44
هەڵگرتنیـے بەرپرسیارێتی||𝐊•𝐓√by 𝗟𝗮𝗿𝗮 || لارا
"مەگەر تاوانی من چیە لەتەمەنێکی منداڵ هاوسەرگیریم ڕێک خراوە لەگەڵ کوڕی خێزانی کیم"ئانی بەگریانەوە وتی. "تەنها جەستەتتم پێ ببەخشەو بەس!!" تایهیۆنگ چرپ...
Kiana And Sal's Bizzare RomCom Drabble Collection by AshOrion1307
Kiana And Sal's Bizzare RomCom PrimusDivinitas
Well I just wanted to make some cute and fluffy drabble between my male OC Sal Apocalypse and our beloved Tuna, and thus here we are. Also these drabbles are fine standa...
Hiccstrid One Shots by Kenobi00
Hiccstrid One Shotsby Maclunkey
I'm all for Hiccstrid, and I've always been so... that's it basically. These are going to be short stories (with occasional longer ones probably) about them, mostly taki...
Hermione Granger One Shots and Shorts by Gwynn__
Hermione Granger One Shots and Gwyn
Just little scenarios in my head. They get longer, I promise... Smut maybe? Only if someone requests it! Hermione x fem!reader (Requests are open!)
KGF Shorts by Arthi234
KGF Shortsby aarthi
this is just a collection of story ideas i had but are too short to form a full story so ill write them here as short stories. hope you all enjoy these
A Love Like Theirs (Prem Preeti One shots) by Admiresitall
A Love Like Theirs (Prem Preeti Admiresitall
These will be random shots feat. Prem and Preeti from Hum Saath Saath Hain... These two are absolute adorbs. No specific order Random Shots Scene continuations Recrea...
Harry Styles Imagines by Mimel13
Harry Styles Imaginesby Michelle P. M
All your favourite Harry Styles Imagines that make you laugh, cry and crave for more. Every chapter is a new relationship with your favourite hottie, Harry Styles
BTS Smuts (Usually 16+ and up) by mafu_ka
BTS Smuts (Usually 16+ and up)by mafu_ka
These are just BTS smuts I work really hard on so appreciate me! And warning: usually 16+ and up! It was in the title so if you ain't 16+, then don't get mad at me for t...
her pieces by elagrace_
her piecesby ela
stories from 2020. the story you'll read here wasn't edited yet. i'll edit them once i have the time but for now bear with me for not editing my pieces before posting he...
HawksxReader Oneshot Requests by loneAnonon
HawksxReader Oneshot Requestsby Anon
A compilation of HawksxReader requests! A/N: I will not accept requests that I'm not confident I can write, or have NSFW. I am only writing one request at a time. Reques...
Taylor Swift Imagines (Book 2)  by wunderstruck1313
Taylor Swift Imagines (Book 2) by Amanda
Taylor Swift short stories. (Taylor+Reader) Book 2. I take requests! Just comment what you want the short story to be about. ⚠️ simple means the chapter contains trig...