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Bloom, a Flower Husbands Story Empires S1 by ives777
Bloom, a Flower Husbands Story ives
When Scott hurts his wing, a boy called Jimmy finds him and helps. However, Scott cannot get home, so Jimmy helps him recover. They learn a lot about each other, and the...
Your favorite sheriff  by HildurIngibjrg
Your favorite sheriff by Usedprinter:P
Hey I do not see enough of Jimmy x Joel fanfics (i am not shipping the real people I am only shipping The characters they roleplay in empires s2) so I decided to make on...
What Happened? Desert Duo by Seth189
What Happened? Desert Duoby Seth J. Robins
WARNING: This is the second fanfic I have ever written so it may be bad. This is a short story about the Desert Duo in Double Life. I left out some parts, but I got most...
Hidden Worlds (EmpiresSMP) by RubyBlueWrites
Hidden Worlds (EmpiresSMP)by Blue
"So show it to me," The people said their kind was gone, lost to the sands of time. Never to return. They said these magic-users were evil. They said all that...
What Are You?//Listener Jimmy au//Flower Husbands by The_Trans_Mushroom
What Are You?//Listener Jimmy Shroom K.
What happens when the people of Empires smp find out what the sheriff actually is? /////////////////////////// -This is in the process of being rewritten!!! -Completely...
Connected (mini stories) by Seth189
Connected (mini stories)by Seth J. Robins
(I post new chapters every Friday :) Ships I've done: Wither Husbands, Team Rancher, RenDoc, Boat Boys Ship I'm working on: Scarian All the stories will be the character...
Tokyo soul in Canada by XxAlex_petxX
Tokyo soul in Canadaby Alex
Scar transfers schools and meets the troublemakers that have ruled over the high school for 2 years, they had no mercy over any student there. The avian however saw some...
MCYT One-shots (Mostly Smajor / Scott) by AlphaWolf1_
MCYT One-shots (Mostly Smajor / Cosmara
Alrighty then, this is my second one-shots book, and I'll write with literally any MC YouTuber that I know decently well (Except for the Hermits, those go in my first bo...
Have you seen the Sheriff? by VladimirVampier
Have you seen the Sheriff?by VladimirVampier
The Sheriff of Tumble Town has gone missing! Can the others find their beloved Sheriff or did Jimmy manage to fall off the face of the earth? Aka, a lot of people go loo...
The Majors, Cold Fury (Book 2) by Rainyjoi2009
The Majors, Cold Fury (Book 2)by Rainy Joi
[Cover credits to @Allium687] "Scott- Stop!" Gem said in panic. Erin smashed the window in the room and jumped onto the windowsill. I took one last look at Gem...
Do him? (Scott x Jimmy) by Writer160
Do him? (Scott x Jimmy)by Creator
Scott is on the hunt for a Queen in order for him to take over Rivendell as King...Or so he was meant to be. He hadn't come out to his family yet, but it was too late fo...
We're Just Friends: A Boat Boys Fanfic by Seth189
We're Just Friends: A Boat Boys Seth J. Robins
We're just friends. We've been that way since we were 7. I don't know why everyone's so keen on shipping us together when we're nothing more than pals. Buddies. Frie...
Life Series one shots by DreSTizzally_
Life Series one shotsby DST
I need to stop making these oneshot books _____________ Started this book on 24/6/2023 - _____________ #8 in limitedlife (27/6/2023)
Neighbors- A Scarian Fanfic by Seth189
Neighbors- A Scarian Fanficby Seth J. Robins
Scar just moved to a new town. He met his neighbor, Grian. They go on all sorts of fun adventures and soon, school starts. Grian is normally bullied for looking feminine...
Solivagency - Empires SMP by daisy-mooon
Solivagency - Empires SMPby daisy-mooon
When an uncorrupted Xornoth woke up on the Mezalean shore line, they expected to get arrested or killed on sight. What they did not expect was for King Joel to drag them...
The Major's Cafe by Seth189
The Major's Cafeby Seth J. Robins
It has been one year since The Jazz Cafe was made...NEW FLOWER HUSBANDS CAFE AU WOOOOOO I'm so sorry :,) This story is going to be my classic 12 chapter so short and swe...
Never Meant To Be: yet another Scarian fic by Seth189
Never Meant To Be: yet another Seth J. Robins
Scar, a popular senior at his high school, has two very close friends. Mumbo and Martyn. They hang out a lot and they often crack themselves up. Mumbo is the nerd of the...
Canary in a Birdcage by JELLYbamboo4
Canary in a Birdcageby JELLYbamboo4
Flower Husbands. Small itty bit of Fruit Salad (Copper) Duo. --- "Owen what is this?" Scott asked, picking a Poppy from the floor. "Just a little surpris...
The Past Ahead - an Empires SMP AU by JohannaJaneUn
The Past Ahead - an Empires SMP AUby Cat Jana
It was the end of the world as they knew it. The Rapture was here. Gem only wanted to send everyone she cared about somewhere safe. Instead she had sent them all a thous...