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Mr Possessive ✅ by amanjotkaur406
Mr Possessive ✅by Amanjot kaur aka A.J.K.
"Xavier, are you out of your mind? You can't hit anyone you want." I tried to pull him away from the guy. With his temper, he might send him to the hospital fo...
Paper Stars ✓ by westparks
Paper Stars ✓by billie jean
"i was thinkin' about yesterday, when you asked me why i stayed, with this, and i didn't answer you. i didn't answer you, because i don't know why i stay. nova?&quo...
Falling For The Jerk by bubbletheory
Falling For The Jerkby bubble theory
"Ahem ahem?" I heard some throats being cleared and I slowly fluttered my eyes open. There was a blurred vision until everything came into focus. Penny was sm...
To Die For| Loki Laufeyson| OLD by Marcela4325
To Die For| Loki Laufeyson| OLDby Marcela
"You are all I ever hoped for-all I ever wanted. You are to die for" The rambunctious princes of Asgard, Thor and Loki, grew to know love at a young age. A fal...
Illegal Kisses by summercalling
Illegal Kissesby B E C
Everything started with one stolen kiss. Now I'm not some Virgin Mary who has never had a boy kiss me, but this was Jacob Summers we're talking about. Jacob Summers may...
HeroSteve - Stolen Kiss by deathirize
HeroSteve - Stolen Kissby Emma
Art is mine, not much more to say... ... ... you know what? I do have more to say... you should read this... ... ok, that's all
Stranger's Kiss by i_am_jth
Stranger's Kissby i_am_jth
stolen kiss... stolen heart... stolen life?... "time's up Dale!!! i won't allow you to run away from me again! you're going with me... we still have our wedding to...
How to Seduce a Wizard by alecglitterbane
How to Seduce a Wizardby to be gay & alive
where everyone is not gay.
A Sour Love || Loki x Reader  by Mangoh_Geckoh
A Sour Love || Loki x Reader by Reese Wolfe
Life as a scrapper on Sakaar was easy. That is until you met the God of Mischief himself. Despite his trickery and cunning, it was you who captured and brought him to t...
Stolen Kisses // Gabriel Mathis Fanfic by AlishSully14
Stolen Kisses // Gabriel Mathis AlishSully14
Kara Winters is cold, and we can't do anything about it. She thought the word love was so simple yet held of grater value, but with what happened to her parents she does...
Stealing Mr. Crush's Kiss (Watty's 2015) by thefallenmist
Stealing Mr. Crush's Kiss (Watty' Skye
"Love is not about how many days, months or years you've been together. Love is about how much you love each other every day." Hazel thought that having a crus...
Who kissed me by AlvarieB
Who kissed meby AlvarieB
***COMPLETED*** A stolen kiss in the library leads to an interesting penalty game between five highschool seniors. Quick simple read to pass the time.
The Demonic Vampire by TwilightQueen27
The Demonic Vampireby TwilightQueen27
An evil creature who was willing to killed an innocent creature without any doubt. She's a heartless wicked creature. She's unstoppable, unbeatable and most powerful in...
Turning (On Hold) by picklerlovett
Turning (On Hold)by Kelly Lovett
Harper Linch is your typical good girl, sweet, smart, and kind. That is until she crosses paths with Caleb Burns, notorious bad boy. He's ruthless, merciless, and a hear...
Closing One Door To Open A New One by LeilinaToilolo
Closing One Door To Open A New Oneby Leilina Toilolo
Caroline Spencer was finally living her dream being married to Rick and they are just starting their life together as a happily newlywed couple but things start to chang...
Blindsided by Bangtang_baby
Blindsidedby Bangtangbaby
She's new. He's not. He's cool. She's not. Will this shy girl bring out the best in this bad boy, or will this bad boy bring out the worst in her. Blindsided by love...
Home.  by 10kfsryisxbktdg
Home. by MacKenzie
"Am coming home. " Three words, each for the year. He had been in prison for three years why you may ask, I guess nobody gets away with murder now do they? Es...