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Bad Time Trios  x BNHA by D-day40
Bad Time Trios x BNHAby Jericho
Story Shift Chara experience the worst genocide run from the player.Thousands of run just to see what happens until 5000 runs the the timeline just glitched out and to a...
Undertale x male reader by RandomKid362
Undertale x male readerby Toad Yeager
So harem book of Charas and Frisks x male reader but real description is below this. The only one of his person in all universes is part of Undertale with an OP powers b...
💛violent love🖤 by SATOSHI-16
💛violent love🖤by SATOSHI-16
storyfell chara x male reader
A new place (fem storyshift chara x  male reader) by Notappel1948
A new place (fem storyshift NotApple1948
You are a different version of chara from storyshift. Your name is y/n but you go by shift you hate day you got transported to storyshift after your world was...
Hero Time Trio (Bad Time Trio X BNHA) (On Hold until I could think of an ending) by ShadowChaser936
Hero Time Trio (Bad Time Trio X Shadow Chaser
Bad Time Trio meets BNHA Disclaimer: I do not own BNHA, Or Undertale, or any of the AU or any of the pictures showed
A New Hope ( A Storyshift Chara x Male Reader ) by icehorse2007
A New Hope ( A Storyshift Chara Icehorse2007
Your a 15 year old boy who fell in the mount Ebott, wich is known to his many disapearences. In your journey you'll meet another human, and you could tell that you would...
The Virus by Nanovirus
The Virusby Nanovirus
This is my first story so sorry if the writing is bad Error was siting alone in the anit-void laying down doing nothing when suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his soul it...
All tales must come to an End (On Hiatus) by Meep_2222
All tales must come to an End ( Snas_Stories
This is the Remake Version of my First Book! Evil Male reader insert
Storyshift Chara x male reader 18+ (discontinued) by Todoroki_Writes
Storyshift Chara x male reader Shoto
This is my first story please don't hate 0w0
Playershift by Spasticon1
Playershiftby Spasticon
In a Storyshift worldline, someone new falls down a month before Frisk does. A human calling herself Player 2. Inspired by the Underplayer comic.
Male reader x female  AU Chara's by Throwawayaccount762
Male reader x female AU Chara'sby Throwawayaccount762
You the reader, travel the multiverse, along the way you meet many chara's and fall in love with some of them, but it won't be an easy journey, as ink tasked you with sa...
RedamancyTale (DustTale Frans and MultiShips) by Yennie-Fer
RedamancyTale (DustTale Frans Yennie-Fer
As Flowey had killed Asgore, Frisk was about to leave to the surface after sparing Flowey. She realized, that she could RESET to bring him back. An accident occurred. Fr...
The Determined Hashira (KNY x Storyshift) by ReikoX0
The Determined Hashira (KNY x Reiko
Chara Dreemurr from Storyshift, who was living her life within the human's routes. But because of the human's countless resets, two people's codes glitchted in a pacific...
Female EpicShift!Chara x male reader by Throwawayaccount762
Female EpicShift!Chara x male Throwawayaccount762
Just a short little EpicShift!chara x reader I'm not good at descriptions sorry 0: Cover art made by
[EDITANDO] 💟 - Detrás De La Puerta by _Rabbitsu_
[EDITANDO] 💟 - Detrás De La Puertaby 🏳️‍🌈
Que raro es el mundo... Después de escuchar todas las historias y leyendas que escondían el monte Ebott, tuve que saciar mi curiosidad Todo paso tan rápido, tanto que a...
A Whole New Universe Azkr
HUGE NOTE this is my first time writing a fanfic so it may be a tad bit awkward in the future when i get more experience i will make a updated story with better story ho...
Storyshift Chara x Reader by DontJudgeNoOne
Storyshift Chara x Readerby BeautyShines
Any Gender yay! Chara will be any gender and including you so I hope you enjoy bye~
Undertale:BrokenTale by PatrickMorgan65
Undertale:BrokenTaleby Patrick Morgan
After many genocides Frisk finally broke free from Alexis(Players) control she did a pacifist route and gave everyone the happy ending they all deserved even giving Char...