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The Mirror Spirit (Date a Live X OC) by GerbelZ
The Mirror Spirit (Date a Live X O...by Wh00shy
Wake up, take a shower, go to work, go home, and repeat, that is the life of 25 year old hayashida nao, a man with simple dreams of advancing his career and eat deliciou...
Mistaken To Be A Spirit by AnRin05
Mistaken To Be A Spiritby AnRin05
"Somehow I'm in this situation right now......for whatever reason I'm in Date A Live universe... And not only that but they thought I'm a spirit..? And to make this...
Miserable Life in DAL by Albababa23
Miserable Life in DALby cracen 569
Ok, so a man died and then he transported into another world. [oc in the cover]
The Angel of Mercenaries: Date A Live x male reader by GASTLY42957
The Angel of Mercenaries: Date A L...by Rhogar
I've never been normal. I've always had spirit friends, the blu mercenaries. They've been like a family to me and no one knows about them. I've always had their respecti...
A fallen heart (Kurumi x depressed male reader) by Olvwattdrago
A fallen heart (Kurumi x depressed...by Oli Do
Y/N is a autistic and depressed child who just wants freedom and peace, but challenges ahead of him are waiting for him. This is the tale of a misunderstood and overlook...
Wild by Luna_aka_Blade
Wildby 𝔒𝔫𝔢𝔯𝔦𝔞
"Before you even think about looking at him, remember the beast behind him" He growled, "I won't hesitate to rip out your throat" ~ Min Yoongi, the o...
The Cruel Prince by Jan-Jan2000
The Cruel Princeby Hi!
Highest rank #1 in DarkFantasy Banye smiled. It was a kind of savoring smile admiring a prize. "Hello Fei, little human. It's been a long time." Her mouth drie...
SUBMIT by iwatooshi
SUBMITby vincere
If there was one legend shared in the Jujutsu community, it would be the legend of that one curse. That curse that sat above all in a time before the of King of Curses...
Shido Itsuka x Reader by mayigems
Shido Itsuka x Readerby 🤍⋆ ♕ 𝑀𝒶𝓎𝒾𝓏𝓊 ♕ ⋆🤍
Right after Mio Takamiya she's the strongest Spirit before Tohka Yatogami. How will she be 'saved'? #1 in shidoxreader :D #9 in datealive :D
Date A Live (the second flame spirit) by Lightningstorm12
Date A Live (the second flame spir...by Lightningstorm12
What if there was another spirit that was able to control the flames that roar, what if for the first time ever a male spirit was born? Own none of these pictures
The Third Word by queren_cia
The Third Wordby muskaan
A text that changed her life. __________________________________________________ Gwen Smith had a crush on Ethan, a very charming and kind guy from the classroom down th...
New Spirit: Date a Live by CathySweden
New Spirit: Date a Liveby CathySweden
When a extremely large spacequake created by a unidentified new spirit, It's up to Shido to find out who she is and seal her.
Devil May Love |  Niklaus Mikaelson by JarrodYouSuck
Devil May Love | Niklaus Mikaelsonby Ashtrology Towers
[Completed] "I could love the devil as long as that devil loves me as much as he loves Hell" Evangeline Salvatore returns to Mystic Falls to see her brothers...
Fine Print by ficklefirefly
Fine Printby ficklefirefly
Don't talk to strangers. That warning had never been more true, especially when Sang encounters an odd woman outside the closest gas station. Who would have known how qu...
The Spirit of Termination: (A Date A Live x Fate Grand Order Fanfic) by Elementorsl
The Spirit of Termination: (A Date...by Elementors
Across infinite timelines, one shows the result of an arrival to a world that leads to a chain of events that will change its fate and future. "A nobody, who had fa...
Master Grim Reaper Makes His Debut in Center Position by Suxuanhe2
Master Grim Reaper Makes His Debut...by Suxuanhe2
As an outstanding figure in the grim reaper industry, there were no souls under the heavens that Lu Xu could not collect. One day, he was given an undercover mission to...
Explorers by LillyPop43
Explorersby LillyPop43
Chloe Dane is known for her ghost hunting videos, but her life changes when she meets four boys on a night exploring
The True Alpha by HappyFairy13
The True Alphaby Cera
#15 in Werewolf on 3 September 2017 Bring this beautiful world of werewolves in our lives and then talk about power clash between cunning humans fueled with manipulation...
Her Flames (Zuko X Reader) by ThyatiraKaupa
Her Flames (Zuko X Reader)by ThyatiraKaupa
There is an old folklore about the Children of the Forest. They were mortal spirits who were the First Benders with the ability to travel freely to the spirit world and...
How To Live as the Vampire Lord by series_naver
How To Live as the Vampire Lordby SERIES
Vampire Eugene -- a sacrificial lamb slaughtered after half a year of running to fulfil the desires of a templar for fame. He was given a second chance at life after con...