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Carnal Magnetism  by BexCole
Carnal Magnetism by BexCole
A simple, beautiful girl on a night out with her two best friends shockingly finds herself on stage, entranced by a darkly handsome hypnotist. Even more unexpected was f...
Look After You - Sequel One shots by onlymine987
Look After You - Sequel One shotsby Larry stylinson
The life of Louis' and his triplet alphas after they bonded. This book contains stand alone fics unless stated otherwise. Basically these are different scenarios of what...
【Imagines】 by crybabyyukii
【Imagines】by (✿ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈)◞♡
Generally this is from the P.O.V. of a little, and I tried to make this super gender neutral- BUT, if it isn't, please let me know !! ...
braindead puppy by Puppylovesfire666
braindead puppyby Puppylovesfire666
u get cought breaking one of the rules,and ur dom punishes u while in deep subspace
The subspace  by KoalaKid18
The subspace by KoalaKid18
the extremist of sex if you don't like it please leave this is lemon only
Cake Sniffer by pplepi
Cake Snifferby rei ♡ ⁷
A CEO is forced to get married to an irresistible rascal who calls him, "Cake Sniffer". 🐰⬆️ 🐯⬇️ Started: July 22,2019 Ended: November 27, 2019 ~54 chapters~ ...
Movie Night With The Third Wheel  by soudafan
Movie Night With The Third Wheel by =^=
Art cover by Jellomp4 on Instagram Sapnap has begged George and Dream to have a movie night. Both boys (Who have gotten tired of Sapnap whining about being the third whe...
My Angelic Omega  by magically_Llama
My Angelic Omega by magically_Llama
Introduction: Angel Smith is a 17 teen-year-old boy and the first son of his family. Or he likes to say his "so-called family", Angel's family hates him. One f...
Us Forever (Kit and Ming) by Stephanie9519
Us Forever (Kit and Ming)by Steph
I like being told am a good boy from time to time. I like be corrected, being taken care of and sometimes even being babied.
Y/n Flowers Vs Reality (A Scott Pilgrim Story) by StardustMaster
Y/n Flowers Vs Reality (A Scott StardustMaster
What do I need to say? No really, if you know the series than you'll understand that craziness that'll happen in this story. We'll be following the story of Y/n instead...
Subspace Emissary Adventures by WonderfulNippon
Subspace Emissary Adventuresby Breauna
What if you were sucked into Super Smash Bros. Brawl?
Ddlg/ mdlg / little boys and girls chat room  by Alex_51368
Ddlg/ mdlg / little boys and 🏳️‍🌈Alex🏳️‍🌈
Come introduced yourselfs and find some New friends, caregivers, mommy's, daddy's , little girls and little boys
The Guitar Player And Me by cheepybird
The Guitar Player And Meby cheepybird
A kidney patient and a fictional Brian May meet randomly and he introduces her to safe kink. For this story, he is not married, and he travels to NY frequently. I wanted...
Missing triplets by certified_nun
Missing tripletsby Nun😩👍🏼
When their mother and father divorced after they had a major argument that ended their marriage and family completely. Follow Xan, Xavier and Xavion on how they find out...
haikyuu pegging senarios by piecksoven
haikyuu pegging senariosby ~q~
because of the SEVERE lack of pegging senarios for really anyone I decided to make this book of pegging different haikyuu characters~ (lowecase intended, each chapter is...
Kpopx Male Oc's Babbyyyy by soudafan
Kpopx Male Oc's Babbyyyyby =^=
I'm gay and horny. What can I say?
ddlg things  by ghostemanesgirl
ddlg things by 🍒
the title holds it all
Larry stylinson smut one shot (on hiatus) by BreadM7
Larry stylinson smut one shot ( Bread M
This is all smut and please don't judge and ill try to update as much as I can. ⚠warning⚠ Smut Kinks Bottom Harry Top Louis subspace
Here Where we stand by Compass_Code
Here Where we standby Maximum pink
What happened after The ending of the Subspace Emissary? Did all of them instantly go into the plot of world of light or is it perhaps something more? Maybe just maybe...