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Smile X Male Wolf Reader (Discontinued: lack of interest) by chachisworks
Smile X Male Wolf Reader ( ☾Ḻℐ✞ ☾Ḻℐ✞ ☾Ḻℐ✞
Basically, (m/n) is out in the woods, he's a wild wolf, he loves to explore, when he accidentally stumbles upon the mansion of a certain faceless pale white freak, and c...
Dork - Smile Dog x Reader by XReader2001
Dork - Smile Dog x Readerby XReader2001
He's A Dork ...But....He's My Dork
My Creepypasta OC: Myth's Story by May5696
My Creepypasta OC: Myth's Storyby FFXVQueen
The 3rd of 4 mini stories. If you haven't already, please check out the first two. I do not own any of the Creepypasta characters except my OC.
Dumb Dog, Clever Cat (Smile X Grinny) by addictTrash
Dumb Dog, Clever Cat (Smile X Trash.
a dog named Smile and a cat named Grinny hate each other but then they get closer and closer and become friends,or more than freinds?~
{Editing} Creepypasta Boyfriend / Girlfriend Scenario & Head Cannons by Miss_Dead_Inside
{Editing} Creepypasta Miss_Dead_Inside
This Is a Boyfriend and Girlfriend Scenario Fanic For Creepypasta! So far the Creepypasta's In it are • Jeff the killer • Ben Drowned • Eyeless Jack • Laughing Jack •...
Creepypasta x reader by Emsiwut
Creepypasta x readerby Emsiwut
"How the hell did my life turn in to this mess???" Basically when you're immortal, life is shit.
Masky X Reader X Ticci  Toby - Fanfic -Creepy Pasta - by -TicTocTic-
Masky X Reader X Ticci Toby - Ayato Mars
(Y/N) lives with An Abusive mother, A Druggy Father, A Dead Brother and A Scared Little sister. One day Your Family Is Going on a Trip to A nearby Woods...You Feel as if...
The Secret That Changed My Life (Creepypasta x Shapeshifter) <On Hold> by karmaschlid
The Secret That Changed My Life ( C.L.
(Y/N) is a 17 yr old girl, she gets abused by her adopted parents because (Y/N) is not 100% human. She is part wolf, demon and human, She can shape shift and has powers...
COMPANION (A Smile Dog Story) by UndyingInside914
COMPANION (A Smile Dog Story)by UndyingInside914
When Y/N is forced from her home, she meets a dog. A smiling dog. A dangerous dog. A bloodied dog. Yet, even though this creature is a nightmare on four leg...
Brother...? {Creepypasta x Male reader} by MsMentalPotato
Brother...? {Creepypasta x Male MsMentalPotato
Slenderman has three brothers correct? but what if there was another far younger than the four of them living somewhere around the world waiting for him like he promised...
expirement number 7792 (creepypasta) by karagirl_16
expirement number 7792 ( karagirl_16
Nikita was taken from her home when she was 4 and expiremented on. she has ears that resemble a cat and dog, a dogs tail, and angel wings. what is she? why was she made...
Smiledog X Dog!Reader: My New Beginning by ArtyWolfDeer
Smiledog X Dog!Reader: My New ArtyWolfDeer
"Get her!" The other dogs barked. Y/N ran out of the alleyway trying to get away from the three dogs chasing her she ran into another alleyway only to be trapp...
The Silver-Tailed {hiatus} by TheSilverNeko
The Silver-Tailed {hiatus}by Ms. Neko
I've always been alone, even since the beginning, I prowl these woods I have come to call home. Parents have become something I have no need for. Abandoned because of my...
Creepypasta x Werewolf Reader [DISCONTINUED][OLD][CRINGY] by Ria_10_24
Creepypasta x Werewolf Reader [ AU's Creator
WARNING: OLD!!! CRINGY!!! BAD GRAMMAR!!! In this book you are a girl that have some problems let's say. In one day you enter Slender forest and you do something that imp...
In The Dark ( Creepypasta x Reader ) by taotro
In The Dark ( Creepypasta x Sam
Knowing I burnt my house to ash? Living with that fact? That doesn't bother me. The punches and hits I receive? I couldn't care less. But this really fucking bothered me...
Remember me? (Jeff The Killer X Reader) by awerido_
Remember me? (Jeff The Killer X Nat
Y\n was 12 when she first saw him move in her neighborhood they became friends.but after the accident she left.she came back for him but soon found out he left. As he st...
I See Dead People by metalmankayden
I See Dead Peopleby Kade
You're roommates with a bunch of slashers (listed below), what else can I say? Not all slashers are included, just ones that are widely known with one exception. I don't...
Ask/Dare The Creepypastas by VikingMetalToby
Ask/Dare The Creepypastasby ⦻ Ritz / Toby ⦻
Oh god this book is so embarrassing it physically hurts .
Experiment| Hoodie x Reader by MMmmMM_FUNYYY_JOKE
Experiment| Hoodie x Readerby MMmmMM_FUNYYY_JOKE
(Y/N) (L/N) has finally gotten what she had always dreamed of, a family. But with every up, there is a down. Watch as she starts friendships (and maybe more) while being...