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Wings of Fire: Darkness of the Light by ImaginationDrawings
Wings of Fire: Darkness of the Imagination
SpaceWings. The smartest dragons. The strongest dragons. Superior to all. That's what the elders taught her, and all young SpaceWings; and Infinity didn't have a doubt a...
Wings Of Space  by Axel_the_Axelotl
Wings Of Space by Axel_The_Axelotl
What if instead of wings of sky and instead of glory, webs brings in a space wing egg instead and will it be royal? or will it not be? how would it be, what will happen...
Fallen Stars by sighwingsoffire20203
Fallen Starsby Shadow Seeker
This is a story using fanon dragon tribes enjoy! (Cover credit to Canadianakin)
Wings Of Fire: The SpaceWing's Fate by karen121305
Wings Of Fire: The SpaceWing's Fateby karen121305
In space, there is another galaxy called Vexron. In that galaxy, there lives a new species of dragons named SpaceWing... Comos and Nebula find out about Pyrrhia, and dec...
Insanity Shadow Hunter by letstalkaboutish
Insanity Shadow Hunterby letstalkaboutish
This is a fanfiction about Infinity Shadow Hunter!! Note that it is mostly headcanon is is not strict to the universe of ISH. Infinity Shadow Hunter belongs to Uchū and...
Saturn Running ~ A WoF Fantribe Fanfiction by FrostTheSilkIceWing
Saturn Running ~ A WoF Fantribe 💜Echo💜
A new continent awaits with dangers... Saturn should have the perfect life. She was royalty, she lived in the palace, and had everything a dragon could want. But what if...