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broken tord (depressed tord x tom) by gay-is-all-i-need
broken tord (depressed tord x tom)by gay-is-all-i-need
my second book and its depressing. wow. IM OK. . . . ever since the incident tord quit the army and is now living in an alley way. he resorted to cutting and is severel...
Blame It On Me (TomTord) by CrashTheParty
Blame It On Me (TomTord)by The FitnessGram™
After "The End," Tord has been kicked off the Red Army because he became too weak. Now, he's homeless because of his lack of money and lives in an alleyway. H...
·TomTord shorts· by TaterxTot
·TomTord shorts·by Tater Tot
I made this book because I read most of the TomTord stories and decided to make my own! This story has TomTord. Meaning dom Tom and sub Tord. So if you don't like that t...
The Colours In The Wrists [TomTord] by Michelle_LOVE_GAYS
The Colours In The Wrists [TomTord]by 🍄Michelle🍄
«CoverNotMine» ×AFTER THE END× When you turn 14 to 16 you are supposed to get an colour square in your wrist, the colour will tell you who is your soulmate, the other pe...
Adrenaline Overload by Lissa-Draws
Adrenaline Overloadby AidieAiden
future tomtord, tord is very sensitive, smol, hermaphrodite, and just wants someone to love him, tom is strong, toll, understanding, and wants to love someone. their a m...
I won't forget you... (Sequel to "Blame it on me") by CrashTheParty
I won't forget you... (Sequel to " The FitnessGram™
Tord has already committed suicide a few months ago, and Tom rarely leaves his room. He knew it was his fault, and he knew that Tord had left the world thanks to him. On...
Mattsworld bodyguard Au? by summerblues1983
Mattsworld bodyguard Au?by summerblues1983
Hello! This is my first story on here so it wont be the best buttttt hope you like it anyway..??? Matt-6'4ft Tom-6ft Edd-5'7 Tord-5'2
my slavery towards me (tomtord) by scost129
my slavery towards me (tomtord)by scost129
Warning: this story includes rope, smut, rape, collars, and 18+ scenes enjoy the story If your not not botherd by that stuff
My protector... (eddtord) by Purin_Bloom
My protector... (eddtord)by Purin
I'm going to try my best to finish this story. I hope I can because it'll make me feel good. Cover Credits: Stain on Eddsworld amino
I feel safe {tomtord} by tord_4za4
I feel safe {tomtord}by tord_4za4
So I was bored and I did this I was kind of scared but ok
[ TomTord | OneShots ] by AyakoDrawz4
[ TomTord | OneShots ]by vinylon_fire
hello! so like i said, i'm doing one-shots!!! i will be taking requests! i am comfortable writing anything really^^ i will make a rules chapter so you know my boundaries...
 Tomtord Oneshots ~{ Discontinued For Good }~ by ReSPectThEDriP89
Tomtord Oneshots ~{ IT'S BOOTIFUL!
this is my first book so no judgement and lots of cringe and that is all I have to say by the way this is a TomTord booky not an TordTom book meaning sub Tord and Dom To...
Nuzzle {TomTord} [COMPLETED] by Hokuya
Nuzzle {TomTord} [COMPLETED]by Aaroxzn
Tord is Tom's pet. Preferably a wolf Toms mum had found whimpering on the floor outside one night. Since Tom's mums heart was perfect, she took it to the vets. After tha...
《I'm So Sorry!》TomTord by Pengus_Gun
《I'm So Sorry!》TomTordby Pengu
Okie. Egg-treme Trigger warning. This book will contain: • Self Harm. • Suicidal thoughts • Suicide Attempts • curse warning It's been a few years after the end. Tor...
TomTord Smutshots (Requests open) by WolfGirlshipper1111
TomTord Smutshots (Requests open)by 🍓🏳️‍🌈Winter Chan🏳️‍🌈🔪
Dom= Tom Sub= Tord it will be that way always so dont try anything cause I'll switch the roles around or just not do you request if Tom is sub but sorry This is all Dom...
Angelic Wings {TomTord} [COMPLETED] by Hokuya
Angelic Wings {TomTord} [COMPLETED]by Aaroxzn
Tord is an angel. Being an angel, also means he has a duty. His duty is to protect his assigned human. Tord's assigned human happens to be Tom. Tom is a depressed teenag...
TomTord Oneshits by amiyab2569
TomTord Oneshitsby amiyab2569
I'm bad at stories so why not make one of TomTord? :D
Spring {TomTord} ~Original AU~ [DISCONTINUED] by Hokuya
Spring {TomTord} ~Original AU~ [ Aaroxzn
*No spoilers* ⚠️ warning ⚠️ •Gay •TomTord •Top Tom •Bottom Tord Characters: Tord~ Height: 5'3 Age: 16 Male Tom~ Height: 5'7 Age: 16 Male Edd~ Height: 5'5 Age: 16 Male M...
♡︎Tomtord highschool au ♡︎ by Milkyuwuo
♡︎Tomtord highschool au ♡︎by kyotokitty
♡︎in this au tord is a new student and meets edd,matt, and then tom. eventually tord devolves a huge crush on tom. as life goes on, tom also shows feelings towards tord...
A Secret Love (TomTord au) by TrincanYTOfficial
A Secret Love (TomTord au)by Trincan._ .
This au is about Tom being a popular musician,singer and model?! Tord is just your average person and living life. After they meet for a while they keep running into eac...