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Confessions  by avvs_stefanielle
Confessions by Aims
Stefania and Danielle are about to go on their hiatus after wrapping up season 4. Stefania is off to Brazil and Italy while Danielle is staying back in the US. Both real...
Meant to be  by Carinaxspampinato
Meant to be by Carinaxspampinato
A Fan fic into the lives and relationship of Danielle Savre and Stefania Spampinato.
Shining Our Lights (Until the Dark Comes) - Marina by shiningourlights
Shining Our Lights (Until the a
Firefighter Maya Bishop was just trying to enjoy a night out with her friends when she met the gorgeous Doctor Carina DeLuca. The two seem to hit it off, until Carina re...
Soulmates by stefaniellesoulmate
Soulmatesby stefaniellesoulmate
This is a story about Stefania Spampinato and Danielle Savre. It takes place in LA. It's the last two weeks of filming for Station 19. Stefania and Danielle are best f...
holidays  by that_weird_dyke
holidays by Mella
As Christmas approaches restrictions are getting worse and worse and Stefania finds herself stuck alone in LA, wishing she could go see her family. but maybe she'll find...
Troubled (Stefanielle) by ilysavre
Troubled (Stefanielle)by ilysavre
Stefanielle's story. Hope you will like it :)
Love and the mafia  by isabella_357
Love and the mafia by Isabella
She is Carina Deluca, Head of the Sicilian Mafia. A sensual and mysterious woman with a cold heart to hide her hard past and a little secret to look strong as the "...
The Love of My Life by margs369
The Love of My Lifeby Margs Hughes
Stefania Spampanito and Danielle Savre are costars and best friends. At one point, years ago, they were more. Will they be again? I've edited and changed this a litt...
Sensual one-shots  by szabolara19
Sensual one-shots by Lara
I have never imagined that more than four thousand people would read these random stories but thank you so much❤️ Also I respect Danielle's and Stefania's privacy and th...
13/Stefanielle by isleythorns
13/Stefanielleby harlivysummer
A love story between Danielle and Stefania. smut warning
First Sight by marina_vause
First Sightby marina_vause
Danielle moves to New York willing to start a new fresh life, without knowing anyone or where she was putting her self into.
What Really Happened by GeorgiaHart97
What Really Happenedby Georgia
What if this is true? What if this really happened? Stefanielle's chemistry was instant. We all know there's something else there. I respect Danielle's and Stefania's pr...
Close Friends. by ScarletBCE
Close ur mom
Two woman secretly in love, trying to keep it from the entire internet ------ (This is all for fun, plz don't take it seriously)
In her arms by greysgaes
In her armsby Lucca
Danielle has feelings for Stefania, but Stefania doesn't feel the same way. Or does she?
Stefanielle high school by iwritestuffloll
Stefanielle high schoolby iwritestuffloll
Stefania and Danielle two high school students become best friends who slowly fall into love with one another. All I am going to say(: Maybe smut 🤔
We Need a New Room Mate (Danielle Savre and Stefania Spampinato) by endlessuniverses
We Need a New Room Mate ( endlessuniverses
Danielle lives with her best friend Jaina in a beautiful, three bedroom house in Seattle. They used to live with another girl named Leah but she moved away. They were ce...
6,000 Miles (Station 19) by MattieAnatomy
6,000 Miles (Station 19)by MattieAnatomy
Carina DeLuca's little sister, Adelina, comes to visit after the death of their brother. Little does she know, their father said the 16 year old isn't allowed to come ba...
Falling for You (Stefanielle) by carinabishop
Falling for You (Stefanielle)by carinabishop
While in Seattle, Danielle meets a coworker who she will be working closely with in Italy. They immediately establish a bad relationship with one another and can't seem...
Lovesick: Marina One-shorts by MarinaStanForever
Lovesick: Marina One-shortsby Raksha
One-shots about the most amazing couple in the world - Marina (Maya and Carina from Station 19)! These two literally own my whole heart and it's a pleasure to be able to...
Love me like you do   by daniquev12344
Love me like you do by daniquev12344
Maya the new fire captain, is currently not happy. She thinks she destroyed the station family and everyone hates her. But what if she can change that? Carina on the ot...