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Simple (Miniminter FF) Reader x Simon by Miniminterfandom
Simple (Miniminter FF) Reader x Yaz
A simple reader x miniminter fanfiction. Reader and Simon go through a bunch of cute and adorable events together, (not a lot of major drama). Tried to make it as real...
Dance with me ⭒ Wroetoshaw by wroetome
Dance with me ⭒ Wroetoshawby wroetome
Nova is a well known pop star living out her dream. But when she isn't on stage she hangs out with her best friends, the Sidemen. But what happens when both of her world...
wedding date | miniminter by -diagonalley
wedding date | miniminterby nb.
"you have to be his wedding date." "you can't be serious." - in which a girl, with an undying grudge for a boy, has to be his date to their best fr...
Dominoes+Chill-Behzinga (SMUT WARNING) by DanandPhilMania
Dominoes+Chill-Behzinga (SMUT YUMEKO WAIFU
This is a fanfic about Ethan Payne (aka Behzinga) who is a member of the sidemen. You met Ethan on tinder and had gone on a couple of dates already when he finally invit...
masked by youtubenightss
maskedby helloミ☆
simon minter, the baddest boy in school. with his brooding, classically handsome face and signature smirk- every girl wants to be with him and every boy wants to be him...
The Hills | w2s by wroe2bog
The Hills | w2sby wroe2bog
After receiving an invite to her cousin's album release party, Isabelle meets a new group of friends, ultimately meeting a charmingly awkward guy whom evidently takes an...
SM- just a comment.             Miniminter fan fic.  by ellajae01
SM- just a comment. Ellaaaa.
When Simon Minter comments on an Instagram picture, Flossy instantly thinks the worse. Can the two youtubers overcome their fears and admit their feelings or will this a...
I Love You by EJS9813
I Love Youby EJS9813
Sequel to I OWE YOU... JJ and Emily make a big step to move in with each other but will it work out? Will all this get too much for Emily... 'I will always love you for...
Minishaw Oneshots by happilyJenzie
Minishaw Oneshotsby Love Yourself ✨
A collection of short stories about the two cutest boys about I promise they get better
Living With Sidemen//Miniminter FF by Livelifedaily
Living With Sidemen//Miniminter FFby Livelifedaily
Hannah is 16 when she was adopted by a group called the sidemen. Her past was crazy but what would her future hold? I'm sorry if its bad I'm not the best at stories. So...
HEAVEN'S SUPPORT GROUP || sidemen/kstar/minizerk by fuckoffphil
HEAVEN'S SUPPORT GROUP || secretwriter_xix
JJ has anger issues. Simon has depression. Josh has multiple personality disorder. Vikk hears voices. Tobi has insomnia. Ethan drinks and does drugs. Harry has anorexia...
Lewis redman (COOMING SOON) by nammoonlight
Lewis redman (COOMING SOON)by Katie ♡
In which Lewis a 24 year old runs into a fence while playing football with his mates. He goes to hospital where his doctor Amy treats his injurys and he get her phone nu...
Crash ; Simon Minter by imahoexoxo
Crash ; Simon Minterby baby girl
"I didn't think I could love you. Not after what happened." In which a girl and boy fall in love after a fatal crash leaving themselves scarred for life.
sidemen secret service  by sameoldgirl325
sidemen secret service by :)
you're wondering, what happened to the sidemen after YouTube shut down? you're about to find out
sidemen oneshots  by sameoldgirl325
sidemen oneshots by :)
hi :) please leave requests of any boyxboy ships you want i creates this instead of my other oneshots book because i wanted to star fresh
Miniminter Imagines by SchoolDramaQueen
Miniminter Imaginesby SDMN XIX
Short stories about the beautiful Simon Minter :)
My love (miniminter fanfic) *completed* by minterlove
My love (miniminter fanfic) * Minterlove
Sophie is a 19 year old working in Nandos, when a group of 7 guys come in one day does she feel an instant connection to one of them? And does it go swiftly for them?
My Fault by sidemenwho
My Faultby Saimaaa
How can a simple drive end into a fatal horror?