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Sofia the protected by Teacupme
Sofia the protectedby Teacupme
Sofia is run ragged with work she's a protector a student and the story keeper.So when her father makes an announcement that stresses her out further, her friends and fa...
Cedric The Sensational X Reader by Nightstar888
Cedric The Sensational X Readerby Night Star
Literally don't expect me to upload very many of these I write these for fun and my own personal entertainment because poor Cedric needs more love.
Sofia the first and Magic?! by Dragonflower670
Sofia the first and Magic?!by I💘ANIME Forever!
Ever wonder what it will be like with Sofia using magic ? Ever wonder who her father is and what to see who Princess Sofia truly is ? How would it be that she never got...
Sofia the First: Great Aunt-Venture by DaisyMontano
Sofia the First: Great Aunt-Ventureby Daisy Montano
It's time for the annual Flylight Pageant, but Sofia isn't interested in doing it anymore because all Amber, Ruby, and Jade want to do is decorate the coach like a bird'...
Nothing Comes Between Us (Prince James X Oc) |Sofia The First| by LLovelybab
Nothing Comes Between Us (Prince They call me Claire~
[Previously known as "The New Girl"] Princess Cassandra of Acanthus has recently been transferred to Highland Academy, a place where students go to after gradu...
Sofia the First: Ballet Date by DaisyMontano
Sofia the First: Ballet Dateby Daisy Montano
Sofia and Prince Hugo are really looking forward to seeing the ballet "Swan Lake"...until the ballet is cancelled at the last minute because half the cast is s...
Sofia and Amani by crazyforesttiger
Sofia and Amaniby StrangeArt
What if Sofia had a twin sister who was the opposite of Sofia, shy, timid and easily scared. Sofia and Amani were always with each other from thick and thin, but Amani h...
Love of a Sorcerer (Cedric X Reader Rewrite) by TheCreator900
Love of a Sorcerer (Cedric X TheCreator900
(Y/N) is the older sister of Princess Sofia. She is a hardworking girl from the village trying to work her way to become a sorceress. But when her mother married King Ro...
A Sofia Story by Dawnsky10
A Sofia Storyby Dawnsky
Years after Sofia's parents die, she steals the heart of Prince James. Can they make their unorthodox relationship work, or will they be pulled apart by their different...
Sofia the first Modern AU by Book_Lover_xo
Sofia the first Modern AUby Ella
I dont own Sofia the first this story is completely mine =). The group is together! all the friends of Royal prep but older. Something like 16/17 Find out there crazy a...
Mischief by OfficialBismuth
Mischiefby Bismuth
Prince James now being 20 And future king, Sofia now being 18 and still waiting for the right suitor, have always been close to each other for years and always cared for...
Royal Love [Prince Hugo X Reader] by in-media-res
Royal Love [Prince Hugo X Reader]by In Media Res
"I'd carry the skies on my back if that's what she wanted" "Would you be willing to lose everything" "Don't let your crown beat in the place of...
Cedric's Apprentice by DeathlyHallows2021
Cedric's Apprenticeby GlossyOceans
Freya Queen is a 10 year old witch who lived in Freezenburg before moving to Enchancia. She hated the royal family in Freezenburg and decided she hated the Enchancia roy...
Just for you (A Hugfia Fan fiction)  by Love_is_chocolate
Just for you (A Hugfia Fan 𝔸𝕒𝕕𝕙𝕪𝕒
The earth is originally a circle. Sometimes, we believe that past does matter for the future but it is not necessary that past always does matter. Here in this story, S...
The Queen and the Sorceress Princess by BuckeyeGirl2002
The Queen and the Sorceress Buckeyegirl2002
Princess Maddie, King Roland's younger sister, best Friend to Baleywick and wife to Cedric, and mother to Bella and Erik, friends to everyone except those who are mean t...
Sofia the First: It's a Royal Life by DaisyMontano
Sofia the First: It's a Royal Lifeby Daisy Montano
Sofia is getting older, and so are her friends and siblings. As her 13th birthday approaches, she wonders if anything would be any different had she never been a princes...
Sofia the First: Costume Catastrophe by DaisyMontano
Sofia the First: Costume Daisy Montano
The ice-dancing class is putting on "Aladdin", as usual, the students want Sofia and Prince Hugo as the leading characters. Sofia loves her costume design, but...
Sofia The First: Modern AU || Instagram Posts by asdfghjkl980503
Sofia The First: Modern AU || l
|| Ongoing || {Continuation of 'The Circle'} Have a lil' sneak peek into the RPA gang and their new friends' life as teenagers. A/N: You don't need to read 'The Circle'...
Oldest daughter of Encanchia  by kluby716
Oldest daughter of Encanchia by Crystalrose blue
Princess Crystal was the oldest daughter of King Roland the second and stepdaughter of Queen Miranda. And big sister to Princess Amber, Prince James, Princess Isabella...
Not so young anymore (Sofia x Hugo) by sweetlemom
Not so young anymore (Sofia x Hugo)by Yournewredcup
It's been a few years since Sofia has graduated RPA. She is now 16, and has finished her sophomore year at Ever Realm Acedemy.At having finished her sophomore year, Sofi...