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Don't leave me alone by skyFallenWishers
Don't leave me aloneby skyFallenWishers
AU Drarry WBWL OCs OOC(a little) Slytherin harry major dumbleduck bashing. Lily and james bashing nice Dursleys weasley(but the twins Percy bill and Charlie are exempted...
The Potter Clan's Vengeance by _Black__Dragon__
The Potter Clan's Vengeanceby _Black__Dragon__
When Harry is forgotten by his parents for his brother Thomas, and thus is adopted by his grandparents, the head of house potter, how will he change? Haphne, Dumbledore...
Broken Shackles by BlackInfinity1289
Broken Shacklesby Black Infinity 1289
In an unexpected turn of events, Harry Potter's Horcrux is removed by the Basilisk. Being called the Heir Of Slytherin certainly effected Harry. What will the Wizarding...
Master Of Death by Thinking_Of_A_Dream
Master Of Deathby Thinking_Of_A_Dream
Harry Potter is the only one left alive after the battle of Hogwarts and is visited by one of the Valar to be given a choice; stay where he is or be sent to Middle Earth.
Mask the truth(Don't leave me alone rewritten version) by skyFallenWishers
Mask the truth(Don't leave me skyFallenWishers
Drarry. Au. Slytherin Harry Wbwl And a whole lot of other things.
The Battle Cry of The Phoenix by Sayan87
The Battle Cry of The Phoenixby Sayan -
A story of Harry being a Phoenix animagus , starts at the end of CoS . Sirius guardian , Dumbledore mentor.
Love is complicated - Harmione by Historynerd23
Love is complicated - Harmioneby Historynerd23
This is basically a rewrite of the series, and no I have not read all the books yet it's still a work in progress I'm on the chamber of secrets. I don't own Harry Potter...
The forgotten shadow by bloodnoir2
The forgotten shadowby bloodnoir2
This is a adoption from silverScribe feel free to go and check her out. The first 4 chapters are hers I'll let you know my mine starts up. James and lily potter had two...
Power Lies in the Heart  by Lily-Honter
Power Lies in the Heart by Lily-Honter
Harry finds out everyone is using him so he frees himself and finds out he's the last wolf demon and Dumbledore is stealing his money from his vaults.
Reborn as Hadrianna Potter by BryannaFleming9
Reborn as Hadrianna Potterby Bryanna Fleming
I was 19 when I died. I was beaten and had extensive internal bleeding and all I could do was be made comfortable and wait for death. I was abused by my parents and in t...
LORDS OF WIZARDING WORLD  ~Harry Potter au by blazka_p
I always thought that Neville and Harry would be great friends if Voldy didn't live. So I decided that I will write a story with powerful Harry and Neville. I just need...
Magnificent Magic  by Senjuking
Magnificent Magic by Senjuking
In this story Harry will actually apply himself in magic. He'll be a Slytherin just because I agree with the sorting hat.
Wait...  {Discontinued} by 69Strawberry69
Wait... {Discontinued}by Hufflepuff💛
🤚I don't ship this anymore, it's completely discontinued as I've moved on from this fandom (I would not recommend reading as I started editing it but stopped and it wil...
Angel Harry Potter by CalamityWarrior13
Angel Harry Potterby CalamityWarrior13
What if Harry Potter had the abilities of the angels from dragon ball super? Well watch out wizarding world case he ain't nobody's pawn.
Pureblood Potter, a Harry Potter fanfiction by EricKingsisle
Pureblood Potter, a Harry Potter Deep Tewari
What if Harry Potter was born to a Pureblood Mother? What if Harry was three years old during the fall of the Dark Lord? Neville-boy-who-lived.---- Bellatrix Lestrange n...
Siren Princess (Harry Potter FanFiction) by Moonwolf125
Siren Princess (Harry Potter Valerie
A siren princess left her home in search of her mate that she once met, but was young to even realize it. She meets a wizard(Harry) by a small lake that she was resting...
The-Boy-He-Loved by TsukiHime0926
The-Boy-He-Lovedby TsukiHime0926
On the night Harry Potter, The-Boy-Who-Lived, Gryffindor Golden Boy, got his inheritance, he discovered something that will change his life forever. Secrets are revealed...