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8 Deadly Sin x Sparda (Fem Seven Deadly Sin x male reader Grandson of Sparda) by JoelGreenfield
8 Deadly Sin x Sparda (Fem Seven Wolfgamer9
(This is my first time writing this please don't judge me because I am little bad writer but I am try do best so enjoy it) Once at time, there are Legendary Dark knight...
Demon Hunter: Nero  by KnightRider_34
Demon Hunter: Nero by Rider
Izuku Yagi was born quirkless and was ignore by his father and mother. His sister along with the Todoroki Twins Bakugo Twins made his life miserable. One time they took...
YOUR LEGACY: Vol.1 (Male Reader) by DanggaM12
YOUR LEGACY: Vol.1 (Male Reader)by Manra
(this book is just a random CROSSOVER mainly DMCxHDXD...) You are YN Redgrave/Sparda, son of Legendary demon hunter, Dante, and the grandson of Sparda, this is your life...
how not to summon sparda (harem x male reader) by nines321
how not to summon sparda (harem tempest demon
diablo and sparda find themselves summoned to the world of cross reverie or so it looks like. follow our friends on their merry journey as they get girls and kill badies!
You Will Never Forget These Devils Power by Devdog756
You Will Never Forget These Devdog756
Izuku Midoriya, a young boy who dreamed of being a hero but he was constantly bullied and beaten by those who he saw as his friends. Those who still cared for him were h...
Sparda's reincarnation by lazy-dude1
Sparda's reincarnationby lazy-dude1
Follow the story of (Y/N) the reincarnation of the legendary sparda! In the world of bleach Bleach x malereader I don't own anything all the characters,videos,music,me...
Vergil x The world of furries (WARNING ⚠️: Very dumb :p) by HighTeirGod
Vergil x The world of furries ( Father of the Void
This story takes place after the events of Devil may cry 5 though not canon to the story more like a made up one haha. after Vergil, a son a sparda, defeated the enemie...
A Brokenhearted hero become a Dangerous Storm. by Dark_Project_09
A Brokenhearted hero become a The Lovely Person
Izuku midorya, the nine users of OFA, he succeeded in ending AFO, everything was peaceful,it's all over, the war of villains and heroes is all over even though his mento...
Devil May Cry: The Wild Hunt by TheAgent88
Devil May Cry: The Wild Huntby Expendable Asset
Set after the events of Devil May Cry 5, Dante mysteriously found himself in a world filled with magic, monsters, and political strife while an old primordial threat ree...
The sons of sparda at beacon (RWBY x Devil May Cry) Vol. 0 by Grays0n1928
The sons of sparda at beacon ( Grays0n1928
The sons of sparda have finally got over there differences and worked together to defeat Arkham but soon after they fought again and Dante was victorious and Vergil was...
"Let's rock, baby!" Male (Dante) Reader X Yang Xiao long - Part I by Jack-DD
"Let's rock, baby!" Male (Dante) Jack-DD
Waiting for something to happen, Yang finds a guy who knows how to party. Let's hope this ends with a yang. I also don't own RWBY or Devil May Cry
Living with Dante {Devil May Cry fanfic~} #1 by ZerlinaQuinn
Living with Dante {Devil May Cry Zerlina
This Dmc fanfic is dedicated to all fellow dmc fanfic writers out there! I want to thank you all for making such awesome stories about Dante and the Dmc characters, and...
Vergil boyfriend scenarios (Seme male reader) by IzayaB
Vergil boyfriend scenarios (Seme IzayaB
Is there really anything else to add here? :)
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✨Cuando estamos solo los dos✨❤💙 // spartor // by Vlentinaxd
✨Cuando estamos solo los dos✨❤💙 Vlentina!
Esta historia la narra Raptor, que se esta dando cuenta de que su hermoso, tierno, guapo y pervertido ''amigo'' intenta...... ¿¡seducirlo!? Inspiración en: Mi ardiente v...
Vergil's OneShots (DMC Fanfiction) by ZerlinaQuinn
Vergil's OneShots (DMC Fanfiction)by Zerlina
Back with more Devil May Cry fantasies! Vergil's limelight is here in Vergil's Oneshots, and this time, he comes in different forms and roles; demonic, non-demonic, adul...
I had it and I lost it {Dante Sparda Love Story} | ✔️ by pixiepopcandy
I had it and I lost it {Dante ᵖⁱˣⁱᵉ
Masumi Shinhoshi was just an normal girl, well, what you would call normal. An unpopular girl with a love for Devil May Cry, when events send her down a rabbit hole like...
Devil May Cry: Witch of Fortuna by comedyxtragedy
Devil May Cry: Witch of Fortunaby comedyxtragedy
One month had passed after the Qlipoth's incident. Vergil and Dante returned back to the human world. Their peaceful life disrupted by an unknown enemy who put Vergil in...
The Journey Continues: Devil May Cry 1 (Dante x reader) Book 2: Rewrite by chasy2804
The Journey Continues: Devil May chasy2804
I don't own the Devil May Cry it was made by Capcom, but this story takes place after Devil May Cry 3 but now you and Dante are a couple now and you two make a great tea...
Dante's Angel (s) {Dmc Fanfiction #2} by ZerlinaQuinn
Dante's Angel (s) {Dmc Zerlina
This is a sequel to The Best Devilish Mistake {Dmc Fanfiction}. It had already been five years since Vergil left his world of Limbo. It has been five years since he left...
If We Ever Meet Again {I Had It Sequel} | ✔️ by pixiepopcandy
If We Ever Meet Again {I Had It ᵖⁱˣⁱᵉ
Two years have passed since Masumi Shinhoshi, the Dimension Child, was seperated from her beloved Dante Sparda, the red clad demon hunter of Devil May Cry. Though when D...