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Empire 1 group messages  by Lemn_taTa
Empire 1 group messages by Lemón_tèa Tèa
empires 1 group chat random story line! (Note : there is swearing and inappropriate content) Also for any smut I do there will be this emojis 🌺❤🌺 I hope you enjoy
A poppy? What an ugly flower... by Lov3ly352
A poppy? What an ugly Hearts <3
..This is a flower husbands story! :)) the series this is in is empires s2! THE BOOKS FIRST CHAPTERS SUCK, ITS ALL TRASH (tbf i made chaps at like 1-3 am)
𝐅𝐎𝐑𝐆𝐎𝐓𝐓𝐄𝐍 𝐎𝐑𝐂𝐇𝐈𝐃𝐒. empires smp (in progress) by CASTIKLINE
❝ I can't save us ❞ in which the Foxling and the Codfather exchange trades, looks, and blue orchids in a world of war, death, and political all...
a bad idea to put the empires in highschool by crazy_pe3p
a bad idea to put the empires in Ori.Relish
[fWhip created group "Best class [E2]"] [fWhip added Jimmy Solidarity, Joel, Pixlriffs, and 8 other people] fWhip: HEYO ----- Or; A mostly-chatfic, partially-g...
Sleepover with The Sheriff~ by aaehikira
Sleepover with The Sheriff~by Kas >X]
Flowerhusbands, Jimmy and Scott have a sleepover!
Frozen Flower (Flower Husbands) by Raccoonboi66
Frozen Flower (Flower Husbands)by Raccoonboi66
Scott was flying around one winter day and all of a sudden someone shot Scott in the wings and he fell into a frozen lake... Will someone help him? Will he survive the f...
Why are you texting me? I'm stood next to you.~ ESMP S2 Highschool AU Chatfic by A_Fanfic_Queen
Why are you texting me? I'm Kiara :>
The title :) Is this original? No Do I care? Not particularly :D Also there's magic and stuff Woo :D Title suggested by @Allium687 :D
Empire S1 and S2 oneshots by aaehikira
Empire S1 and S2 oneshotsby Kas >X]
idk what to put in the Descoption so Hi. Also there will be ships
Empires Smp HighSchool & Cafe Au (cause why not sounds cool ) by JustSophNow
Empires Smp HighSchool & Cafe Au ( Soph
I was bored and my friend was bored so I pestered her into making this with me yeah soo here it is don't read this if your against these ships Shubble x Katherine Joey x...
The Enchanted Wisps Of War by HelixYeeter25
The Enchanted Wisps Of Warby dominique benitez
Lol hiu cool description right here
MCYT one-shots by Dinosaurs44
MCYT one-shotsby Dinosaur_Poppy
REQUESTS ARE OPEN RN This story will now be MCYT one-shots, that includes Hermitcraft; S9,New Life, Empires; S1+S2, and life series; Third, Last, Double, Limited. Cover...
FANGS [Afterlife SMP au] by PhantasmaCreeps
FANGS [Afterlife SMP au]by Phantasma
Just an Afterlife au with Scott but if his vampire origin could bite and infect people. You'll be getting some gore, probably no swear words. But yknow, a warning. Angst...
Neighbors- A Scarian Fanfic by Seth189
Neighbors- A Scarian Fanficby Seth J. Robins
Scar just moved to a new town. He met his neighbor, Grian. They go on all sorts of fun adventures and soon, school starts. Grian is normally bullied for looking feminine...
S1 empire smp highschool! Part 2 by aaehikira
S1 empire smp highschool! Part 2by Kas >X]
what the title says! this is Part 2- bc theirs a fucking page limit of 200 pages...
Connected (mini stories) by Seth189
Connected (mini stories)by Seth J. Robins
(I post new chapters every Friday :) Ships I've done: Wither Husbands, Team Rancher, RenDoc, Boat Boys Ship I'm working on: Scarian All the stories will be the character...
The Major's Cafe by Seth189
The Major's Cafeby Seth J. Robins
It has been one year since The Jazz Cafe was made...NEW FLOWER HUSBANDS CAFE AU WOOOOOO I'm so sorry :,) This story is going to be my classic 12 chapter so short and swe...
Hogwarts: A Flower Husbands Fanfic by Seth189
Hogwarts: A Flower Husbands Fanficby Seth J. Robins
Flower husbands but at Hogwarts. Just so you know Harry Potter isn't a thing. I mean, he's there but like his parents weren't killed and stuff. Dumbledore and Snape are...
Lovely War by pufferfishhhyy
Lovely Warby Pufferfish
This is just a scarian story I made cause I was bored. Also, there are not enough stories of the two, so yeah. This is a hero world based story where Grian, aka The Watc...
Nobody wins. (Hermitcraft x life series members au) by ImpulseSvisyes
Nobody wins. (Hermitcraft x life ImpulseSvIsyes
Medieval Fic with hermitcraft and life series members, Dont know where this will go or how good it will be, i have a rough idea of a story i want to tell and i will try...
Truth Or Dare by ThaMemelikesorcas
Truth Or Dareby œřçæ
Fgsvhyfsvfutsvjfys couldn't decide a damned name for the story also could not find who did the fanart of the cover so if anyone has a clue then please tell Yayy first bo...