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Overlord in Beast World: Conquering with Steel by mafia_honey
Overlord in Beast World: 💋
The overlord of the underworld, Hua Chen Wanwan, was forced to jump off a building and traveled through time. When she opened her eyes, she was in the ancient beast worl...
Strong Female Lead in The Beast World by chizuai_mtl
Strong Female Lead in The Beast chizuai
Su An'an, who is not a problem with one enemy and three, accidentally fell into the Orc Continent. _MTL_
The Rebirth of an Ill-Fated Consort (Chapters 1- 203) by merakitranslations
The Rebirth of an Ill-Fated merakitranslations official
Written by: Qian Shan Cha Ke Crying blood and tears, she pledged a poisonous vow. The gods did not fail her. She was sent back to a decade ago. The legitimate daughter o...
Girl You Fucked Before (18+) by xanderella1104
Girl You Fucked Before (18+)by xanderella1104
And for just the briefest of moments, the sensation of his strong arms wrapped around me and the warmth of his skin radiating against mine, casted the faintest of glows...
Holocron: An Anakin x Reader Story by ScratchingQuillGirl
Holocron: An Anakin x Reader Storyby •♛ 𝐊𝐚𝐨 𝐒𝐤𝐲𝐰𝐚𝐥𝐤𝐞𝐫...
"(Y/n)," he greeted, with a sly smirk playing across his face, the devious son of a droid, "I didn't think you'd make it. You nearly fell asleep in your p...
Altered View by CodeNameLici
Altered Viewby CodeNameLici
Sometimes, life throws you enough continuous hits that you no longer see yourself the same. When that happens you have a choice to embrace the new version of yourself or...
Asena: The Lady of The Night by The_Blonde_Cat
Asena: The Lady of The Nightby The Blonde Cat
1 This city needs a hero to feel safe. I will be that hero.
Billionaire Fell Hard by DreamerAsiya23
Billionaire Fell Hardby Asiya
"Are you trying to avoid taking responsibility?" He narrowed his brows. "N-No, I J-Just don't... remember anything!!" I stuttered worriedly. "Do...
Tainted Love. by Sacredpearls
Tainted Maniah
Story of Vani, and Mrityunjay Sehgal.
Lady Samurai by MDVidgen
Lady Samuraiby Magdalena Vidgen
'The Last Samurai' meets 'The King and I'... For years she believed herself to be cursed. Every time she grew close to someone they were taken away from her, paying the...
Survive n' Avenge by tooddliyo
Survive n' Avengeby Liya
Lovely Princess Athanasia, a caring, loving and kindhearted girl who died at the hands of her blood-father, for a crime she did not commit. But during the time waiting...
Irikuri (Formerly known as "LOCA") by maliuzuri
Irikuri (Formerly known as "LOCA")by maliuzuri
"Where am I?" "That's none of your concern." "If my location isn't my concern, then whose is it?" "Mine, and I know, so you're fine.&q...
Avantika And Her Quest by KirtiNimmala
Avantika And Her Questby Kirti N
In ancient India, a princess was born. She was trained in warfare without the knowledge of her subjects and she became a ferocious warrior. On her eighteenth birthday...
Metroid: Samus Begins by Novuscourvous
Metroid: Samus Beginsby Novuscourvous
This story is my idea of what a metroid movie would be like. The story is largely a retelling of Metroid Zero mission but with some of the backstory from the manga and...
This Devil Grants Wishes by weiiiss
This Devil Grants Wishesby weiss
Mira was a devil who decided to leave the prosperous upper realm and instead lurk at the cold abyss. In this darkness, she waits for regretful and resentful souls, turni...
We The Forlorn (Book #2) (Completed) by ViridianHues
We The Forlorn (Book #2) ( Cassie Rose
~~Sequel to Bo & The Beast: this story features an array of favorite villains from classic tales, as well as continuing the tale of a beauty and her beast.~~ In her s...
The Rise of The Queen (The Supernaturals Part 1) by Poetryinmotion1982
The Rise of The Queen (The Poetryinmotion1982
He is the youngest King the Supernatural world has ever seen. All he needs to ascend, is his mate. But when actually finds her, a tragedy so profound strikes, that nothi...
The game of love (Rewriting) by Sacredpearls
The game of love (Rewriting)by Maniah
The story is being rewritten and will be back in an new avatar soon. Viraj goenka:- Businessman, owned biggest chain of hotel and casinos. He is calm. till he is not an...
Wild Card by MorrighansMuse
Wild Cardby Liz
When Daniela Simmons' younger sister enters her name in a reality TV dating show, the last thing she expects is to be randomly chosen among 39,000 entries as the Wild Ca...
The Luna Trials by RhodaSLyons
The Luna Trialsby Rhoda.S.Lyons
Ordinary Pack mate Serenity finds herself involved in the dangerous Luna Trials and only her ex lover Hawke can help her survive and defeat the Alpha King.