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Ace Combat: Stricken Soul by Musashi311
Ace Combat: Stricken Soulby Musashi311
This story follows the perspective of a young Erusean fighter pilot from his flight training to when he joins the Erusean Air and Space Administration's Sol Squadron and...
The Last One  by EruseanAce
The Last One by CallMeWarfare
This is the final part of my story, Ace Combat: Shadow War. If you haven't read Ace Combat: Shadow War yet I suggest you read it first and then the one shot after that c...
ACES Online by AlexJones500
ACES Onlineby Midland2541
In October 2022, the Japanese company Argus released what was expected to be one of the killer apps on the NerveGear - ACES Online. A follow up to the VR mode for Ace Co...
Shattered skies by DemonofRazgriz
Shattered skiesby Demon of Razgriz
After the disaster of the asteroids a war broke out between Erusea and Independent State Allied Forces. This story will be told in a boy's perspective
Gate: Thus the Kingdom of Arcadia Fought There by Admiral_Winters
Gate: Thus the Kingdom of Admiral_Winters
A Mysterious Gate appears in the streets of Arcadia and Creatures from another world came and wreak havoc on it's people ending the day in tragedy And Now the People of...