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Spartan-190, The Metal Hero (Halo X The Rising Of The Shield Hero) by Alexnator_200
Spartan-190, The Metal Hero ( A-Taku297
The year is 2555, The UNSC continues its fight against the insurrection, Spartan-190 is sent alongside several other armed forces, and they successfully manage to comple...
Red Rose (Halo x RWBY) by Icky_the_clown
Red Rose (Halo x RWBY)by Icky_the_clown
what would you do if you were thrust into a war you had no part of? what would you do when everything and everyone you love is gone? will you falter? or will you rise? f...
Ezra betrayed(On Hiatus) by Hockeybullet
Ezra betrayed(On Hiatus)by Casear
After a miscommunication happens during a mission, the rebellion kicks Ezra out of the Rebellion. And stumbles upon the UNSC Infinity while being attacked his ship is bl...
Wonder Woman the Lost Son by djwerewolf666
Wonder Woman the Lost Sonby WerewolfDJ
Wonder Woman always wanted a child but not being in a relationship at the time she went back to Themyscira and asked her mother about making a child from clay. It works...
Spartan Effect by Dracula117
Spartan Effectby Dracula117
When Osiris rescued Blue team from Cortana, they failed to realize that Cortana had one last Spartan to rely on. A certain Lone Wolf.
Spartan 118                                                      (Halo Based) by Spartan_Steele
Spartan Spartan Steele 118
When the Aliens, the Covenant, invaded, it seemed as if Mankind had no hope. Then the Spartans came to the rescue. These genetically modified super soldiers, originally...
Rogue Spartan by AgentKansas632
Rogue Spartanby Agent Kansas632
When Blue Team is summoned in for a briefing on the Infinity, they come across a Spartan who seems to be acting with some sort of revenge scheme against the UNSC. Howeve...
The Reclamation (halo x rwby) by SpartanII25
The Reclamation (halo x rwby)by Spartan II commando
When the Janus key has been completed and the UNSC saw a Forerunner outpost that is far away from the Sol system. They sent the Infinity and her fleet along with the Arb...
Jaune Spartan by Jaunedice_Returns
Jaune Spartanby Jaunedice
When his Fake Transcripts were exposed everyone but a few turned against him having had enough of the constant abuse and hate Jaune flung himself into Emerald Forest to...
The Ocean Arrow by milkyxrose
The Ocean Arrowby rose
When Percy, his mom, and step-dad go to Star City for his mom's author expo, Percy meets the Green Arrow when a monster attacks the city. But they capture Percy, thinkin...
Spartans never die (Male Reader x Halo Harem) by Snowballgamerz
Spartans never die (Male Reader Snowballgamzzz SBGZ
After being a lone wolf you end up joining the noble team as their new noble 6. This story is based through out the timeline of the halo universe. This is an alternative...
When Destiny Burns, Ep. 1: A Halo and Inheritance Cycle Crossover by 4maram
When Destiny Burns, Ep. 1: A Idhun's Durmgrist Feldûnost
After an UNSC fleet fell prey to an ancient Forerunner scheme, a lone Spartan is left stranded in a world that he doesn't understand. He gets himself inadvertently bonde...
Spartans never die (Zootopia Judy & Nick x Male Nobel 6 reader) by Winter0Phoenix
Spartans never die (Zootopia Winter Phoenix
You watched your teammates die one by one. You were not ready to die after being called 'The Ghost of Reach' and raising Hell on Reach; the planet was being glassed as y...
Halo: The Traitor by tinystores
Halo: The Traitorby TinyStoties
Have you ever been backstabbed? Betrayed? Maybe even left for dead? Well meet Y/n, a top ranking ex spartin. Just under master chief, he always did what he was told with...
Attack on Titan:Kaiju vs Titans by Zilla2000
Attack on Titan:Kaiju vs Titansby WV
For hundreds of years humanity thought that the titans were the top of the food chain but they were wrong now there are something that are more bigger,faster, stronger,s...
Shipwreck To Soulmates-Thea Queen by saralancesbae
Shipwreck To Soulmates-Thea Queenby JJ
What if I told you that Oliver Queen had someone else on the island with him? His rock. The only person that was with him the entire time. Someone he would dare to call...
Hyperspace Anomaly by SubjectAC10
Hyperspace Anomalyby SubjectAC10
Halfway into the Clone Wars Jedi master Obi-wan is taking back Ryloth from the Separatist droid army. The General gets notified of an object coming out of hyperspace and...
Rwby: Spartans never die by Miana-Light
Rwby: Spartans never dieby Miana-Light
Jaune Arc gets expelled from Beacon Academy as he sits down in the courtyard. An Atlas scientist approaches him and gives him a second chance at being a hero he is inte...
Matt-038 (Halo Fanfiction) by Mattchew07
Matt-038 (Halo Fanfiction)by Matthew Leong
Spartans never die... They're just missing in action. These are the infamous words said about Spartan II supersoldiers. The Spartans are the last hope to stop the alien...
The Spartan Freelancer  by SpartanII25
The Spartan Freelancer by Spartan II commando
This is a story about the Freelancer project in the rvb that was part of many dark deeds. Only some people were suspected about the project. So the UNSC chain of command...