Summersoldier Stories

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The Soldier of Summer: Book 1 by Auri5nova
The Soldier of Summer: Book 1by WolfieMaeMae
He shoved his metal hand out of the cell and shook my flesh one. He made is message clear: If I did anything to double cross them, he'd kill me. And I don't doubt he'll...
Steve Rogers Sister by LilyRogers1940
Steve Rogers Sisterby LilyRogers1940
you are Steve Rogers long lost sister who is also the Summer Soldier. You just get the information that Steve is actually a good person and not a bad guy, this detail le...
The summer solider  by Fruitshootbxtch
The summer solider by Fruitshootbxtch
Bucky x y/n Some things will not be completly correct so don't come at me XD I write my story's were the speech is in a script kind of way as it is easier to Read/write...
Winter & Summer: A Marvel Story in an Alternate Universe! by paigeandpoe
Winter & Summer: A Marvel Story SummerAndBucky
A chance encounter on a mission with Captain America puts Bucky Barnes face to face with the only other living Super Soldier from HYDRA's original program. When Bucky le...
Summer Soldier // Steve Rogers FanFic by Marvel_fans_forever
Summer Soldier // Steve Rogers Danica
If someone ripped you of your memories and turned you into some lethal monster wouldn't you be mad? If you couldn't remember your mum, dad, friends, fiancé, nothing. Wou...
Ash by demigodavenger25
Ashby namednemo
What happens when a daughter of one of the most powerful men in the world becomes part of a secret mission to spy on the 'bad guys'. It's all a matter of perception thou...
Soldier Of Summer: The Equinox by Auri5nova
Soldier Of Summer: The Equinoxby WolfieMaeMae
Three years after the events of Summer Soldier, Auriana and Peter are Avengers now. Just when things start to calm down from the HYDRA mission, things change again. ...