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Countries Messin Around II by SparklingWonder364
Countries Messin Around IIby Sparkle & Wonder
This book is for randomness. I don't need to explain. (If you're reading/seeing this on another site that's not Wattpad my book probably got copied and pasted onto an un...
『m』『e』『?』『?』Part #2 by CuriousGirlJNW
『m』『e』『?』『?』Part #2by Jade Nicole Williams
Continuing writing my thoughts, opinions and talking bull shark like in the last one...
random oneshots by luca346
random oneshotsby Osamu Miya
these will be oneshots based on events from chats/roleplays I'm in. lol or suggestions from friends ❤️ I own none of the characters, these are just the characters we RP...
Dialogues without any sense  by lillysstone
Dialogues without any sense by Lilly Stone
I sometimes write short dialogues at school, and now I decided to post them. They could be funny, vicarious embarrassing and similar things. Have fun!
[MY ARTBOOK] by Its_sunflower_RP
-yeah... this is my first time doing this story but still thinking- -WARNINGS -SHIPPERS -WEIRD STUFFS -GAY STUFFS -BLOOD -GORE -DEATHS -DEAD ARTS ------------------- OBJ...
How To Be Stupid by kaiasarus
How To Be Stupidby kaiasarus
Here is just a list of things that if you do them, you will probably look stupid so this is a book of stupid things for you to NOT DO.
Mr.Nepy by NepsiCola
Mr.Nepyby NepsiCola
Hey guys, Mr.N here and this is going to be my blog kind of thingy. I will be posting random things (hence the category) that happen. Not really much on descriptions, so...
heccin stuffs i wrote by AnAccount1004
heccin stuffs i wroteby CHEONGHAN1004
lowercase is purposeful for aEsTcHIx These are most likely gonna be from my tumblr? Also yeah I'm not the best at writing yet but I'll get better! Uhh... I don't know if...
Rants ★ by vonnijah
Rants ★by ✴NIJAH✴
There's a lot of stuff to be said regarding things in this world but some people are too scared to say things.Well I say speak your mind there is nonthing wrong with it.
Short Stories :3 by Shinynguyen20
Short Stories :3by Writer
this is a random ass book 030|| I'm just gonna write about me and my friends. hopefully they will never see this lolol. Its something for me to get my mind off. Hope yo...
Stupid things from a flea by jadetheloner
Stupid things from a fleaby jadetheloner
Read this story when your feeling down and it will make you laugh your ass off. This book will include stupid things that a girl from my girl scout troop has said and we...
STUPID THINGS by lsaaster
STUPID THINGSby lsaaster
its about how crazy we want to be in love but later wonders if love really exist and loses the belief over love . And no more want one in your life
KILL ME //short story// [ Completed ] by Golden_JeonKookie
KILL ME //short story// [ L♡전정국
don't try changing my mind nor bringing me back , its pointless. There's always someone out there...- MYG // Short story // Started: 01.01.2018 Ended:21.01.2018 나를 죽여...
Stupid Rants by hxppii_pxllzz
Stupid Rantsby {•°Evelyn°•}
I don't even know what to put here... that's how lame I am (。_。)