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Severus x reader one shots by sips___tea
Severus x reader one shotsby sips
A collection of one shots about Severus! Both fluff and lemons
Shots from the Life of Haikyuu Characters by Ruu_blue
Shots from the Life of Haikyuu Ruu
Hi :) You might've come here from my other four Haikyuu Scenarios books, or you might be new here. In either case, welcome! This book contains short snapshots from the l...
Mortified (Juuzou x Reader) by Katjaface
Mortified (Juuzou x Reader)by Katjaface
Book 1 of the Mo-ified series! A snap-shot style story of how the reader and Juuzou met, procreated and split.
My Diary by FeatherxClaw37
My Diaryby Alexis Peters
This will just be a diary of sorts. Is everything you read in this real or fake...? Well, it's up to you guys to decide that.
Snape x male reader  by hell_falls
Snape x male reader by Loki_crowley
Just a sweet story of snape and y/n. Very short but it was just a fun little thing to do
Travel Diaries by ShambhaviRavishankar
Travel Diariesby Rosetta_writes
Over the past year I have travelled extensively around the United Kingdom, and gone a little around Italy, Switzerland and the Netherlands. This is a collection of anecd...
The Things Inbetween Destiny (we were chaos) by Falling_to_oblivion
The Things Inbetween Destiny (we Falling-to-Oblivion
Five times Judar kisses Hakuryuu when he's crying (and one time Hakuryuu kisses him when he's not).
Were-Vamp Anthology  by Sushifry123
Were-Vamp Anthology by Sushifry123
Side stories that I conjured up. Most are prequels and different scenarios. Please read the first story in Mythical Families as well as Tail Spin. Warning, mild BL ficti...
Snapshot ✓ by arcticstars
Snapshot ✓by arcticstars
This woman could have been a spy, a duchess and the lover of a young cameraman all at once. She was a conjurer of a thousand stories, each unique to every observer; the...
Jopper Snapshots!!! by SiSiEna18
Jopper Snapshots!!!by Sienna Galvez
Hopper & Joyce - little moments of cuteness. As S3 gets closer I cannot HANDLE Jopper it is going to be the death of me!!
Snapshots, Glasses, And Coffee by Princely-Idiotic
Snapshots, Glasses, And Coffeeby Royal Idiot
/HIATUS/ ((OHSHC Fanfiction)) (Boy X Boy) "Care for a picture?" "Isn't that your job?" "I figured I should ask before I took one. To be polite...
The Orville Shorts by AuthorArnold10
The Orville Shortsby AuthorArnold10
A collection of short stories from the crew of the Orville. Mainly non-canon stories, but with canon characters. This story is finally completed! (C) Author Arnold 2017...
marauders: a summer photobook by monroevillessunsets
marauders: a summer photobookby aghhh
1978: the photobook from the summer after the marauders left school and went on a long holiday (small au: the war wasn't happening )
Jyn Erso One-Shots by Luna_Mille
Jyn Erso One-Shotsby Luna_Mille
Jyn Erso one-shots, snippets, drabbles, etc..Totally random, doesn't follow a specific timeline. DISCLAIMER: I do not own Star Wars or any of the characters.
Snapshots by pietsdottir
Snapshotsby DBWright
Do you have short stories and random snippets hanging around that you don't know what to do with? Yeah, me too. Snapshots is my personal repository for now. Read at your...
The Key of Life by AlysLaskey
The Key of Lifeby Alys Laskey
FEATURED STORY! Seven stories, seven lives, seven notes that can be played to create a melody. Neither major nor minor, but a little bit of both. This anthology feature...
Random tumblr imagines by sips___tea
Random tumblr imaginesby sips
I have started a tumblr account, sips---tea. On there I will be posting more writing. What ever I will write I will also post here so this book will be a mix of characte...
Won't you fall for me? by LiveTheMoments
Won't you fall for me?by LiveTheMoments
Drabble competition entry
Edited pics ^^ by YTCat123
Edited pics ^^by Mic the mentally deranged sim...
Some snapshots/edited pictures I made. Inspired by @Pixel_Aqua's snapshots (she doesn't have the book anymore bc her old account got deleted) You can expect mostly objec...