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Fate's Chance by rabgafbanperiod
Fate's Chanceby rabgafbanperiod
A story in which a pop star by the name of Justin Bieber falls in love with a normal girl that happens to be different from society's definition of beautiful . Cliché r...
Seven Minutes in Heaven  by jorichansaw
Seven Minutes in Heaven by Rory 🏳️‍🌈
It was only supposed to be a game of seven minutes in heaven OR The one where Jade and Tori make out a lot All titles come from songs that may or may not correlate to th...
💎Our Starlight💎 (SU Homeworld x Siren reader) by sammytheskitty33
💎Our Starlight💎 (SU Homeworld Samantha Szyperski
you are but a young siren looking for something more excitement in your mundane life. luckily you get caught up in a certain event that'll give your life more than a lit...
Smart // Luke Hemmings by idekkhemmo
Smart // Luke Hemmingsby em v
"And in that moment, I found out Luke Hemmings is the perfect example of a bad boy." Daniela Gray's world is flipped upside down when she finds out her new nei...
Tom Holland  Imagines by Theflash2274
Tom Holland Imaginesby Aidan
Chapters are being edited I started this when I was in 7th grade, so I think it needs a little update. Imagines about that perfect guy Tom Holland. What could be better...
Draco Malfoy OneShots by Blackwing_Angel
Draco Malfoy OneShotsby Miss Fortune
Ever just want to lose yourself in the wonderful of Harry Potter and dream of dating the Slytherin Prince, Draco Malfoy? Take a look and you'll find just what you want. ...
NOBODY GETS ME by teddybearbad
NOBODY GETS MEby dryiahlavetteee
mikariajanae X mikey willaims NORMAL GIRL II REVAMPED FEBRUARY 2023 -
If Walls Could Talk // JAYTIM (HOPELESS FOOLS #1) by ashxtodd
If Walls Could Talk // JAYTIM ( Ash
Tim doesn't plan on talking with Jason when he goes to crime alley, because why on Earth would Red Hood be there, right? ("Stupid fucker" Tim thinks looking ba...
Sweet Hibiscus Tea- DNF by ClamlovesClouds
Sweet Hibiscus Tea- DNFby Clam
Inspired by the song Sweet Hibiscus Tea by Penelope Scott Cover by Lavenderfroggies on Wattpad and brewingstandboy on Twitter TW's for Abuse, Guns, Panic Attacks, Sweari...
HS One-Shots by Sunshadesnrainbowz
HS One-Shotsby Sunshadesnrainbowz
Yet another collection of Hailee Steinfeld x f!reader one shots. All inspired by songs. Recs accepted!
Lost Pieces (Kaylor) by Perfectglory
Lost Pieces (Kaylor)by Rachel Kathleen
"When you lose someone very special to you, you lose a piece of yourself." Taylor and Karlie were as happy as could be, dating for over three years, but when t...
déjà vu | park sunghoon by ursotubular
déjà vu | park sunghoonby — j
do you get deja vu when she's with you? a park sunghoon short fic.
°•Countryhumans x Readers•° oneshots by ahotdepressedmess
°•Countryhumans x Readers•° ❥︎𝑶𝒎𝒊
I kind of sat down a while ago and just started writing a few one shots as I write my other story, so I hope you guys enjoy these!
Blame it on The Alcohol by Corey_Writes_Stories
Blame it on The Alcoholby Demi 'Corey' Louise
A girl meets a mysterious and handsome young man at a night bar. He offers her a drink, and things start to pick up very quickly from there...
Boyfriend ( Song Inspired ) by Intoxicated_Love22
Boyfriend ( Song Inspired )by Sia <3
My bestfriend, soulmate. But I wanted more. "Yet you chose to go through hell and I followed you till my soul shattered." inspired by song: Boyfriend ( Dove Ca...
Eighteen » [lashton] √ by boomercal
Eighteen » [lashton] √by boomercal
Eighteen-year-old Luke is done putting up with his father and brothers so he takes his father's Corvette and credit card to track down Ashton Irwin. Who graduated a few...
Sebastian Stan Imagines by daddysebastian
Sebastian Stan Imaginesby seb
title says it all :) Sebastian Stan + roles he's played
The Outsiders: Cigarette Daydreams  by BlackRose779
The Outsiders: Cigarette Daydreams by BlackRose779
Babydoll Curtis hates herself. She isn't pretty, skinny, funny - not like her twin, Sodapop, is. At least in her mind she's not. All she wants is a bit of control, a bit...
Naraku Rewrites the Stars by numbladybug
Naraku Rewrites the Starsby numbladybug
A Naraku x Kagome fanfiction inspired by the song, Rewrite The Stars, written in short chapters. After letting go of her love for Inuyasha, Kagome keeps having strange e...
Love You Like The Movies by Smootchz72
Love You Like The Moviesby Smootchz72
Who said the road to true love can't be like the movies?😉❤️ Inspired by the song of Anthem Lights. This was supposedly a one shot but oh well😅 Please enjoy another AU...