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Ticking by Makiya_writes
Tickingby Makiya_writes
In the year 2032, America is facing a crisis. Due to waves of deadly pandemics, they're not enough people around to maintain society. Steps are taken to increase the bir...
The Mirror Mage | ONC2022 by elveloy
The Mirror Mage | ONC2022by L.V. Lloyd
LONGLISTED! Lucian Wentworth disappeared in 1819. Was he escaping a loveless marriage or was it something more sinister? No one believes the valet's story that his maste...
A Royal Secret by LeeleeKez
A Royal Secretby Lily Orevba
Forced to trade identities with a dead woman, Chara becomes entangled in a web of deception that would no doubt cost her her very life in the end. * Chara has lived all...
Road to Arcadia: the Path East by DreamerCail
Road to Arcadia: the Path Eastby Cailin
The adventures of Kai Gilling continue. Kai has finally hit his stride. He's found stability in his new ever-moving home by joining the R&R--an organization dedicated to...
To Love A Thief by LinaCage
To Love A Thiefby Lina Cage
Being a victim has never worked in Kenrick's favor until a thief returns what she stole from him. When she begs for forgiveness, Kenrick decides to end his desperation a...
Rose's Rush Hour. by rikaaraji468
Rose's Rush Hour.by rikaaraji468
Rose needs to find a date for Richard Town's Establishment Day as fast as one can say "Richard Barrington." She's got her eye on the cute but shy Callum, but i...
MOFM 13: The Heir of Crowns by Exequinne
MOFM 13: The Heir of Crownsby caeran
THE THIRTEENTH BOOK OF THE MEMOIRS OF MAYHEM NOVELLA SERIES April Sylkrana, the only daughter of the High Queen, believes she has to make things right. When a series of...
COF 6: The Last Oracle by Exequinne
COF 6: The Last Oracleby caeran
SIXTH BOOK OF THE CHRONICLES OF FANTASILIA SERIES She was lost. She was found. Now, she is determined to save those she loves. Xanthiene Vivenca, the bearer of the islan...
Forever the Same by Exequinne
Forever the Sameby caeran
The City is a place where everything resets after the lights have gone out: relationships, conversations, memories. Everything is inside an irreversible loop and no one...
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Beasts Of Brisvegas by LEGlazebrook
Beasts Of Brisvegasby LEGlazebrook
Our favourite werewolf has found his mate at last, but can he keep her safe? The Alliance of Shadow Hunters (ASH) plan to eliminate uncooperative shifters, using the sa...
COF 1: The Fairy Legacy by Exequinne
COF 1: The Fairy Legacyby caeran
FIRST BOOK OF THE CHRONICLES OF FANTASILIA SERIES An age-old rivalry. A tyrant queen. A battle that started the war. Xanthiene Vivenca's life drones on in a cycle of...
Piper: The Gods of Dansarun (TPM #1) by Exequinne
Piper: The Gods of Dansarun (TPM #...by caeran
OPEN NOVELLA CONTEST 2022 LONGLISTER FIRST BOOK OF THE PIPER OF MIRCHAEK TRILOGY When the walled city of the gods, Dansarun, opens its doors for trade, Xuijae's ruling c...
Manila Sunsets With You by Exequinne
Manila Sunsets With Youby caeran
YOUR NAME meets COLD SUMMER. Jerome Ceniza can see the past. He watches the history of ordinary people across various time periods like a silent, monochrome film over a...
COF 4: The Abject Throne by Exequinne
COF 4: The Abject Throneby caeran
FOURTH BOOK OF THE CHRONICLES OF FANTASILIA SERIES A stricken soul. A buried throne. A desperate quest. A choice rules them all. Xanthiene Vivenca, a fairy with a bounty...
COF 5: The Secret Race by Exequinne
COF 5: The Secret Raceby caeran
FIFTH BOOK OF THE CHRONICLES OF FANTASILIA SERIES An oppressed race. A fortress built in bloody history. A battle deciding who will live and who will die. Destinies unfo...
Truly Elemental: And Other Retro Faerie Tales by prose-punk
Truly Elemental: And Other Retro F...by robyn marie
Now A Wattpad Featured Story... A collection of short stories where faeries good, bad, and just plain scary roam a world of Rock-n-Roll and Marilyn Monroe. ♛ CONTENTS ♛...
COF Special: The Season of Wishes by Exequinne
COF Special: The Season of Wishesby caeran
HOLIDAY SPECIAL OF THE CHRONICLES OF FANTASILIA SERIES Xanthy celebrates her first Jered Hyngtis in Lanteglos but there may be some hijinks along the way for her to enjo...
Paradise by m00n_drunk
Paradiseby The World Divide
Book 1 of the Paradise Series. - 3019: The world was now advanced in all sorts of technology. They were stronger than any species known. And now, they began their explo...
The Clockmaker's Shadow | ONC 2021 | LGBT by elveloy
The Clockmaker's Shadow | ONC 2021...by L.V. Lloyd
(HONORABLE MENTION) Rik Sandro is a dimension traveller. Jumping from one version of the world to another was intriguing at first, until he discovered he can never go ho...
William, Mary, Devils And The Genesis  by lightmage1
William, Mary, Devils And The Gene...by TSal
『On going』 『Book 1 of Series』 "Remember, William...Genesis is beginning...we don't have time to regret, or cry.....wake up...stand up...Rise!" * The Genesis i...