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Icebound Hearts  by pixwrites111
Icebound Hearts by pixwrites
When two rival hearts tangle themselves in one another, when push comes to shove and sacrifices have to be made, what will they choose? Lizzie Myers a Junior at Meadow r...
A Destined Love by peachywrites_
A Destined Loveby peachywrites_
"We got each other, that's all that matters." *** Aaliyah Ohakim has gone through the past 2 years of college being unnoticed and she plans to keep it that way...
Shutout | Complete by LuisaDituri
Shutout | Completeby Luisa
Book 1 in the Fenton Falcon Series When Ella Gillard finds her high school sweetheart across the country and in bed with another girl during her freshman year, she makes...
scoring you by NotMeWillow
scoring youby Willow
Hockey player Aiden Peters used to torment Alyssa Davis all throughout middle school because he hated her, right? It's Alyssa's first year of college, a place she told h...
Extra Credit | Complete by LuisaDituri
Extra Credit | Completeby Luisa
With senior year well underway, Cali's plan to get into Fenton University's elusive Masters of Nursing program is set into motion. The competition is stiff, but she has...
Tere Bina (A Tilak Varma Story) by puffiehuffie
Tere Bina (A Tilak Varma Story)by puffiehuffie
A rom-com inspired love story about the young MI star, Tilak Varma and someone who is off the limits for him.
Call it Love by NightTime_Storiexs
Call it Loveby NightTime_Storiexs
Emilia I was so sure I'd never see him again. Not that I didn't want to. But not that I did. After all, he was the one that bailed on me. The one who threw away all thos...
Starting Over  by _Elizabeth_D
Starting Over by Eliz_
BOOK ONE OF THE UNC SERIES: *Completed. Bonus Chapters are coming.* Taylor Lawson is a Lawson. Being a Lawson comes with responsibilities. For starters never trash the...
Burn by TamaraLush
Burnby TamaraLush
A SECOND CHANCE MAY BE TOO HOT TO HANDLE They say there are no second chances, and for Lily Onassis, ever since she walked away from Formula World driver Max Becker, she...
When We Write the Stars by Claire_Winters
When We Write the Starsby Claire Winters
College senior, Cassie Bennet has spent the past few years working as hard as possible to ensure she's able to fulfil her dream of becoming an astrophysicist. Now at the...
Full Strength by fallen_golden_rose
Full Strengthby fallen_golden_rose
Logan Kingston is convinced he's done playing hockey. After all, he's got about nine broken bones, from his pinky toe to his pelvis. He's trying so hard to rest and foll...
𝐈𝐍𝐅𝐑𝐔𝐍𝐀𝐌𝐈  ⸻ nelson neumann by -lovcroan
𝐈𝐍𝐅𝐑𝐔𝐍𝐀𝐌𝐈 ⸻ nelson 𝘳𝘰𝘢𝘯 ౨ৎ
❝ I WAS BLIND TO SEE, THAT YOU WERE RIGHT INFRUNAMI. ❞ It all started when Vienna Anderson just finished her basketball game and she noticed a big crowd watching a boys...
SOMEBODY THAT I USED TO KNOW ─ oliver wood by metalbenders
now and then i think about when we were together. © taryn → harry potter series → post-war AU SEQUEL TO "SOME KIND OF DISAST...
The Rivalry Remix by LKtejran
The Rivalry Remixby LKtejran
This is the story of Ms. Pari Khanna and Dr. Ayaan Gupta from "Crazy Permanent roommates." Their rivalry, their love, and The glitch in their Love stream. Wil...
The Playmaker by roo_1410
The Playmakerby roo_1410
Matsumoto Haruka returns to her hometown of Fujisawa seeking a fresh start. Little does she know that her love for basketball will lead her on an unexpected journey. She...
Ladders of Love by midnightmayhaps
Ladders of Loveby 🌠☀️
Shubman gill, to his horrors, has to attend one of the most elite universities in the country, after he earns a sports scholarship. Abhimanyu Singhania, on the other ha...
Clashing of the Captains  by Tog0709
Clashing of the Captains by Tog0709
Zoe's dedicated to softball. She's been in it since she moved to the U.S. Softball is her life and she's living out her dream playing for the University of Centeral Flor...
Forgetting Number Fourteen (V-Day Special) by hothatsweethis
Forgetting Number Fourteen ( Anoki (she/her)
After the adventurous few days that she's had, the last thing Yinah needs is the stupid jerk hockey player she met at a frat party to insist on giving her a chance. Yina...
Offside & Overlooked by PrimeTimeGacha
Offside & Overlookedby Prime Time Gacha
The late afternoon sun cast long shadows across the dusty field as Lila, a whirlwind of energy with legs that could outrun anyone, weaved through a maze of legs twice he...
Stolen Kisses by luciferandbella
Stolen Kissesby Calista Calloway
Vaughn Calderon, the former captain and player of Spanish Football Team and the heir to the Calderon Group,lives a life full of luxury and responsibility.He was announc...
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