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Pandemic Spy School by Diver101C
Pandemic Spy Schoolby Liv ♡
Ben was living peacefully in Florida with his parents, when suddenly Erica Hale shows up and gives him news that will change his life for the worse. Within days, Ben's l...
Spy School: Another Mole by vart103
Spy School: Another Moleby val *inactive*
Has Ben finally turned to the bad side? He says he hasn't but there's a video showing him and Murray Hill planting bombs in what looks like his old middle school. Can he...
Spy School: Zoe or Erica? by Dboy69420
Spy School: Zoe or Erica?by Dboy The First
-#1 in #spyschool- After an enemy organization kidnaps Zoe and Erica, Ben is forced to pay a ransom. Sadly, he only has enough money to spare one of them. Who will...
Spy School: City Crisis by justchloe_29
Spy School: City Crisisby chloe
Ben and his crew are sent to another mission, this time, in New York. But will the big city of dreams only bring danger to Ben, as they begin to try to thwart a new orga...
Spy School: In Antarctica by Speakamumbo
Spy School: In Antarcticaby Speakamumbo Gaming
Ben is captured by the new organization: SKORPION (the one Murray mentioned) They are offering him to join their organization like SPYDER did. If he refused the consequ...
Spy School Fail-Safe by PinkBooksMusic
Spy School Fail-Safeby Alexandra Hale
It's been a while since the gang was sent on a mission. With SPYDER gone, there's really no trouble in sight. Or so everyone thinks. All of a sudden, everything goes hor...
Spy School: At the Great Lakes by Hello1599
Spy School: At the Great Lakesby Hello1599
BEFORE YOU READ: If you haven't read Spy School: Revolution, I suggest you go read that before clicking on 'read'. Agent: Benjamin Ripley Objectives: Find out what Croat...
Spy School: Across the Seas by Speakamumbo
Spy School: Across the Seasby Speakamumbo Gaming
[THIS IS A SEQUEL] The story before this book is Spy School: In Antarctica Since Murray has finally turned into a good guy with the promise of money. He revealed to Ben...
The Good-For-Nothing Society | Completed by ErinTink
The Good-For-Nothing Society | Com...by Erin L Reags
When sixteen-year-old Amelia Warbur's father suddenly dies, her life is upheaved and her mum wastes no time in sending her off to boarding school. With a mysterious redh...
Turn Back Time by Imagin-ated
Turn Back Timeby Imagin-ated
Follow along as a competent Ben Ripley turns back the clock and travels to his pre-Spy School days after a tragedy with an unlikely culprit. (First Draft, so some sectio...
Spy School: Life After School by UnknownAuthor31
Spy School: Life After Schoolby Not Me
An entertaining twist on Stuart Gibbs' Spy School Series, placed after both Erica and Ben graduate from Spy School. This will involve lots of action and romance. Thanks...
Spy School - The Truth by Anonymous_Writer327
Spy School - The Truthby Anonymous_Writer327
After finding that Joshua is still alive, Ben and Erica are activated to investigate the remains of SPYDER who they assume are hiding out at Ben's old school, and what t...
Spy School: Danger is my Middle Name by Dboy69420
Spy School: Danger is my Middle Na...by Dboy The First
Sequel to Spy School: Zoe or Erica? Benjamin Ripley has defeated SPYDER, though, unbeknownst to him, the Croatoan have suddenly started going on a rampage, destroying...
Spy School - Reversed by Agent_Anonymousss
Spy School - Reversedby Gang's go BRRRR
Evil Spy School... WIth a twist. Ben has been kicked out of the Academy of Espionage, and has chanced upon the opportunity to join their rival organization, SPYDER. Ben...
Spy School Goes Rogue by Hornetsman21
Spy School Goes Rogueby HornetsMan
Ben finds out a plan to kill one of his friends, eliminating all threats to their evil plans. He tells his friends, to no avail. What will Ben do to save his friends? Th...
Spy School: On Ice (Fan-Made) by Your_Local_Demon13
Spy School: On Ice (Fan-Made)by Your_Local_Demon13
Benjamin Ripley and friends have a new mission, Operation Frosty Hare. Where they must do the following; 1. Head to Canada and infiltrate their hockey team & ice skating...
Spy school goes to Zoo by SGdiscord
Spy school goes to Zooby SGdiscord
Elite STOLE OUR ACCOUNT. TOOK OUR BOOKS, AND DOESN'T GIVE US ANY CREDIT. We used to have this account. Elite changed it. He didn't even create it. If you're going to rea...
Spy School: Upside down by TheEverlastingWriter
Spy School: Upside downby EverlastingWriter
What if Ben was the cold and competent one and Erica isn't cold and not as good at fighting as Ben? (Basically the first spy school book but upside down.)
Spy school, paradise city. by therightstuff1950
Spy school, paradise city.by Hi it's me.
Been a while hasn't it? What? like five months? Anyway, I haven't been gone or whatever, I've just been reading a ton of the other fanfics. Anyway, I've got a new chapte...
Spy School: Royal Flush (Fan-Made) by Your_Local_Demon13
Spy School: Royal Flush (Fan-Made)by Your_Local_Demon13
Inspired by Stuart Gibbs' Spy School series! Please check it out! A couple of things before you read! First, this fic takes place after Revolution and before At Sea, so...