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How Triple Threat first Began by sonadowlovers06
How Triple Threat first Beganby Sonic And Shadow
No one knows the origin of Triple Threat of how Scourge met Sanctum and Steel. This is how it all began. We all know Scourge was part of Suppression Squad.
Tangled by foxwendy1987
Tangledby Wendy The Fox
Beautiful princess Mina Mongoose has been locked away in a tower since she was captured as a baby by an old hag. Her magical long purple hair with blonde highlights has...
I wanna be your Marionette  by emmaks01
I wanna be your Marionette by emmaks01
After Sonic's unexpected and mysterious murder Shadow disconnected himself from everyone. He even quit his job at G.U.N! Rouge got tiered of him just sitting at home so...
Remember by Hedgeoctoling
Rememberby Hedgeoctoling
The year is 2206. It has been over 100 years since Sonic The Hedgehog, his siblings, and his cousins had sacrificed themselves to save the world, but Mobius still fell i...
Helluva Boss meets Anti Team SSS, Willow the Wolf and Shadow the Hedgehog by WillowtheWolf6
Helluva Boss meets Anti Team Willow the Wolf
Steel the Hedgehog, Sanctum the Hedgehog, Scourge the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog and Willow the Wolf. Has gotten sucked through a pentagram symbol on her and Shadow's...
The Villainous Ones (Slow Updates) by Hedgeoctoling
The Villainous Ones (Slow Updates)by Hedgeoctoling
Y/N was a teenage boy/girl when (s)he got accepted into a "club" that was actually an organization of some of the most dangerous villains in the universe. (S)h...
Sonic the hedgehog role-play by HoodieLover22
Sonic the hedgehog role-playby Eh hehehe hi.
Ignore the picture of my cat Simba he loves me. None of the characters belong to me except my oc
🍀Steel X Reader St. Patrick Special One Shot🍀 by Bliss-The-Hedgehog
🍀Steel X Reader St. Patrick ❄️Bliss❄️
You, Steel and Cream were at the beach when suddenly a mysterious bottle washed up on the beach. Cream found it and showed you. Inside was a map to the pot of gold. Cr...
creating anti-manic!! by creamcheese96
creating anti-manic!!by soniceer
hey guys! if you're seeing this, you're probably in love with manic the hedgehog, like me. OR, you simply like the show sonic underground and were curious of who anti ma...
Triple threat Role-play (open) by HoodieLover22
Triple threat Role-play (open)by Eh hehehe hi.
This is my old Role-play book. None of the characters belong to me, only my oc
Ask or Dare Sonic and friends by Yveltalgamer16
Ask or Dare Sonic and friendsby Kings and Queens
Starlight (Yveltalgamer16): "Heyo Everyone!!! *Waves* Welcome to my new Ask or Dare! Featuring Sonic and -*Gets cut off by Sonic*" Sonic: "And all of my f...
Heroes Always Rise by Hedgeoctoling
Heroes Always Riseby Hedgeoctoling
Everyone thought the war was over when over half of the resistance were captured including Sonic, Knuckels, Tails, Team Dark, the Chaotix, and several other mobians. The...
Hazards by Hedgeoctoling
Hazardsby Hedgeoctoling
What if Shadow, Silver, and Sonic weren't separated from their parents when they were little? What if they were raised by their parents and not by strangers? What if, be...