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Young Worker Yellow by ileftawhileagohiiiii
Young Worker Yellowby lee
Yellow worked many different jobs back when black and white TV was rising in popularity. She's been wanting to repay him ever since, and may have even developed a small...
Hanazaki Flowers [Specialshipping] by -A-N-E-M-I-X
Hanazaki Flowers [Specialshipping]by Anix ✨ Xiao’s Wife ✨
Hanazaki disease: a disease where flowers start growing inside a person's lungs, the person coughs up the petals with blood. This happens when a person likes someone but...
Love In The Darkside (Pokespe) by Nightels_Scarlett
Love In The Darkside (Pokespe)by TryHardPrincess
Yellow finally get the courage to confess to Red. But why did he reject? The question lingers to the heartbroken blonde as Blue came to investigate the situation. Later...
Pokemon Oneshots by annaa-xx
Pokemon Oneshotsby anna
Oneshots from the game, anime, and manga. Posted every Tuesday and Thursday. *artwork and characters are not mine!
Poké Oneshots [Requests Temporarily Closed] by dragneel4life
Poké Oneshots [Requests Temporaril...by Dagger
This is a small collection of oneshots that I either wrote for myself, or other people have requested. Requests are my top priority, so when you request, that comes imme...
No Return (The Return Series) by Ceasless_Void
No Return (The Return Series)by Void
Book 1 Ash Ketchum had supposedly died in that Forest Fire created by the Boss of Team Rocket Giovanni after being betrayed by the ones closest to him. But to the older...
Pokemon Shipping by florafastbunny
Pokemon Shippingby florafastbunny
My first fanfic in the history of my life. This will be a book with shiping storoes from Pokemon, mostly the manga. Enjoy!
My Wayby α & Ω
What if Ash Ketchum was never meant to be a Normal Child? What if he was never meant to be born for Greatness? What If he was nothing but made out of a Mistake? Will he...
Nowhere to Hide by Aidanlmao
Nowhere to Hideby Aidan
Ash Ketchum, former Champion of the Alola region, disappears without a trace. He knows he needs to do better. Three years later, The Pokemon World Tournament is about to...
Pokémon Leaf Chronicles by Bossun24
Pokémon Leaf Chroniclesby Bossun
"My name is Leaf, my story has not always been about changing the world of Pokémon. It has always been my dream to be a great Pokémon Trainer someday. Little did I...
pokespe academy by entryninetynine
pokespe academyby the silver bullet
Yellow just enrolled into a school quite literally larger than her hometown, how does she face her days after quickly being acquainted with the all so popular Blue Leaf...
The Secrets Of Aura by satosere16
The Secrets Of Auraby Zero Two
After the Kalos League, Ash learns about his past life and his powers. After,finding out he is linked with someone of his past. Strangely, he doesn't remember her and as...
Gold Reacts To Pokemon Ships (Discontinued) by PureHeartOfGold
Gold Reacts To Pokemon Ships (Disc...by Gold
The awesome Gold/Me will be reacting to shippings that you all send me. I'm no longer continuing this. Disclaimer: Pokemon nor the picture used in this story does not be...
Pokespe highschool ( IM BACK) (And now I'm gone for now) by srach0l
Pokespe highschool ( IM BACK) (And...by Toturka
I'm just saying if you're looking for sun, moon x or y there in the chapters further in the story. I'm doing heavy editing cuz my early story writing sucked! If I make m...
Pokespe Army by Crazycousins202
Pokespe Armyby Crazycousins202
For the past days I've been searching the internet for an army au.....and found exactly none.So i've decided to write one This is my first fanfiction, so it might suck...
Pokemon One shots *under editing*  by berrieblu
Pokemon One shots *under editing* by berrieblu
Pokemon Manga one shots!! I love Frantic, Oldrival, Mangaquest, and Special shipping! So get ready to see a lot of those one shots. If you want one done request one and...
Pokemon oneshots by poke_dbz_fangirl
Pokemon oneshotsby Bri
Non connecting Pokemon oneshots including several ships.
Storyjumpers (a pokespe fanfiction) by Kwikey
Storyjumpers (a pokespe fanfiction)by Kwikey
"It was originally made to test the dexholders athletic and mental level yet it has come to serve another purpose. To transport us to where we'll gather the ingredi...
Creace-woods island highschool (pokespe story) by srach0l
Creace-woods island highschool (po...by Toturka
Create-woods island highschool is the most known school in the Pokémon universe not to mention the most prestigious ever. It's takes a fortune to enter or a big brain, s...