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My Baby Scrumlitious Bugglegum Princess Kitten  by rihannamvalle
My Baby Scrumlitious Bugglegum 𝐫𝐢𝐫𝐢
i did this because im bored.... Jacob Delore, 34 scrumptious bodybuilder mafia man takes a sudden interest into innocent bubblegum princess 16 yr old Amelia Joneson. Wh...
Serendipity, a DuckTales fanfiction by Celestia_Primrose
Serendipity, a DuckTales fanfictionby Celescatia Purrimrose
SERENDIPITY noun ser·​en·​dip·​i·​ty | ˌser-ən-ˈdi-pə-tē DEFINITION: the phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for; finding pleasing things...
The Red Slender (MYTH BEEN FOUND) Book 1 Part 1 by corecan13
The Red Slender (MYTH BEEN FOUND) corecan13
Jack has a crush named Maria and he decided to take her to his house to play roblox They added eachother in roblox but then when they joined a game "meepcity"...
My bios,themes and whatsits galore by SA-SADISTIC_LOVER
My bios,themes and whatsits galoreby 🔪🩸OAK💕
Just a keeping place for my stuff :) Also most of these have came from Pinterest so credits to the original owners.
The Missing ¿HERO? by Belowspeicies
The Missing ¿HERO?by QuakitySupramacy
Story is at testing,is for testing how to write
S4 Fanfic Stranger things  by belleloise
S4 Fanfic Stranger things by belleloise
I've started a fanfic for the upcoming new season of stranger things (stranger things 4) I've made a whole new character who may have abilities did I mention Eddie Munso...
AITA..??? by jinxy34
AITA..???by Luster angel 🕊
These are am I the a whole story's , there Will be a series if these pan out well .. the first story is about 2 sisters and basically about there lives and how 1 siste...
Bad boy Masky x UwU Yn by Leviisacleanfreak5
Bad boy Masky x UwU Ynby Tobias/Toby
Yn was talking to Masky as he started seeing Toby coming with his hatchet. He roared and broke all of yn's bones
More is Less an Elder Scrolls Story by TheMildlyUpsetSeal
More is Less an Elder Scrolls Storyby Cynthia
Inspired by the amazing world of ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) my introduction into the series. More is Less is about a Khajiit Named Aegden Vendrick as he retells the stor...
Unstable by bschubert2023
Unstableby Bonnie
Maeve is a sixteen year old recovering from an accident she doesn't remember. As she begins to navigate her way through high school with new information of what happened...
The slasher 🔪 by angeloooooooooooooo
The slasher 🔪by Angelo🤙🏽
Bobby fields breaks up with Gina evergreen and she promises to kill everyone he's close to but he doesn't know it.
Where to hide a body, 101.  by Laneywilliams4
Where to hide a body, 101. by Laney
When Jaelynn calls a convenient store and asks the poor soul where to hide a body, things seem to get a bit interesting and new friendships blossom.
Survivor by KailieannTengler
Survivorby Kailieann Tengler
It's a fantasy, action story with a tiny bit of horror it has a strong female character this is chapter one I would eventually love to publish this however I'm unsure if...
The Saddest Goodbye ( ON GOING ) by daezeljoy
The Saddest Goodbye ( ON GOING )by daezeljoy
Ang storyang ito ay kathang isip lamang. Ang alinmang pagkakatulad sa tunay na pangyayari ay hindi sinasadya.
Jerrys april fools prank  by K4Y_DR0WN3D
Jerrys april fools prank by Casper
This was something ment for school but eh
Writing Tips & Tricks by Ekc516
Writing Tips & Tricksby Kay, byeee!
What the title says. Character building, Worldbuilding, POV, etc. I don't really have much else to say other than I hope this is helpful.
Untitled by Chrysbreezy1205
Untitledby Chrysbreezy1205
It's an idea for a story I've had for a while. I have different parts but I dont really know how I'm going to put them together. I would appreciate any feedback or ideas...
The Fire Within by liviafletcher
The Fire Withinby liviafletcher
Just a start. Should I continue this, or no? Comments, advice, and opinions greatly appreciated! If you guys like it, I will work more with it and make a cover etc.