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Baseball Bats and Sour Wolves by erind4
Baseball Bats and Sour Wolvesby Erin
Derek is cursed with some sort of spell, and for some reason only responds to Stiles as a result. He tries to attack everyone else, even his Alpha, he's also acting supe...
A Date Would have been a Nice Start by -that-one-ginger-
A Date Would have been a Nice Startby Ryn
Stiles is the last to know when Derek goes feral. He's also the first one Derek bites while he is.
He's not Tony he's my brother  by ClareAdland
He's not Tony he's my brother by Clare Adland
When your best friend becomes a werewolf it's harder to keep your brother a secret even if your brother is iron man an teen wolf and iron man cross over.
If These Ears Could Talk by Happyjuicyfruit
If These Ears Could Talkby Happyjuicyfruit
Stiles is hard of hearing, that doesn't stop him from running with wolves. Doesn't stop him from dating one either.
Lu-Pining for Your Purrr-Fection by SapphireGinger
Lu-Pining for Your Purrr-Fectionby SapphireGinger
Stiles has been turned into a cat. He is so very STILES still. It suits him so much he almost wants to stay like that. Well until he sees a red eyed wolf growling at him...
Momma, What's a Moon Crystal? [Sterek] [Short Story] by SepticGirliplier
Momma, What's a Moon Crystal? [ Hanna
"Momma, what's a Moon Crystal?" Talia smiled, picking up her five-year-old son, Derek, resting him on her lap. "Well, my little honey wolf; a Moon Crysta...
I Will Always Love You No Matter What(Sterek)(Age regression) by littlebabyboyuwu
I Will Always Love You No Matter Baby Boy
Stiles is a little, but nobody knows and he wants it to stay that way. He's in love with Derek, but things are starting to get complicated for Stiles when he suddenly h...
The Gods and The Supernatural TW/PJO (Strerek) [DISCONTINUED] by ferperez6257
The Gods and The Supernatural TW/ fernanda_shifts
Stiles has been keeping a secret from everyone in his life. He's hiding the supernatural world from Annabeth and his greek friends and he's hiding the greek world from S...
stronger than you think // Stiles Stilinski by supernaturalcrimes
stronger than you think // supernaturalcrimes
how much do people really know about Stiles Stilinski's life before he moved to beacon hills? When his mother died on the job, his dad got out of "the business"...
What Would You Do Without Me? // Teen Wolf by LoganCreates
What Would You Do Without Me? // Logan Lane
Finally, everything in Beacon Hills has settled down. Scott chose to leave his home in order to go to university but Stiles knows better than to do that, knows that Beac...
Unexpected Passions (Sterek)  by AlkiraMalik
Unexpected Passions (Sterek) by AlkiraMalik
"Look, I know you probably have very strong intentions right now of murdering me and hiding the body, but I would really appreciate it, if you didn't." No resp...
Phantom Heart [Teen Wolf // Sterek] ✓ by GalaxyCollector
Phantom Heart [Teen Wolf // GalaxyCollector
Stiles is the glue. They've known that for a while. But losing him means more than just falling apart. And picking up the pieces seems a hill too large, too monumental f...
Sterek One Shots by SepticGirliplier
Sterek One Shotsby Hanna
Does this really need an explanation? I DO NOT OWN TEEN WOLF! Thank you for reading! If you have any requests or ideas that you'd like me to write PM me and I'll work on...
Lamentable Allies - Sterek by idontusethis16
Lamentable Allies - Sterekby idontusethis16
Derek was very much straight. And Stiles was very much annoyed by Derek. How did these two end up together again? Jeff Davis owns all characters :-)
wrong person to rob  by nonexistent2244
wrong person to rob by will2liveisgone
stiles was an infamous criminal, he was incredibly good at reading people, hacking into anything he felt like, pickpocketing and breaking in without a trace. one day, w...
you need to tell him by Moonless24
you need to tell himby Moonless24
Stiles has been in a physical relationship with Derek for 5 months now. Ever since the day of his family's anniversary death, and since it was a full moon and Stiles was...
The Fox Kit (Sterek) by ShiryoReikon
The Fox Kit (Sterek)by Shiryo Reikon
a strange baby is left in Derek's care, how will Derek handle a baby when he can hardly handle himself, with a lot of help from one hyperactive teen and the rest of his...
'It's easy to fake a smile when you've been doing it for a while' [Sterek] by Dory36
'It's easy to fake a smile when Dory36
Stiles is like any other student, goes to school, does his homework and gets picked on for being a nerd. This all changes when the new kids arrive at school, now Stiles...
Sterek one shots by sterek1457
Sterek one shotsby sterek1457
One shots of the best couple ever! Sterek! Well all need more sterek in our lives!!! I don't own teen wolf or any other shows or songs I reference.
I Take It Back by MadiFilms
I Take It Backby Walking_Dead_Inside
Soulmate words appear on your skin at the exact time you were born on your 12th birthday. Stiles was born one minute before the day changed to night so he has to wait fo...