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Moving Back In by RantingGingerGirl
Moving Back Inby RantingGingerGirl
Courtney is a 21-year-old girl who has decided to drop out of college and move back in with her dad and stepmom. Courtney can be very disrespectful and rebellious, but...
THE STEPMOTHER  (18+) by darkemmanuel
THE STEPMOTHER (18+)by darkemmanuel
The perfect wife A fairytale family Don't believe your eyes....
lesbian (one shot) by Denise_8365
lesbian (one shot)by samm
👩‍❤️‍👩🌈 gxg shot one
Broken From Birth | ✓ by missoctowriter
Broken From Birth | ✓by Avi 🗸
#1 in General Fiction in Readers' Choice Awards 2020 "She's been through hell & came out, an Angel. You didn't break her, darling. You don't own that kind of power...
First Gangbang With Stepmother by evelone1962
First Gangbang With Stepmotherby evelone1962
how it feels to find out how horny you can get fuckig your stepmom in team with other guys.. bet some of you already had the wish to fuck some older hot woman -- even it...
Meri Duniya by HrithikRoshanLover
Meri Duniyaby Oindrila Ghosh
Nandini has been married to Manik for 5 years, his kids call her Mumma, his parents dote on her like a daughter....but he refuses to see her as anything other a mother f...
Wildest Dreams  by ElocinWr1tes
Wildest Dreams by ElocinWrites
Asteria Hale is just your typical teenage girl she used to be adored and anyone can count on her, life was great until her father died because of a car accident everythi...
Princess Mariano returns  👑 by itsme897
Princess Mariano returns 👑by 🔪😈HEHE😈🔪
Ivy and Isaac Mariano are 16 year old twins, not only that but they are also the missing prince and princess of the Italian mafia. When they're abusive supposed parents...
Fake | Daughter of Demi fanfic | [ COMPLETED ] by RadicalBadical
Fake | Daughter of Demi fanfic | [ Jenna & Avia
Hi, Diaz Valderrama here, you may recognize my last name, my dad is Wilmer Valderrama. Hispanic, model, actor and etc. Married to Demi Lovato? Well now its Demi Lovato...
Upstead life  by iheartnoahbeck2008
Upstead life by iheartnoahbeck2008
Jay has a six year old son. Him and his baby mama (Jackie) got a divorce two years ago. But they coparent for their son, everything was fine but then Hailey came along...
The Bad Boy's Secret Love by annonn0
The Bad Boy's Secret Loveby annonn0
#4 in GangLeader 06/14/19 Zoey Eve Millar has been on her own growing up since she was 10. Her dad left her and her mom to get remarried to another women with a daughter...
Anayah's struggles  by __maamarh
Anayah's struggles by Rabi’ah Hannafi
Anayah; A beautiful,calm,religious and respectful Hausa~Fulani girl from a village named yarogel in mai'Adua a remote local government in katsina state. She is raised by...
Summer Fling (COMPLETE) by BellaSH13
Summer Fling (COMPLETE)by BellaSH
DISCLAIMER: I OWN NONE OF THE CHARACTERS! They all belong to Cassandra Clare Jace Is forced to go to one of his dads many Vacation houses. His dad's four season ranch. I...
The Possessed  Mermaid by CrystallSimone
The Possessed Mermaidby 𝒞𝓇𝓎𝓈𝓉𝒶𝓁 🥰
Ondine is a mermaid who is possessed by the darkness of her dead mother. She is sent away to the US given a new name, hair color, and even a new body. Ondine thinks I'll...
The Indefinite Choice by Mjsbales
The Indefinite Choiceby Mj Bales
Emma Rain Swan. Notorious. Rebel. Teenager. That's what most people thought of her. She needs somebody that can control her. So in the midst of teenage crisis, she was s...
When The Right Time Comes by Hussainatouh
When The Right Time Comesby Hussaina Shehu Shitu
"don't leave me please, remember you promised never to leave us. Please just stay for Ahad's sake please" I pleaded😧 "I'm sorry but I can't, your chan...
Brothers aren't real  by jay514888
Brothers aren't real by Jay O’Connor
Ainle is a young boy who moves to another house filled with hate:is mums boyfriends house. Unfortunately for him, he has 3 new brothers. Also unfortunate for him they al...
Dolce Farfalla by Ghostly755
Dolce Farfallaby Ghostly755
Robin Bianchi is a brilliant and confident woman. After being stolen from her family as a child. 17 years later she is brought back. She has never had a real family, ho...