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stollen things || c. stoll by fanggq3
stollen things || c. stollby joie
i couldn't hold off any longer. "good gods, connor. it's because i love you. you've stollen my heart." i added, smiling a bit at my joke. he looked at me for a...
Travis Stoll and the gardener - Katie Gardner and the idiot by nailsnhairlove
Travis Stoll and the gardener - nailsnhairlove
Tratie fan fiction! Travis Stoll and Katie Gardner. This is probably going to be a super cheesy story, but everyone needs a little Tratie in their lives! Lol and I don't...
Betrayed by Olympus  by Conner_Travis_Stoll1
Betrayed by Olympus by Raid a candy shop
Betrayed. That is only one of the many thousands of feelings Perseus Jackson is feeling. His friends betrayed him and his evil brother Andrew, stole Annabeth. Percy is o...
Tratie by gem_in_the_arctic
Want to Know how Tratie started? Well You've come to the right Book! It all started will Chocolate bunnies... (Also some Conranda/Ciranda)
Perfect Timing: a tratie story by coffeeandnostalgia
Perfect Timing: a tratie storyby Kate Ansley
•completed story• Katie Gardner, daughter of Demeter, and Travis Stoll, son of Hermes, have an admittedly strange relationship dynamic. In the midst of years of bickerin...
The life of Travis and Katie: When hate turns to love ♥ by WiseGirlW
The life of Travis and Katie: Vendy Marie
Travis and his younger brother Connor have lived in Camp Half Blood ever since their mother died and the family they had left didn't want to care for the 2 little troubl...
UNLIKELY LOVE [tratie]  by neonblacck
UNLIKELY LOVE [tratie] by reader
This is the story of Katie Gardner daughter of Demeter and Travis Stoll son of Hermes. How their love grew and how they started out as enemies but ended up falling for e...
Percy Jackson. Chaos Army. by poisonapplecat
Percy Jackson. Chaos Elis Enney
Percy had been missing for 30 days. Perseus had been serving Chaos for 30 years. It was only inevitable he'd have to see his home again one day. DISCONTINUED LAST REAL...
If HOO had instagram: A sequel by ChellaPrice
If HOO had instagram: A sequelby Marchella Price
"Do you remember?" He asked me. A sad smile came upon my lips and I closed my eyes, breathing out the words as if they would be my last. Images of us made me w...
Tratie Days by randomsfandoms123
Tratie Daysby randoms
just tratie oneshots because I am bored I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS ONLY THE ONESHOTS!!!!!
Tratie One-Shots by friendly_elf
Tratie One-Shotsby friendly_elf
Yup. They should be canon. Well, here you go.
Just Happen, Tratie by ZezeeGoesBananas
Just Happen, Tratieby ZezeeGoesBananas
Travis Stoll and Katie Gardener, what an unlikely relationship. Who knows what will happen when Katie gives Travis a chance. I don't own any of these characters (except...
Coi's HOO minor characters stories by Cabinofimagines
Coi's HOO minor characters storiesby CabinofImagines
- this is a general master list for side characters, preferences, and headcanons!** Crossposted from Cabinofimagines on Tumblr!
My Sister got Me a Stoll: A Tratie Fanfic by Tratie_for_life
My Sister got Me a Stoll: A Val
WORD COUNT SO FAR: ~42,721 I never thought that my sister would have the guts to ask Conner out. But now that their dating, her one goal is to get me in a relationship...
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oh, you have no idea | dream team x pjo AU by mayoslol
oh, you have no idea | dream mayo
in which your favorite CCs happen to be hiding a very large secret from their fans and their closest friends mcyt x percy jackson mcyt x heroes of olympus *i do not ow...
Smile - Connor Stoll (PJO/HOO) by jessicahde
Smile - Connor Stoll (PJO/HOO)by raisingirl
This story is a (very) short romance with Connor Stoll that takes place during Heroes of Olympus. I had this story in mind for a few years and I just really wanted to wr...
Love and War- Tratie by emmyzeezee
Love and War- Tratieby emmyzeezee
Katie has always had a secret crush on Travis. Travis has always had a secret crush on Katie. So when Aphrodite interferes, will their love become more than just a cru...
Travis stoll x female reader oneshots by Phoenix3599w
Travis stoll x female reader Phoenix
Dont be afraid to comment and vote. Give me different prompts to do next :)
Heroes of Olympus x Reader by cosmicstxrks
Heroes of Olympus x Readerby kate:)
Characters from the Percy Jackson series! Discover new love, friendships, and even enemies!
Tratie PREGNANT?!? Discontinued by reading4eveR_08
Tratie PREGNANT?!? Discontinuedby reading4eveR_08
Tratie is together Katie is pregnant but not with Travis does Travis get over it and stay with Katie or do they break up and Katie becomes a single mom want to know go r...