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The New Horse ~slow updates~ by CharlieTheGummyBear
The New Horse ~slow updates~by CharlieTheGummyBear
~Spirit Riding Free~ When Misty one day decides to explore the peaceful town of Miradero that Spirit was so loyal to, she gets captured by some cowboys. Lucky, Abigail...
Lucky and the Annoying Cowgirl [Completed] by Jpksuper
Lucky and the Annoying Cowgirl [Co...by [Wild Wolf]
Suddenly, the wind stop blowing. . . I, Javier, and the PALs stopped our horses from galloping around. A greyish-white mare with a black mane, comes from the forest. Th...
Spirit riding free by storyreader901234
Spirit riding freeby storyreader901234
this is a story around Jim and Kates wedding, I changed the story a little
Grown up: Spirit Riding Free Fanfiction by ACNJisSloth
Grown up: Spirit Riding Free Fanfi...by ACNJisSloth
The pal's have been all over Europe cuase Grampa wanted Lucky to be a lovely experienced women. It ticked all the boxes: horse friendly, with space and teaches all the p...
Wild Love (Mixtli X Fem! Reader) by briannacountry
Wild Love (Mixtli X Fem! Reader)by Horsecountry14
Y/n lives with Lucky with her father and aunt. But she's not normal like the others, sure she rides bareback like Lukcy but it's different in some ways how she is. She's...
Familia by Juliasilvertounge
Familiaby Juliet
as Javier Bienvenidos and Fortuna Prescott prepare for the arrival of their very first baby,they become eager to find out wich kind of parents they're going to become
Lavier ~Young Love~ by DancyDiamond365
Lavier ~Young Love~by ✨Reki’s_OfficialFan✨
This story is a fan fiction on a show called, Spirit Riding Free! The kids are 14. This is a love story of Lucky and Javier.
AVALON , animated faceclaims by munsongirl
AVALON , animated faceclaimsby ♡´・ᴗ・`♡
where i give you animated face claims for your cartoon fan fictions :)
Spirit Riding Free: Rider Atlas by TenTex9
Spirit Riding Free: Rider Atlasby TenTex
A retelling of Spirit Riding Free with a fourth one in the Pal's group. The thing about Landon is that he is cold and hard to deal with some times. The thing is that Lan...
Spirit riding free Lucky x Oc by Sliver_Wolf15
Spirit riding free Lucky x Ocby Sliver_Wolf15
Aaron Gray is a 14 year old boy who love having Adventures with his friends Pru and Abigail but what happens when a new girl come to town and befriends a wild mustang fi...
Glitter force doki doki x Spirit riding free [Crossover] by MoonlightRiley
Glitter force doki doki x Spirit r...by Moonlit Stories
Mackenzie moves to Miradero. Maya gets mad and her parents lets her go to Miradero to see Mackenzie, But Ira, Marmo and Bel has some plans for the glitter force.
Agents Of The Multifandom by itscoreydumbass
Agents Of The Multifandomby Arson
~Rated PG 13~ Nicole Herrera was a regular teenager at Stonewall Highschool. Perfectly normal life right? WRONG! She soon discovers that her parents were kidnapped by Vo...
Spirit Riding Free Lucky and Javier's POV- After the new years kiss by Ari101_
Spirit Riding Free Lucky and Javie...by Jasmine Linguino
This book Is based on Spirit Riding Free. But there's more.....! ENJOY!!!!
Lucky and the Monster of the Dark woods by Lambsauce123
Lucky and the Monster of the Dark...by Oh no
On a normal night like any other the PALs are told of a legend about a winged monster that comes and takes livesrock, but its just a legend, Right? They will have to fin...
It Takes Spirit by SkullMuffinBake
It Takes Spiritby SkullMuffinBake
My story for my Spirit: Riding Free AU.