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An Artificial Diamond - Steven Universe Reader Insert by almostBubbled
An Artificial Diamond - Steven Sienna
A human named Y/n had found herself in some trouble when she had strayed away from her adoptive parents. Lost and scared, she was lucky enough to stumble across a tall (...
Rising Tides (Human!lapidot) by Marcythewolf
Rising Tides (Human!lapidot)by Yard Sard™
Peridot, the unpopular highschool nerd just wants to get through her last year of school quietly. But apparently that's impossible because of a rebellious blue haired ac...
Steven And Nora Universe: Sister's Noise AU Part 1 by kaito_the_moron
Steven And Nora Universe: Sister' dead account
What if Rose gave birth to twins? What if Nora and Steven were siblings. Let's follow the adventures of these two children along with the crystal gems in their hometown...
Broken 💔 by GravityUniverse115
Broken 💔by GravityUniverse115
An alternate version of the episode Change your Mind. What would happen if Steven didn't make it back to his gem on time? Experience his journey with being separated fro...
Steven Universe Pink Diamond LIVES by LadyMusketeer435
Steven Universe Pink Diamond LIVESby Lord of Darkness
This is a story if Pink Diamond agrees with Rose that gems should do what they really want...and if Pink wasn't shattered.. NOTE: This is just a theroy! IF it turns out...
A Deal With The... Succubus?! by Mc_Shipper
A Deal With The... Succubus?!by Mc_Shipper
Steven, a young man who's enjoying his life to the fullest, one day, the knocking comes from his front door, but he comes to see it was a strange book on his front porch...
Stutter // Lars X Reader //  (Slow Updates) by OrianTrash
Stutter // Lars X Reader // ( Parent Unit Orian
(Y/N) (L/N) is a gem hybrid of some sorts. They aren't sure what they are. They have a human body, but for some reason a gem is placed on their left earlobe, and they ar...
Regrets/Home by happybelugawhales
Regrets/Homeby marenhere
Is this fandom still alive?? Idk, but here's this anyways: I FINALLY watched all of Steven Universe and was seriously disappointed with the lack of Lapidot in Steven Uni...
I Love You... (Steven x Connie) by meow0803
I Love You... (Steven x Connie)by Nobody Special
This story is about the love story of Steven Universe and Connie! It starts out with them being awkward and not dating yet until their relationship progresses. I've had...
Unexpected love(Garnet & Stevonnie) by AnastaciaDelgado
Unexpected love(Garnet & Stevonnie)by Simp_4_Hange
Steven and Connie have been fusing quite frequently now and Stevonnie had created a personality of her own. She's been spending more and more time with garnet. Will a ne...
(Connverse) Steven Universe: Bases [[LEMON]] by pixellite
(Connverse) Steven Universe: mam.
[On Hiatus] Steven is happy to have a best friend always by his side. However, he starts to have affectionate feelings he's afraid are possibly mutual. Rated M for sexua...
Stevonnie (Steven Universe) by Cakeface445
Stevonnie (Steven Universe)by Inactive
Connie was a normal, average human-Steven was a gem. They're different, aren't they? But that doesn't matter to Steven, It matters to Connie, who wishes she was a gem. C...
Steven Universe ( Stevonnie x male/female Reader) by CaitlinKQuartz
Steven Universe ( Stevonnie x Caitlin K. Quartz
This is a story to all fans of Stevonnie, the half gem fusion! This is kinda my first ever story cause I LOVE Stevonnie. Ya can't tell if Stevonnie is a girl or a boy...
I'll tell you-Lapidot Human AU [completed] by Froggo-Gin
I'll tell you-Lapidot Human AU [ CurryNuggets
Second Lapidot Book because why not? Have fun :3! (Warning) Suicide, bad language, depression and maybe some nsfw? Idk if that's important. Sorry for bad english. Cover...
{ Lapidot Human AU Story } "I love you no matter what" (COMPLETED) by Potato_Author
{ Lapidot Human AU Story } "I LAPIDOT IS BAE
{ Human AU } Peridot is a 15 years old girl and a nerd , smart and quiet and while shes going to a new school , she met a girl with blue eyes and a blue hair.. What wil...
Stay (Lapidot) by JSLeviathan
Stay (Lapidot)by Illuskrator
I was okay. I, the almighty Peridot Green, was okay. Until a little prank changed me. (Lapidot, College AU) [cover art does not belong to me] -Highest ranks (not consist...
The Son of Tears by Dragonfan20
The Son of Tearsby Dragonfan20
What if Blue led the rebellion? What if Steven was the son of Blue Diamond? How would the story change? How would HOMEWORLD react? Read to find out. *DISCLAIMER: I ONLY...
Steven Universe FanFic Obsidian by JamesBrodie25
Steven Universe FanFic Obsidianby James Brodie
UPDATED slightly due story plot issues. I do not own any of the characters in Steven Universe. Please do not copy any of the story. Copy right 2015. I do introduce char...
The Honest Truth [Pearlmethyst] by spookynitrum
The Honest Truth [Pearlmethyst]by banditinreverse
[Human au where all gems are human, other ships inculded are: Rubapphire, Lapidot, Gregrose, and Stevonnie.]
Love and Hate a Steven Universe x Connie fanfic by Steven_Universe01
Love and Hate a Steven Universe Steven Quartz Universe
Warning: This is my first ever fanfiction so relax and enjoy what you read also I do not own Steven Universe or any of the characters mentioned in this story so if you...