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•.•.•Imágenes de TomTord/ TordTom°•°•°  by _TellMeTommie_
•.•.•Imágenes de TomTord/ TordTom° viva lo ✨gay✨
Aquí podrás encontrar todo tipo de imagenes de este ship... AVISO:Algunas imágenes contendrán escenas hard, lemmon, sin, nsfw.... X(NO DENUNCIÉIS) Actualizaciones lo mas...
How It Is (Tomtord Ovi) by Colatum
How It Is (Tomtord Ovi)by Colatum
Ever since Tord started the monster experiments, Tom has been left with some...strange, side effects. Tord tells himself that he deals with this out of pity, not that he...
I'm so bored just enjoy little sinners ùwú also if you don't like sexual content then....leave.. ok enjoy! ^^
(●'ω`●) TordTom by MELTINGORGANS
(●'ω`●) TordTomby UWU DANI~
[ART IN COVER IS NOT MADE BY ME.] After Tord was unseen or heard of for a 8 years, he randomly appeared. Tord always had a thing for Tom so he went to go see Tom first...
TomxTord Smut!  by XJordanxXxTaylorX
TomxTord Smut! by Jordan Taylor
This is a smut/nsfw story between Tom and Tord. Also, all four of them are room mates because the whole ending of eddsworld never happend. (Btw dom Tord)
Dear Starboy {TomTord Neighbourhood AU, COMPLETE REUPLOAD} by theniceststrawberry
Dear Starboy {TomTord Read My Bio, Please!
tom is an introvert. a blank sheet. tord is an enigma. a mystery. what happens when the two become neighbours? pastel!tord x tom. disclaimer: this is not my fanfic, it...
Complete Again (TomTord Mpreg) by Colatum
Complete Again (TomTord Mpreg)by Colatum
Tord was wrong if he thought he was getting away scot-free with destroying Edd's home, Matt's looks, and his relationship with Tom. Little does he know that his nights w...
TomTord images {NSFW} by ItsGeek_420
TomTord images {NSFW}by Emee Girl
some are nsfw I'll warn ya thooo... okay more than some.. most of it
Eddsworld ~LEMONZ~ by Coffeethedietcoke
Eddsworld ~LEMONZ~by Hamburber
This book all contains smut. so shut up. if you dont like smut. dont read.
Tomtord sin "mine~" by tordthehamster
Tomtord sin "mine~"by tordthehamster
This is just a story I make up on the way and I have actually got a lot to right so yer 🤗 also 18+ be careful
Bastard - Eddsworld Tord X Reader (NSFW Lemon) by smuttyclown
Bastard - Eddsworld Tord X wave check
B-Bastard ~ • Eddsworld Tord X Reader • NSFW Lemon Smut Fanfic • Story Cover Not Mine ~
It's A War On Two Fronts (Crisis AU) by Future_Tom101
It's A War On Two Fronts (Crisis Official_Future_Tom
(Cover art not mine) <Contains 18+ Content> The story is based off of different perspectives of Edd, Matt, Tom, Tord, Paul, and Patryk. This book is about (Yes it'...
TomTord/TordTom oneshots by andywaslost
TomTord/TordTom oneshotsby Andy
Just a bunch of short stories about Tom and Tord being gay af because that's what y'all came here for. The first chapters are really old. Please, be aware of that, it's...
my alpha boyfriend (tomtord omegaverse story) by hi_im_tam
my alpha boyfriend (tomtord tam
this is a tomtord omegaverse story so if you dont like it i dont care
Tomtord pictures  by im_here_for_tomtord
Tomtord pictures by Thissmollgaybeen
Hi..? I'll only put up tomtord and other ship pictures so my phone doesn't kill itself because I dont have enough space. Tell me if you wante to write some stories and y...
Tomtord(And Eddmatt) sin/smut oneshots by tomtordshizz
Tomtord(And Eddmatt) sin/smut tomtordshizz
This is a series of Tomtord lemon oneshots, so expect a lot of dirty shizz from this. There will also be Eddmatt and Tamtori so you can have a bit more to choose from.👌...
Eddsworld smutshot by haimdepressed
Eddsworld smutshotby Ded_r_us
This is a smut book if you want angst then go to my angles don't always have wings and halo book so yeah
Tordedd Oneshots- Smut, lemon, angst, and fluff by Fandom__Trash102
Tordedd Oneshots- Smut, lemon, Fandom__Trash102
I honestly don't really know what this is, really just me making my weird dreams come true I guess-and writing any ideas down that come to mind soooo-( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)