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The Plan//solby✔ by solbyrules
The Plan//solby✔by solby.rules
The ultimate prank to win the prank war turns out to lead them closer then they expected, new feelings, revenge and love. Highest ranking 1 in solby
Brothers Bestfriend {Completed} by xplrrsolby
Brothers Bestfriend {Completed}by Solby 🖤
Sam moves to LA to be with his friends after he graduates and his brother introduces him to his bestfriend..
Prisoners | Solby ✔︎ by Colbaefan
Prisoners | Solby ✔︎by 𝐂 𝐎 𝐋 𝐁 𝐘
Book 1- A prisoner in a high guarded facility, Cole Brock, the most dangerous criminal yet, has the intention of wiping out those who are a bad influence to the world. H...
You're My Light by FanpageFanfiction101
You're My Lightby FanpageFanfiction101
*THE REAL ACTUAL BOOK* COMPLETED Sam Golbach has been friends with Colby Brock for six years. Soon someone finds out about Sam's secret. Will Sam's career and friendship...
~•softy•~  by Sleepingsolbycupid
~•softy•~ by Sleeping solby
Meet Sam the softy of the school who loves wearing girl clothes, he also only has girls for friend but never has anything with them.. is also in a girl gang called the s...
Devil's Den | Solby ✔︎ by Colbaefan
Devil's Den | Solby ✔︎by 𝐂 𝐎 𝐋 𝐁 𝐘
Book-1 of the 'Bad Guy' series - Sam Golbach is a boy living with a couple of close lads in a two story mansion. He was happy as he is and comfortable with his surroundi...
Downward Spiral | Solby by Bekka911
Downward Spiral | Solbyby Bekka
"If you didn't have your head shoved so far up Brennen's fucking ass, you would've known that Kat dumped me. So forgive me for not 'feeling' but I've been a little...
Darling {Completed} by xplrrsolby
Darling {Completed}by Solby 🖤
Sam's mom introduces Sam to her new boyfriend and they move in with him. when Sam meets his step brother, Colby, he tries to talk to him but Colby has other plans making...
Falling for the Teacher by mmopcookie
Falling for the Teacherby Peyton
When Sam falls for the new teacher in school.
Wrong Number (Solby FanFiction) by Unknown_Gemini_
Wrong Number (Solby FanFiction)by V
I liked this girl, I tried to get her number but she gave me the wrong one... So now I like this guy... His name is sam
Popularity VS Love-COMPLETED  by ashley_xplr
Popularity VS Love-COMPLETED by Daddy____lustx
Colby went to go chase his dreams leaving his boyfriend behind but what happens when he comes back for his last year in school..
Just Neighbours | Solby by gorgeousgolbachh
Just Neighbours | Solbyby ✖️
What happens when Sam Golbach moves next to the one and only Colby Brock?
SEX ED (Solby) [Discontinued for now]  by emmieherbst
SEX ED (Solby) [Discontinued for Emily Herbst
Colby is a high school teacher... thing is he isnt just a normal teacher he specializes in a certain subject that being... ...Sex ed Little does he know a certain stude...
Lambo Boy | Solby by gorgeousgolbachh
Lambo Boy | Solbyby ✖️
Rich schoolboy Sam Golbach is the most popular person in the school, and everybody wants to be him. So when his friends start bullying the nobody Colby Brock, things tak...
Friends W Benefits/Solby  by ashley_xplr
Friends W Benefits/Solby by Daddy____lustx
"Don't fall in love" - A smutty book I guess? - Colby Brock: the jock hottest guy in school everyone wants him Colby gets away with anything he gets what he wa...
Falling For Him // Solby✓ by skadooshnoodle
Falling For Him // Solby✓by Solby Golbrock ☺️
Sam and Colby have always been best friends; inseparable since nine-years-old. What happens when one of them develops feelings for the other? How will that affect their...
Perfect Storm [Completed] by solbylover1095
Perfect Storm [Completed]by Tori Ann
A prank goes wrong Completed 5.6.20
Real || Solby by You_will_never_know-
Real || Solbyby your best friend
Sam and Colby are youtubers. In pursuing this line of work, who knows how the line between reality and fiction will be blurred? COMPLETED! keeping it realistic so it's n...
ᴄᴏᴜʟᴅ ᴛʜɪꜱ ʙᴇ ᴜꜱ? //ˢᵒˡᵇʸ// ✔ by solbyskisses
ᴄᴏᴜʟᴅ ᴛʜɪꜱ ʙᴇ ᴜꜱ? //ˢᵒˡᵇʸ// ✔by bee <3
[completed]✔ Sam and Colby have been best friends for nearly 5 years. People have always joked around with them about them being in a relationship because of how close t...
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