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Imperiya high: An empires smp highschool au by Socially-_-Awkward
Imperiya high: An empires smp Socially-_-Awkward
"What I have isn't a curse. It's a result of my own actions, and I accepted something in my heart and... it changed it. So maybe this is just who I am now." HA...
ISYCHIA// An Olix/Empires S2 AU by A_Fanfic_Queen
ISYCHIA// An Olix/Empires S2 AUby Kiara :>
Isychia (adjective); 'quiet' in Greek ... ... Quiet (adjective); making little or no noise. -- The skulk infection caused by Cub was swiftly quelled, and now that the He...
An ESMP Highschool AU: Imperiya High (OLD) by Socially-_-Awkward
An ESMP Highschool AU: Imperiya Socially-_-Awkward
Yeah please don't hate me for the avalanche of cringe and angst I will slide onto you. Contains: Self harm Angst Homophobia Swearing. If you're not ok with that, please...
Fake Dating (Nature wives esmp High school au) by HousingAlexander
Fake Dating (Nature wives esmp Alexander 🍄
An story of a princess in highschool being the perfect of the bunch with straight A's but an imperfect parents and maybe others fake dating the rebel witch cause of a pi...
Poppies. (Ghost!Scott AU) by B1rdBik1n1
Poppies. (Ghost!Scott AU)by B1rd
SERIES IS DISCONTINUED 12/3/21 Scott died trying to free Shelby during the final battle, being caught in the crossfire between Gem and the demon. He comes back as a ghos...
Who's Who? || Empires Swap AU by PhantasmaCreeps
Who's Who? || Empires Swap AUby Phantasma
This is an AU where everyone mysteriously swaps ownership of their Empires, and cant return! Enjoy :] Literally using random water pic as a cover till I make one.
The Coin of Blossoms by Socially-_-Awkward
The Coin of Blossomsby Socially-_-Awkward
This is a SOS centric fic with some other SMP's lore tied in (such as empires s1 and s2) TW: swearing, blood Ships: Nature wives, Flower Husbands, Jizzie/Shadowbeans (th...
Corrupting the incorruptible  by starrler
Corrupting the incorruptible by star !
Empires smp S1 fanfic <3 They finally banished Xornoth 'for good' and everyone one is finally happy, bar one. Scott makes a discovery, but this discovery may lead to...
CHRÓNO Í THISAVRÓ // Olix by A_Fanfic_Queen
CHRÓNO Í THISAVRÓ // Olixby Kiara :>
Chróno Í Thisavró (noun phrase); 'Time Or Treasure' in Greek -- When his friends tries to do time travel to get one of their jobs back and Oli walks in on it, it doesn't...
The Eight by cat_alley
The Eightby cat_alley
When eight teens get picked to save the world from a monster named Fear secrets may be revealed and the teens may find things out about themselves that they never knew.
The Spy That Hated Me by AnahitaChen
The Spy That Hated Meby GeniusKyuno
"You never loved me" Cathedral knelt, falling to the ground as the sound of Scott's footsteps grew louder and louder. His fingers grazed Cathedral's face, pul...
Dangthatsalongname Oneshots (DISCONTINUED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE) by sketchers_writes
Dangthatsalongname Oneshots ( Sketch
Since I like writing about Scott and I don't see many oneshots on him I decided to make my own! !The oneshots in this book are purely based on my own au, this doesn't ha...
Who's who? || Empires Swap AU by Punz0r
Who's who? || Empires Swap AUby Punz0r
This is an AU where everyone mysteriously swaps Empires! I am working on this story with @PhantasmaCreeps and @FlickeringCandle1, so don't go saying I copied them or the...
Witchcraft SMP Oneshots !REQUESTS OPEN! by ZYT_Twilight
Witchcraft SMP Oneshots ! ZYT_Twilight
please request anything you won't, just nothing disgusting, also make sure you read the first chapter, at least the first bit, it's important to me that you know
Empires SMP Oneshots <Requests Permanently Closed> by ZYT_Twilight
Empires SMP Oneshots by ZYT_Twilight
requests are permanently closed due to reasons explained in recent chapters you can request in the comments of any chapter read the rules for requests please and also do...
Who's who? || Empires Swap AU by FlickeringCandle1
Who's who? || Empires Swap AUby Candle
This is an AU where everyone mysteriously swaps Empires! I am working on this story with @PhantasmaCreeps and @Puz0r, so don't go saying I copied them or they copied me...
Endless Memories - EmpiresSMP HS AU by CallMeSausage
Endless Memories - EmpiresSMP HS AUby i am god
EmpiresSMP high school AU written by two rlly unmotivated but motivated people-
Crave <Shubgazza> by Liquidies_IV
Crave by #4
<ShubbleYT X GizzyGazza> This book is a collaboration between me and Fantasy (@Fantasies_VII) First book. Please no hate towards me (bananaguard1987), Ashes (Fanta...
It's nothing. by B1rdBik1n1
It's B1rd
The world itself feels like its out to get her. To hurt her.