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20 First Kisses by angelsfalling16
20 First Kissesby angelsfalling16
After reading Carry On, I kept thinking of different ways/times that Simon and Baz could have had their first kiss, so I decided to start writing them down. Some of them...
(Snowbaz) Truth or dare✔️ by lonley_author
(Snowbaz) Truth or dare✔️by Lonely author
Simons and Baz are both drunk, and decided to go back to their dorm after a thrilling game of truth or dare that Baz didn't really want to be at. Thanks to @snowbaziswil...
My Selfish Desire by Usagi_finnian
My Selfish Desireby Nunya Fuggin Buisness
Baz and Simon are fifth years in this story. I've made sure to research as much as possible to hopefully make this accurate behavior and plot wise. *bows* Thank you for...
Breathless... by BazzyTheVampire
#4 𝕄𝕒𝕣𝕘𝕠 ❤︎
𝗦𝗶𝗺𝗼𝗻'𝘀 𝗣𝗢𝗩 He's simply looking at me. . And I'm drowning in those gray pools. His pupils visibly dilate. He leans into my touch, then surprisingly...
Sixth Year (Snowbaz) by countingmoles
Sixth Year (Snowbaz)by countingmoles
It's Simon and Baz's 6th year back at Watford. Last year Simon followed Baz around like a hound trying to prove he was a vampire. After a bloody incident one soccer trai...
Head Over Heels - A Simon and Baz fic by foursixten
Head Over Heels - A Simon and Hanna Harvey
Simon and Baz have lived through seven straight years of sharing a room and hating it. But this year that all might change. When they are paired together (against their...
Magicks, Simon and Baz (Snowbaz fic) by Avidwriter114
Magicks, Simon and Baz (Snowbaz Avidwriter114
A Collection of Simon and Baz arguments and kissing, and hopelessly wondering whether or not they are in love
Snowbaz One Shots by FluffySnowbaz
Snowbaz One Shotsby Camille🙃✌️
This is a compilation of Snowbaz oneshots that I've written. You'll figure out pretty quickly that it's about 96% fluff and cuddles. Thanks for reading!! :) ((none of th...
Sun Splashed Ink Wells (SnowBaz Soulmate AU) by Zivieistrans
Sun Splashed Ink Wells (SnowBaz Jambie
Simon Snow and Baz Grimm-Pitch attend Watford Univerity together. In this universe, much of the population have soulmates. Whatever your soulmate writes on themself will...
My Better Half (Sequel to My Cup of Tea) by bibliosoph
My Better Half (Sequel to My Cup bibliosoph
It's been a year since Simon and Baz broke up: a year of Simon Snow having to see pictures of Baz and Agatha in the papers as the happy power couple, a year of Baz Pitch...
Burn Bright by orgasmic_moss
Burn Brightby The Stranger
It's their sixth year at Watford and Simon has no idea what's happening to him. Everything is about Baz. And that's very bad because they're stuck in a room together aft...
Head Over Heels! // SnowBaz by VastDelusion
Head Over Heels! // SnowBazby Welcome to Depravity
It is the beginning of Baz's problems when Penny's roommate Trixie accidentally misfires a love spell at Simon. (Un)fortunately for Baz, Simon's feelings of love are di...
BITE - a snowbaz fanfiction by bmdaughterofwill
BITE - a snowbaz fanfictionby bmdaughterofwill
(Baz's pov) The Veil opens every twenty years, a barrier between the alive and dead. It's been one year since it last opened. So why is it opening now?
The Key to My Heart (Or to Baz's Diary) by Beezeena
The Key to My Heart (Or to Baz's Lauren
Simon finds Baz's diary after flipping their room upside down in a fit of rage. Except it's locked... Then Simon agrees to do a 'favour' for Baz. Simon didn't know it wo...
Carry On SnowBaz by StarsInYour_Heart
Carry On SnowBazby StarsInYour_Heart
Three stories about Simon, Baz and Penny taking place half a year later after the epilogue of Carry On... The first one is about their anniversary, the second one about...
All That We Are by hi-its-lefty
All That We Areby •Lefty•
Simon Snow and Basilton Grimm-Pitch; the self-proclaimed super villain that almost ate up all magic and the world's friendliest, least-bloodthirsty vampire. Together the...
Carry on , love .   Snowbaz oneshots ~ by BlankXOX
Carry on , love . Snowbaz Cam
Simon snow and Basilton Pitch . Enemies , friends , lovers . Same concept different words .
But Please Don't Bite (Simon and Baz Story) by SnowBaz
But Please Don't Bite (Simon and Hallie
Baz Pitch is out of Watford and now living with Simon Snow (again) and Penelope. Simon and Baz can finally express their love for each other, but Baz is having a tough...
Short Stories  by orgasmic_moss
Short Stories by The Stranger
Mostly Snowbaz oneshots and short stories because I'm a sucker for gay vampires. They're actually better than you might think.
I'm A Wreck // SnowBaz by CELESTIALSERO
I'm A Wreck // SnowBazby Adonis (he/him)
Baz dropped his head onto the edge of Simon's bed, next to Simon's limp hand. "I'd take all of your stupidity if it meant I could have you back." ~ Or, when G...