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Freedom (Sonic Boom, Shadow x Reader) by Austere_Anxiety
Freedom (Sonic Boom, Shadow x Austere Anxiety
You ran away from your abusive parents the second authorities wouldn't throw you back to them, and are now homeless, but free. Shadow takes an interest in you for reason...
sonic boom | x reader ☁ by sonikusbea
sonic boom | x reader ☁by ʲⁱⁿˣˣ ˚ · . ʰᵉ/ʰᵉʳ
"Please let this be a normal vacation!" "With the crew? NO WAY!"
The Box - Sonadow Fanfiction by FicPerson
The Box - Sonadow Fanfictionby Nun Ya Bidness
Two hedgehogs get stuck and a series of rather interesting events unfold. I've done little sketches for my favorite moments in my chapters. More to come!
Sonadow: "I'm In Love with Faker" by red_chord
Sonadow: "I'm In Love with Faker"by Justine
I do not own Sonic Boom it belongs to SEGA. I also do not own the pictures I used or will use throughout this story. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •...
Treat You Better by ItzzWolfie
Treat You Betterby Wolfie
This takes place during and a bit after the episode 'Just A Guy' . After the people of Hedgehog Village kick Sonic out of the village for quote on quote being rude to th...
Fickle Hedgehog Village by RoseyDanes
Fickle Hedgehog Villageby Dana Rose
Following two dystopian adventures with Modern Shadow, Boom Sonic returns to his world to learn why Boom Shadow has been acting like such a jerk to everyone. Format: 3...
The Past He Tried to Leave Behind by Star_OfTheShow
The Past He Tried to Leave Behindby Fable
Sonic dug through a box of his old things. "Why are we selling our old stuff again Tails?" He asked as he pulled out some old sneakers "It's either this o...
Sonic X OC by AliciaClayborn
Sonic X OCby Alicia Clayborn
Saphier is Sonic's little sister. Join her in her adventure fighting eggman.
About The Past by ItzzWolfie
About The Pastby Wolfie
What happens when Eggman reveals Sonic and Shadow's past?
Sonuckles One Shots (ON HOLD) by SusieSpeed1348
Sonuckles One Shots (ON HOLD)by Shy Anime Girl
Short stories of my favorite Sonic ship.
You See Through Me by YaseminJen16
You See Through Meby YaseminJen16
Yasemin a new girl is a hedgehog who has lately been running from her past. Always wanting a change and a new start she finds herself in a village and ends up meeting th...
Deep Power by WishieAlice33
Deep Powerby Black Queen
Sonic felt like he was being pushed around in Hedgehog Village even his friends just like to scare him and laugh at him. But when they go too far on a stormy night thing...
1~sonics family: Till The End  by RoselyMR07
1~sonics family: Till The End by rose
Book 1-? In the sonic's family series Thank you @CogaPlush for the amazing cover! Legend has it that a queen had triplets, but regretfully had to give them up to protec...
The last two echidnas  by franikku
The last two echidnas by FRANI
(Sorry if photo looks squished) (This takes place in sonic boom.) Sonic and his gang are at the forest. Ember, the last girl echidna is climbing in the trees where she h...
Sonic boom x my OC by MalaikaTheHedgehog
Sonic boom x my OCby Malaika the hedgehog
(Cover is by me) When I move to Bygone Island to escape my regular life, I go on lots of adventures. But what happens when a cocky blue hedgehog catches my eye? PS: I a...
sonadow boom ask/truth or dare by 0813239002school
sonadow boom ask/truth or dareby PaigeTheHedgecat
this is my first I ever made in me whole entire life on wattpad anyway join me (paige/sonics sister and my oc) shadow and the other sonic crew where you ask questions or...
┌A Sᵗrᵤᵐ ᴼf ᴾᵅin╲╮ by Binnixx
┌A Sᵗrᵤᵐ ᴼf ᴾᵅin╲╮by Sai
{Sonic Boom Universe} 《Warning! Boy×Boy, swearing, violence, potential smut[Bottom Shadow], suicide\cutting, mentions of rape, and a bit of Manourge.》 ~ "You had yo...
Sonic Boom: Elements✔️ by Number1KB
Sonic Boom: Elements✔️by Number1KB
Sonic and his friends got contact with a comet. Now, they possess elemental powers and they need to learn to control it in the same time as hiding it from the villagers...
Boom!Sonadow : Not So Bad by MephyChan
Boom!Sonadow : Not So Badby Memphis
Sonic spotted Shadow outside of the village one day. Curious, he decided to follow him to see what is up with the dark hedgehog. After finding out the reason why Shadow...