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broken / solby by gorgeousgolbachh
broken / solbyby ✖️
"stop telling me you're fine."
The demons. #Solby by Kris2000KS
The demons. #Solbyby Kris2000KS
Sam gets a dream, about the Sallie house. Sam and Colby try to find out what it means. Jake and Corey tag along. What happens these couple of days are not what they were...
Static Electricity | Sam and Colby by Bekka911
Static Electricity | Sam and Colbyby Bekka
You can't break the rules and expect nothing to happen. It's all about balance. || COMPLETED ||
Prisoners | Solby ✔︎ by Colbaefan
Prisoners | Solby ✔︎by 𝐂 𝐎 𝐋 𝐁 𝐘
Book 1- A prisoner in a high guarded facility, Cole Brock, the most dangerous criminal yet, has the intention of wiping out those who are a bad influence to the world. H...
Save Me...SOLBY  by I_Was_Never_Here_123
Save Me...SOLBY by I_Was_Never_Here_123
Sam. The one who's happy and energetic always smiling. But what's happening behind closed doors?
School Trip - Solby<3 by love4xplr
School Trip - Solby<3by schuyler
Enemies to Lovers Solby!! 2 boys go on a School Trip together, who hated eachother from the start of highschool. What happens when they're assigned a hotel room together...
Jealously Lovely by LovableAvocado
Jealously Lovelyby strawberry 💎
Sam has heart eyes for Colby but Colby is dense and dumb and cant figure out Sam's obvious crush on him
Falling for the Teacher by mmopcookie
Falling for the Teacherby Peyton
When Sam falls for the new teacher in school.
Meet And Greet {Completed} by xplrrsolby
Meet And Greet {Completed}by Solby 🖤
Sam's best friend, Devyn gets tickets to go to a meet and greet all the way in LA and forces Sam to go.
Sam Golbach's Daughter by spooky_luc
Sam Golbach's Daughterby Lucy
*EDITED* (kinda) Hi, my name is Isabella Golbach and I'm 2 1/2 almost out of pull-ups! Also, my dad's name is Sam (Kat is not dating Sam in this). I live with my uncl...
Asylum by Renegade_Fox
Asylumby Renegade_Fox
Sam isnt crazy. His parents think he is so the sent him away. Thats when he meets a boy with a dark past.
 𝑂𝑝𝑝𝑜𝑠𝑖𝑡𝑒𝑠  by StormingSolby
𝑂𝑝𝑝𝑜𝑠𝑖𝑡𝑒𝑠 by StormingSolby
Heaven and hell, places that we've all heard of no matter who you are you have an opinion on them. Heaven, the place where all good things go, Hell, the place of torture...
Part Of The Band ||| Solby by J03y07
Part Of The Band ||| Solbyby J03y07
Sam is a small musician based in LA. He's a huge fan of JACKTHEBAND and has tickets to their show in San Diego. His whole world gets turned upside down as he sees three...
Just a little weird // solby by Naimgood666
Just a little weird // solbyby Dieing Slowly
Colby lives in a world where wildlings, hybrids, and humans exist, tho he has not met a wildling he has seen several hybrids. One day he's hanging with one of his best f...
~•softy•~  by Sleepingsolbycupid
~•softy•~ by Sleeping solby
Meet Sam the softy of the school who loves wearing girl clothes, he also only has girls for friend but never has anything with them.. is also in a girl gang called the s...
Meant To Be (UNDER EDITING) by LovableAvocado
Meant To Be (UNDER EDITING)by strawberry 💎
The symbol "✖️" is a destiny, two boys shall follow .
Weak ♡ Solby | ✔ by that_awkward-potato
Weak ♡ Solby | ✔by K💫
"Why are you doing this..?" "Because I like seeing you weak baby boy." ♡ Pg13
Haunted by RubyDemonGirl
Hauntedby RubyDemonGirl
Sam, Colby, Jake, Corey and Aaron always say that the night on the Queen Mary was one of their most terrifying moments. But what if that's not all that happened that nig...
Stepmom by AnaG997
Stepmomby Ana G
Colby was a happy young boy who enjoyed life. He thought his life was perfect until his beloved mother's tragic death. Colby's father soon remarried and ends up having...