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9: The New Story  by KaylaKadeRose79
9: The New Story by KaylaKadeRose79
3, 4, 7 and 9 are finally living happily, as they try to found their new home. Though they soon bump into others like them and go to live with them. Four punks on the o...
9 (the movie) boyfriend scenarios by Sunflower_Skeletons
9 (the movie) boyfriend scenariosby Sunflower_Skeletons
This is my second book. I have made it because there aren't a lot of recognition for this movie, and I know there are others out there who love the movie. If you are rea...
Short 9 stories  by KaylaKadeRose79
Short 9 stories by KaylaKadeRose79
My Own made up 9 stories, enjoy em ^^ (all art in this will be by me!!)
[The Life of a Stitchpunk] -A 9 oneshot book by ScribbleBrain
[The Life of a Stitchpunk] -A 9 ScribbleBrain
Hello! this is a mostly a Oc one shot book but I will also be making reader insert chapters!! I also want to say that my updates won't be that consistent because I'm sti...
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9-Civililisation by AqualaRose
9-Civililisationby AqualaRose
The rain brought hope, and life..... This is my 9 AU about the last remaining humans and my OC minus so enjoy and please give feedback XXX Update: Future Neena here imm...
The Stitchpunk Demon And The Stitchpunk Angel  by KaylaKadeRose79
The Stitchpunk Demon And The KaylaKadeRose79
When 5 is dragged down to Hell and becomes the new King of Hell, it is up to 7 and 9 to save his soul and defeat Satan once and for all. But through all that, many many...
Random Oc's by Elite_Phoenix
Random Oc'sby Anduin/Lily
These are some of My oc's that are just gonna be Random for right now so ya XD
Nine and a Night Fury by DrankJellyv2
Nine and a Night Furyby Bisexual Varian
Basically some bland crossover between 9 and How to Train Your Dragon. Nine takes the place of Hiccup, shooting down and taming a night fury. There is also heavy romance...
Untitled 9 Thingy by CornDemon
Untitled 9 Thingyby CornDemon
literally the movie 9 except it has OCs in it. enjoy?
My 9 Fanfiction by HugsAndStitches
My 9 Fanfictionby Gaytan
This is mostly Oc paired with the characters in the movies and some Character and Character pairings.
Beast of the circus 9 au fanbook  by timekeeperoffical
Beast of the circus 9 au fanbook by Timekeeper cookie
In this au book the 9 crew stumbles upon a group of stitchpunks 15 the psychic 10 the beast 16 the jester 19 the actor And 12 the tightrope walker And 14 the leader
9- Lost Girl by KaylaKadeRose79
9- Lost Girlby KaylaKadeRose79
when 5 and 19s daughter is kidnapped, it is up to the two parents to find their baby girl. Though 15, their daughter, isn't found, till her 20th creation day.
9 oc info by DrankJellyv2
9 oc infoby Bisexual Varian
(I feel dirty uploading a story that actually isn't literature) A compilation of almost all my 9 ocs! Hopefully for future rp.