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An Artificial Diamond - Steven Universe Reader Insert by almostBubbled
An Artificial Diamond - Steven Sienna
A human named Y/n had found herself in some trouble when she had strayed away from her adoptive parents. Lost and scared, she was lucky enough to stumble across a tall (...
I'm Stevonnie by debisanacronym
I'm Stevonnieby Jay
When Steven and Connie start fusing more often and for longer periods of time they start having troubles staying undone. Could it just be a phase as pearl predicts, or w...
Steven Universe Pink Diamond LIVES by LadyMusketeer435
Steven Universe Pink Diamond LIVESby Lord of Darkness
This is a story if Pink Diamond agrees with Rose that gems should do what they really want...and if Pink wasn't shattered.. NOTE: This is just a theroy! IF it turns out...
Stevonnie's isue by diapered_weeb
Stevonnie's isueby diaperweeb
Steven and Connie fuse a bit to often and some strange side effects occur to them.
Unexpected love(Garnet & Stevonnie) by AnastaciaDelgado
Unexpected love(Garnet & Stevonnie)by Simp_4_Hange
Steven and Connie have been fusing quite frequently now and Stevonnie had created a personality of her own. She's been spending more and more time with garnet. Will a ne...
The Son of Tears by Dragonfan20
The Son of Tearsby Dragonfan20
What if Blue led the rebellion? What if Steven was the son of Blue Diamond? How would the story change? How would HOMEWORLD react? Read to find out. *DISCLAIMER: I ONLY...
Steven Universe Preferences (HIATUS)  by pussy-flavored-ramen
Steven Universe Preferences ( Sans Komaeda
Do you want to fight me about it. Because I'm ready to go right now. Just a big book of Steven Universe preferences. Due to the lack of Steven Universe x Reader fanfics...
Rising Tides (Human!lapidot) by Marcythewolf
Rising Tides (Human!lapidot)by Yard Sard™
Peridot, the unpopular highschool nerd just wants to get through her last year of school quietly. But apparently that's impossible because of a rebellious blue haired ac...
Stutter // Lars X Reader //  (Slow Updates) by OrianTrash
Stutter // Lars X Reader // ( Parent Unit Orian
(Y/N) (L/N) is a gem hybrid of some sorts. They aren't sure what they are. They have a human body, but for some reason a gem is placed on their left earlobe, and they ar...
(Connverse) Steven Universe: Bases [[LEMON]] by pixellite
(Connverse) Steven Universe: mam.
[On Hiatus] Steven is happy to have a best friend always by his side. However, he starts to have affectionate feelings he's afraid are possibly mutual. Rated M for sexua...
GF/SU/SVTFOE Crossover Fun by Pokemaster03
GF/SU/SVTFOE Crossover Funby That Fan Nerd
When 3 fandom's collide what do you get, this story. Will try to update as fast as I can. Major ships. Stevonnie and Starco. Thanks for the support from all who have rea...
Stay (Lapidot) by JSLeviathan
Stay (Lapidot)by Illuskrator
I was okay. I, the almighty Peridot Green, was okay. Until a little prank changed me. (Lapidot, College AU) [cover art does not belong to me] -Highest ranks (not consist...
Steven Universe Goes to School by Zoraxii
Steven Universe Goes to Schoolby Zoraxii
What'll happen when the new kid, Steven Universe, arrives at a drama-packed high school? The answer to that: a life changing experience.
Steven Universe Funny Pictures with Memes by Peri-Peridot
Steven Universe Funny Pictures Amethyst ThugLife
I'm bored so.. I thought I would make something like this. yup. contains funny pics XD try. hope you like it. enjoy
Because We Care~ A Stevonnie Fanfic by GoldenAla22
Because We Care~ A Stevonnie Fanficby just vibing
Steven and Connie were always close. They're best friends and, of course, best friends make promises. ....Best friends shouldn't break those promises.... And best friend...
Defenders of the Universe - SU/VLD (Adopted by jorge.Fuentes18) by halo20601
Defenders of the Universe - SU/ Halo20601
The Cluster has been bubbled, and Steven Universe has returned to Beach City; only to find himself thrown into another adventure with his friends and family, after agree...
Steven Universe  one shots (closed and discontinued) by ChaoticBlook
Steven Universe one shots ( ... ಠ_ಠ
What the title says :) I do not own ANY of the characters in Steven Universe, not the show. All belong to Rebecca Sugar.
Steven universe and the Lord of the rings  by ZW-7567
Steven universe and the Lord of ZW-5052
It's been three years since steven lift beach City, with the death and Homeworld at peace steven believes that things will countue to get better but little dose he know...
A summer to remember (A Steven universe/Gravity Falls crossover fic) by Hhhvcjckgbjj
A summer to remember (A Steven Hhhvcjckgbjj
(Also on A03 as UwU_I_Will_Murder_U) (Art by thetamroon lighting on Devian art, tell me if you want me to take your art down) Steven has always had bad luck; his mother...